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Giddy' up Cowboy!

One stamp set that I am hoping that Stampin' Up! brings back is Cowboy Kid, and I hope there is a girl and I hope there is accessories, and I hope, I hope, I can go on and on can't it?

What I do know is that on July 1 as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator we will have the opportunity to order hostess sets from the new catalog as well as new stamp sets and hopefully accessories too.  Ahhh!!! Gotta love my job! You can too ya know!

So I looked around at splitcoaststampers for some ideas for the Cowboy Kid set, I mean I think I have used him once, and that was just the paisley image in it.  I saw a really cute card by Lost in the 60's and just had to use it as my inspiration.

There are tons of layers on it, and a lot of paper piecing that I love to do.

I used the Western Sky paper, and I even stamped more paisleys on it for the background piece.  Then I stamped the cowboy several times on more pieces of the Western Sky paper, and I stamped the hat on some River Rock textured paper, and then just colored on it with caramel and close to cocoa and chocolate chip to change it up.

I colored the whole card with my aqua painter and my watercolor crayons, I love these to color with.  They blend so awesome, and with the watercolor paper, you can really play with the color without worrying about the paper tearing.

Here you can get an idea how the layers are, some I have glued directly to the watercolor paper, some have one glue dot, some pieces have 2 or 3 layers of glue dots.

Hopefully here you can kinda see the texture of the cowboy hat, I also colored on the patterned papers to add some shadows, for instance I added gray to the shirt, I added tempting turquoise to the shorts, more mustard to the star, and ruby red to the scarf.

So one thing I remember from art class was when we were drawing with charcoal was rubbing with your finger and it smeared it and lightened it up, now I am sure it was called something fancy, but that was a long long long time ago.  But I do the same thing with my white gel pen sometimes, that was how I got the look of my pick up truck in the masking tutorial that I posted a few days ago.

Here you can see where I did it on the horses head. Look under his ear, see that has white there, well just draw a line with your white gel pen and then take your finger and smear it.  I don't do it always, like you can definitely see I left the line as is on the neck of the horse.

tagged Ok, so I was tagged by Theresa Forseth over at and I need to answer 7 random facts about me:

1.) I love to watch BBC America, or British shows. I love Coupling, and my favorite character on there was Jeff, who happens to have the same name as my hubby, but the Jeff on Coupling is a real wack job, my hubby Jeff is married to a wack job! I love Keeping up Appearances...Hyacinth is the best. Oh and I really like watching Corner Gas which is a Canadian show on WGN.

2.) I read myself to sleep every night.  I can go to bed at 3am, and I will still read.

3.) I used to be a Carnie (no not Carnie Wilson) I mean someone who works at a fair and takes your ticket so you can get on a ride.  In fact that is how Jeff and I met.  I fell in love with him just by talking to him, cause I never saw his real face for 3 days, as he worked at the HAUNTED HOUSE, and his face was all made up with blood and goo.  He would come by my Ontario Pork food booth (that is where I worked when I met him - I changed jobs once we fell in love) and we would talk and talk, I used to smoke and I would smoke cigarette after cigarette just so I could stay on my break!

4.) My first job was at a Drug Store and the first day on the job I was playing with the stapler and put a staple right in my thumb...thank goodness we had lots of aisle 4...clean up at the register please!!  I also gave away the wrong change...too much, and when someone bought lottery tickets, I sold him the whole packet I never took the tickets out of the silver packet. Of course they would be no good cause they did not have the store stamp on the back, but hey no one told me.

5.) I hope to someday move back to Canada, I really hate Arizona (I say that now cause of the heat) but I love it when it is nice. 

6.) I am very very very picky!

7.) I love vampire movies, and have my own vampire teeth...and well I'm a freak.

The 7 people I am tagging are:

Karen Barber -

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Yvette Ashe -

Kelly Lunceford -

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Anna Wight -

Coming soon!  Blog Candy!  I am over 48,000 hits, and I have my Blog Candy all ready, just waiting for the 50K mark!

Thanks so much for stopping in, you make an old girl feel really good!

Hugs to all, Di

Little of This and a Little of That

So I fell in love with this card that Debbie Olson made...check out her blog at lkhyarncardcharmdo1 - get a beverage, yer gonna be a while! Maybe potty while yer at it!

I am not sure if I got it off her blog, or splitcoaststampers, cause I copied it to my computer who knows when to take a stab at it one day....well today was that day...

Of course none of it is Stampin' Up!, she may have used glue dots and snail, but nothing else on the card is SU!

But I love argyle, and hope we have more of it in the new catalog.  We are losing Print Pattern background stamp and that has me a little worried. I want to use Eastcoast Prep paper and my Give Thanks bucket a few more times before the are gone for good...sniff!

So anyway, after playing around with my stuff this is my version, not as breathtaking as Debbie's, but not too that I look at it, I should have done my scallop strip in red...crap you can't even see it in the picture....hmmmmm.......well I can always do another one...but I can't take it apart now.

What I used:

Stamp sets: Give Thanks, Enjoy Every Moment

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, More Mustard, Green Galore, Tempting Turquoise, Real Red Classic Inks

Paper: Eastcoast Prep Designer paper, Whisper White, Real Red, Wild Wasabi, More Mustard, Shimmery White

Misc: Paper Piercer, White gel pen, zig painty pen, slit punch for the strip of background paper that you cant even see.....ha!

Can ya hear that? That is me taking the card apart..... sometimes I am thinking wouldn't me taking medicine for my analism be easier? Ha! 

