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Let's Get Punchy!

  So about 6 months or more ago I did a punch class.  One of my fellow Demonstrator friends, (Hi Kimberly!) kept showing these fun ideas for using our punches to make all sorts of things. I used some of her ideas, and used ones from SCS, and also came up with some on my own.

I wanted to offer it as a class for my customers and I am totally a visual person, someone can be explaining something to me on the phone and I just kinda pretend I know what they are talking about, a lot of "uh uh, oh yeah, hmmm", comes out of my mouth but my brain does not work that way, and is really saying "what the ??". I have to see it to understand, and grasp what is being said.

So because my brain works like that I assume a lot of other people's brains work like that too, and that is why I designed the class to make a reference book. Basically the punch pieces on the top, make the bottom finished piece.

The class attendees (one even drove from Arkansas for the class - Hi Christa) made the following book at class.  It took FOREVER, but it was so worth it.  Don't you think?  Go get some coffee and come back, there are 21 different punch do-hickeys to look at, and I apologize for the pictures, but I think you can figure them out.

punch class 001 punch class 002 punch class 003 punch class 004 punch class 005 punch class 006 punch class 007 punch class 008

punch class 009 punch class 010

punch class 011 punch class 012

punch class 013 punch class 014

punch class 015 punch class 016

punch class 017 punch class 018

punch class 019 punch class 020

punch class 021

1. Cup and Saucer

2. Camera

3. Horse

4. Raggedy Ann

5. Bunch of balls

6. Long playing record - for those young-uns out there.  We played these on a record player and music came out of them. No lie!

7. Volkswagen Bug

8. Monkey

9. Hippo

10. Apple

11. Fish

12. Chocolate Chip Cookies on a Plate with a Doily

13. Stampin' Up! Craft & Rubber Scissors

14. Turtle

15. Watermelon & Creamsicle

16. Hamburger

17. Hot dog and French Fries

18. Pencil and Eraser

19. Jack-O-Lantern

20. Bear

21. Mouse

There ya go, they are not in any kind of order, just the way they got finished as I did them. There are tons more that can be added, but after doing all these I was a little punched out, and did not do anymore for the book.

Sorry this was so long, but thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di