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Mr. Gibbs How Does Your Garden Grow?

Jeff has another garden growing this year. One year I swear we had a million cherry tomatoes, Eric would come in the house every day with them cradled in his t-shirt and he would be like "we got 50 or we got 75!" We had tons of cucumbers, and watermelons, I had a sign by the door for the UPS man, please take some watermelons...he took 2!



Now Jeff is a pretty good gardener, I mean heck he grew up on a farm. He has the growing part down, but the thinning out part, well not so good.  You should have seen the radishes, they had no room to grow cause they were a jumbly mess, and well look at these carrots, they be gettin' a little action in the dirt, if you know what I mean!






blog 051908 004

So this year he thought he would grow a salsa garden. I got an awesome salsa recipe from my girlfriend Ruth (hey honey!) and so he thought how great it would be to have fresh veggies.

Well it was all good on paper, but basically the cilantro is done and pulled out, the onions are not done yet, and the tomatoes, are slowly ripening.  So basically, I can't make salsa cause nothing is ready at the same time.  Oh well it was the thought that counts right?

The tomatoes ain't very big, but man they taste good, nothing beats a tomato from the garden, oh and a side note to my BFF Tracy, no I did not use a glue dot to make them stay stacked, I was just very patient...ha!!!!

He also planted parsley, and I am you really eat that? I thought it was mainly to garnish your plate and you just push it aside with your fork? Beans and wienies will look so much more elegant with a sprig of parsley on the side! Pardon, can you please pass the bread and butter?

But it is all for fun, who cares if we live in the desert, and he uses gallons and gallons of water, it looks nice out there all green, amongst the brown desert dirt.  Ahhh!!! to live in PA or Canada where there is grass.

So I went to the baby shower yesterday, and Kim loved her baby album, of course I was so excited that she was opening it, I forgot to take a picture...oh well, she looks beautiful, and you will have to take my word on that.

Have a great Monday, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Spring Fling Anyone?

Unless you live in Arizona, and I do believe Spring has been flung and summer is here...ugh! It was 98 degrees when I got in my truck after Spring Fling today...holy moly!

Anyway now that our group event Spring Fling is over, I can show you the projects that we did.  Some I am sure you have seen, like Jan Tinklenberg's Carousel Notes Purse and the Double Pocket Bag by Jenn Diercks  We just modified them slightly for our event.

I will be having a repeat Spring Fling at my home on June 22, and you will be making the exact same projects, so let me know if you are interested.  Cost of the event is $50.00. You will need to let me know by May 29th so I can order supplies. Holler if you need more information.

Everyone had fun, and we had almost 50 signed up for the event, so it was a great crowd.

blog 051508 005


Here is a group shot of all the projects.

Everyone received a pack of Afternoon Tea Designer Paper, a spool of Chocolate Twill, a pack of Carousel Notes and The Love Birds Rub-Ons, plus all the supplies needed to complete the 7 projects.





blog 051508 001



This accordion book was based on the make-n-take we did while I was on the cruise to Bermuda. We just changed it to work for our day.





spring fling 08 041



This is what the accordion book looks like on the inside, great to give as a brag book.






spring fling 08 040



This is the Double Pocket Bag.  This was lots of fun to make.






blog 04 22 08 001



These were two little love notes, and we put them inside the Double Pocket Bag.






blog 04 22 08 002




This was the little scallop note, and I actually posted it on my blog a few days ago...hee!hee! No one knew it was part of their Spring Fling projects!







 spring fling 08 004

This is my BFF Tracy's Triangle May Day Basket, this is such a neat and simple little basket, and the double sided background paper makes it even more cuter.








spring fling 08 001


This is the Carousel Notes Purse.  This is such an amazing project, and my hat goes off to Jan for figuring it out, and posting an awesome tutorial.