There I changed the scallop to red and I don't know if I like it any better, I mean heck I probably should have just put it on the argyle paper and not tried to copy Debbie's paper....hmmmm...let me try again...NOT!!!! It's done.  I'm turnin' the studio lights out and calling it a night.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

We've Been Framed!

Well I got the "All in the Family" stamp set a long time ago but just never wanted to cut it out.  After seeing an adorable frame made by one of my demonstrators Julie Craig (hey Julie!) I finally cut it out and played with it.

I wish it had some more accessories, my husband always wears a hat, and he has a mustache that is like Wyatt Earp and when I draw it on it looks horrible, so my hubby has no mustache in the picture. Something that I have never seen in all our 25 years together.  I always say "just shave it off once" and he says "no".  He says he has no top lip...hmmmm? Then what is holding the mustache on his face then?

Here also is the last project that everyone will be making in the Fresh Cut class. I bought some square glass votives at Walmart and I made a cover to go over them. They look so pretty.  I got the idea of the pearl and the three flower punch in the center from a card that my good friend Karen Barber (Hi Karen) did over at splitcoaststampers. She is a very talented lady.

I love the votive idea, and my class attendees always love doing a 3-D item.

I made each side the same so no matter where it sits you can see it from all angles.



It looks so pretty lit up. I tried to take a picture and this is as good as I could get it, but I think you can get the idea.

Well have a super Saturday, I think we are in for another hot weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping in, I really appreciate it!

Hugs, Di

Monsoon Season

Well that is what they call it in Arizona. The name drives my husband nuts cause he says that they are not really monsoon's, I guess he may be thinking typhoon, I don't know. But this time of year in Arizona, it gets really windy and then it rains, or more often it just gets really windy and blows dust everywhere, and only rains in town where they don't need it. I mean heck, does asphalt need rain? Nope, but our desert yard sure does.

It is wild to waTrip to PA 100tch the wall of dust come rolling in. When I used to work in town before I became a full-time Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, you would see it coming, and you would try to beat it home. It will totally just take over the sky and you can't see in front of you. Here is a picture I took last year, wild eh?  

 Trip to PA 105

You can't see anything, and they always warn you if you pull over to the side of the road to wait out the storm to turn off your lights cause if you don't people think that the road is over there and will drive right into you.

There have been some bad accidents in Arizona during the monsoons.

Here are a few more of the cards for my Fresh Cut Class.

This one was inspired by Petal Pusher over at Splitcoaststampers (SCS).  I love the Silver Hodgepodge Hardware, I am a silver girl, unlike my BFF Tracy, she is a gold girl.

We even bought the same watch on cruise one year, hers was gold, and mine was silver.

This one was copied from sleepyinseattle over at SCS. Those stampers are sure something over there.

I gotta order me some more ice circle rhinestones, as I got more people coming to class now.

It's amazing once people see what they are doing, eh? It gets them signing up quicker.

I am such a procrastinator, I am my own worst enemy for not getting class things done ahead of time...oh I can get things scheduled on my calendar, that's not a problem...heck I know what I am doing for a year, but WHAT I am doing at class? Now that is a whole other story...ha!

So Eric had a couple doctor's appointments today and on the way home we went to a couple Walmarts so I could pick up the candle votives I need for class...that's just a little tease as to what I will post tomorrow...hee!hee!

Over 46,000 hits, I need to be figuring out my blog candy eh?  Hmmm... should I make something? Should it be a stamp set? Should it be fun this and that?  Hmmmm!!!!  I have a ways to go till 50K!!!

Well another week is almost over, and I want to thank you for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

So Fresh!

So last night we watched the movie "Snakes on a Plane". It was funny, and scary at the same time. One part Jeff and I both, jumped in our seats. I bet that was fun in the theater when that happened.  But the fun part about watching at home, is the rewinding - at one part in the movie, the guy flight attendant puts a snake in the microwave, and it shows him pushing the buttons, and one of the buttons said "SNAKE" and I was like "hey turn that back, I swear it said SNAKE on the button!" so Jeff rewound it or do you say back up, since it is a DVD is there really any re-winding...oh well whatever, he made it go back, and sure enough it said SNAKE, and I thought the people in the theater either missed it, or wished they could go back to see if it said what they thought.

Oh and as for the Decor Elements, I do not want to scare anyone from putting them on their walls, you can totally do it, I just wanted to make sure you know to take your time and don't rush.  The only place I can put them on my walls in my house is my studio the rest of our house needs painting before I add any in there.

So I went and got some hippie clothes to be in the Vampire movie, but when I tried them on...ugh! Jeff said "NO WAY!" so I need to find something else to wear. I am thinking maybe I oughta go to Goodwill, the guy said to make sure I wore something I did not mind getting blood on!!!

OK, so my Fresh Cut class is coming up, and I got all my projects designed. I have only a few seats left at class, this is a popular one. I knew it would be.

Here are just a few of the projects, I will show more tomorrow, gotta milk it slow ya know! Give me some time to stamp some more stuff up!  I can hardly wait till I can show ya what I did for Convention displays, that was tons of stuff, I will be able to sit back with my feet up for a couple weeks with all that.

This is copied from Michelle Fischer, it was on the Stampin' Up! website. She is a talented stamper.


This one was inspired by craftycaro over at Splitcoaststampers.

I love using the pieces you punch out right back on the card.



That will do it for tonight. I'll show you some more tomorrow, and I'm gonna save the best one for the night after tomorrow, that one is the bomb!!! If I can say so myself.

Hope you like the cards so far, thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di