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Congratulations Mary!

Memories of the Man in Black

OK, so I really don't have memories of Johnny Cash, just pictures and stories that my Mum and Dad have told me over the years.

Seems that I was actually at the concert where Johnny proposed to June.  My Dad used to be a drinker, and he would drink and hang out with Johnny Cash when he came to town.

It was very interesting to watch the Johnny Cash movie "Walk the Line" with my Dad, cause he would comment different times during the movie "well the bus wasn't like that" or "the curtains were a different color" things like that.

So all I know is this:

Johnny Cash0001 


At one of the concerts, Johnny Cash held me, and here is the proof.  I don't know if this is when he proposed to June or not.

I look a little frightened, but I think at that age every kid is.

Johnny Cash0002

Then a couple years later I was at another concert, I was quite the social butterfly I guess. I sat on his lap while he signed autographs. In fact the picture above with me as a baby is signed on the back.

This was maybe my first kiss from a man other then a relative.  Hmmm.....

Johnny Cash0003

Then this is me trotting off with my signed picture, and remembering the kiss from a star! Heck I don't know what I was thinking...probably I can't wait to scrapbook this...ha!

first kill

So when I was not out at concerts partying with all the stars, I guess I was killing animals, and putting meat on the table. Ha! Not really, but I think Diana stands for the Goddess of Hunting...well the only thing I hunt to kill now is scorpions (it's the season).

Although I did marry a hunter, so maybe that counts eh?

It just floors me that I look so innocent with a big smile on my face, and the poor old deer is dead, and I am sitting there.  Ugh!


I am so excited, we are going to be going to see Peter Breinholt, Mary Hoffman (unless she wins the contest tonight then she will be opening for Kenny Chesney, Lee Ann Rimes, and Keith Urban instead), and my favorite band - Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand - I just got their new CD, (it's autographed and everything) and listened to it about 4 times straight today while I made my Stamp Club deliveries. 

I am a bit of a stalker of the band, (this will be like the 6th time I have seen them - only cause we don't live in Utah or it would be more) in fact they were the entertainment for the Stampin' Up! Convention last year, and I pretended I did not know, but I asked their management team and they told me. So my BFF Tracy and I were going in to Convention early anyway, so we went in and saw the entertainment last year twice....I know bad....but hey, they are my boys ya know.  I always flirt with Craig Miner the banjo player.  Hee!Hee!  I guess I should blame my parents, heck they had me kissing musicians when I was a kid, dragging me around sitting on laps, smoozing with the paparazzi  Ha!'s in the blood man! Wonder if I can sit on Craig's lap while he signs autographs.....???? Huh honey what ya think?  NOT!!!!

Anyway thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di