We altered it just slightly, we did use the rub-ons and a few extra pieces of cardstock.  I am hoping we keep the Carousel Notes in the new catalog, of course in new colors!



 blog 04 23 08 008


This was the first project of the day, and it went pretty quick, it was fun to see the bottles at the end of the day, you could tell the definite choc-o-holics as their bottles were almost empty of M&M's. We ordered the bottles from Specialty Bottle Company.







I want to say a quick thank you to Susanna over at Card of the Week, she gave my baby scrapbook pages a shout out over on her blog ...thanks so much Susanna!


I hope you have all have enjoyed looking at the Spring Fling make-n-takes, have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

That's Fresh!


blog 051708 011 Our Spring Fling event is today and so I have not had any time to really play with the new Fresh-Cut Notes that arrived this week, but here is a quick one, just so you can see what they look like.





blog 051708 014

They are laser cut and you pop out the flower, I have not decided what I want to do with the little pop-outs cause they kinda look like leaves, or something else that I will play with and show you later.

Here is a picture so you can see it better, see how you can see right through it? They are very cool, and should be fun to play with.



I will post the projects we did at Spring Fling tomorrow, so you will still have a chance to sign up for my repeat Spring Fling class I am doing in June.

Thanks for stopping in!






How Fast They Grow

I can't even believe how big our son is getting, it's hard to believe he will be 20 the end of the year.  Eric and Jeff had such a good time at Golfland/Sunsplash on Mother's Day going down the slides,blog 0511308 004 and going around and around in their inner-tubes.  I was the official photographer, so I stayed dry. We went to a movie afterwards so I did not want to be all wet, they can pull off the wet hair look, not me!






Jeff's company that he works for rents all 4 water parks in theblog 0511308 005 area Mother's Day weekend and you pick where you want to go, so it was a lot of fun. They have hamburgers, hotdogs, chips etc.  Jeff only saw maybe 3 or 4 people he knew and I was like oh my gosh, I go to Convention, and I know tons of people and he was like well they don't see each other cause of all the departments, so that made sense, but it also made me a little proud that us Stampin' Up! Demonstrators get to know people from all over the country when we go to Stampin' Up! events and come away from each one with new friends each time.


blog 0511308 008

  I wanted to get a picture of the guys coming out the slide hole but I totally missed Eric cause an empty tube came out first, and then Eric was like Dad is coming, Dad is coming, and of course my camera is doing what cameras do, taking their friggin time, so I had to get him coming out of the water instead.

It was a very fun day!

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di


Well just as I predicted, or I am sure a lot of us predicted, it is down to the two Davids competing next week to be the next American Idol.  I hope it is David Cook, as I feel he is the best singer and can sing in so many different ways.  'nuf said!

I have been having fun re-visiting some of my old cards, here are some more:

blog 051508 006

This was one of my favorite stamp sets and this was inspired by a swap I received at Convention or Leadership a long time ago, and I apologize I don't remember who it was. But I love the way the egg head is on glossy paper and it really shines.  I just colored it with markers, and added a little crystal effects on the face of the watch.







blog 051508 007


This was two sets together. Lovely as a Tree, and I think Classic Convertibles. The trees were stamped on whisper white and I added some clouds to the sky behind them, and some green grass below. Then the car was stamped on a window sheet, and then I colored it on the backside with pearl-ex, and attached it with eyelets.  Remember eyelets? It seems like I don't use them like I used to. I love the jumbo ones, but it seems like I use more brads then eyelets. 



blog 051508 008

This was a fun set, and was just so funky and crazy. Sometimes you just need a wacky card, ya know?

I used two different background stamps and I love to do this.  This card was inspired by someone too, and since I made it so long ago, I just can't remember.








blog 051508 009

This is one of those simple but adorable baby cards, I remember when I did these originally I made them in all different colors. This is just the only one I have left.









blog 051508 010



Who doesn't like "poppin' pastels"?  This is such a quick way to make a card, and lets you actually add some personality to those darned old solid stamps...ha!!!






Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di