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Let's Fork!

OK, before you go yelling..."hey that Di chick is cursing on her blog, call the blog police!!" please note the spelling.  Now go get a dinner fork and about 8" of ribbon, and  meet me back here.  I'll eat a bit of chocolate while I'm waitin'....

...OK good you're I had my 10/10/20 Birthday class today and one of my customers Geri, that drives from Tucson with her sister Di for classes (Hi girls!!) asked me if I knew how to tie a bow with a fork?  I said "what the fork?" ok I didn't really, but I did say "no, I don't, I will go get a fork!"

Added since original post:  I have made a PDF file on the fork bow, please see this post.

And this is what she taught she admitted she learned how to do it on-line somewhere, but she did not know where, and well Geri taught me so it's Geri's forkin' bow! Ha! I can't quit...sorry ok here we go..

You will need a dinner fork and about 8" of ribbon.  You can use less but till you get the hang of it, it is easier to learn with a long piece.

I used the striped ribbon cause it is easier for you to see, to show how it is done.


Fold the ribbon in half to make a loop.



Put the fork in the loop and pull tight.



I hope I don't lose ya now.  Take the ribbon end that is behind the fork and bring it above and over in front of the ribbon in the front and stick it down in the center of the fork in between the tines.  The picture probably makes more sense then my words.



Now take the front ribbon that you crossed the back ribbon over, and bring it up and stick it in the front of fork in the middle hole in between the tines.

Again the picture is probably easier to follow...I hope...hey ya took forever to find a clean fork, I ate about 10 chocolates while I waited...I'm buzzin'!



This is what it looks like from the back. (this is the back of the fork!)



Now just tie the ribbon in a knot and that will hold the center piece tight.

This is what it looks like from the back.



This is what it looks like from the front...see the cute little bow?



I trimmed the tails a little and there it is!  Cute eh?




Here is the card that I put the bow on.

You can do it with any of the ribbons, the gingham looks so cute too.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Manicure compliments of Nails by Terry! - Hee! Hee!