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I Flipped My Lid!

Ok, we've all done it...ya open up your stamp pad and whoosh there half of it goes flying across the room, and it's usually the inked up end...don't deny it, several of you have even confessed to it in the funny stories to win my blog candy.

So how about I teach ya to put the pad back together.  It is so easy, and you don't have to twist or tweak your pad, in fact by twisting and tweaking your pad, you almost are making it easier for the pad to come apart the next time. I stuck this under Tutorials for heck's sake.

So here goes...please note I did some re-wording this morning at 8:00am so make sure you see that ok?

oh and if you try to take a pad apart so you can try to put it back together, may I suggest a color like "Blush Blossom"? and not "Ruby Red" -  not that I am naming names or anything, I will leave my BFF nameless to protect the innocent, but if you see a woman walking around PA with red hands...well that'll be her, just smile and wink at her.

First the parts of a Stampin' Up! stamp pad:

First off the part on the left is the bottom of the pad. (this has the sticker on the back of how to open up the pad - the little picture that to me looks like an army tank)

The part on the right is the lid of the pad (this has the colored name in 100 different languages on the back)


Ok, this part of the lid we will call part A.

You will hold the pad here when you are putting it together.


This will be part B and it is on the other end of the lid.



Now this is the bottom of the pad, and you can tell that because of the little nub.


Now on the same side of the pad as the nub, you will see a groove, this will be part C and see how the groove goes almost all the way down to the bottom of the pad?



This is the other end of the bottom of the pad, this will be called part D. See how the groove is really short and stops?

Now this may seem like a lot of questions, and points, but believe me it is gonna help you put that pad back together, and hopefully keep your hands ink free...I said your hands...if this flew across your room, landed on the wall and slid down to the floor, well yeah, there will be some ink staining there. Get a nice throw rug at Walmart and no one will ever know, and hey Stampin' Up! sells Decor Elements for your walls and we can cover up the ink stain too...I love it!


Now look back up at picture 2 and where I told you to hold the pad at part A, that makes it easier so you are sticking the right part in.  Now what you want to do is slide part B into the grooves that are part C - these are the long grooves remember? -OK right here I am going to do some re-wording in a few places, per my BFF Tracy - who said this was hard to understand.

Make sure you line both the B parts up (so the little bumps go in the grooves at the same time). See the picture, the pads are almost laying on top of each other, but you need to keep part A sticking up above the bottom, it will not slide in the grooves till later. The picture is not as good as I thought, but see how part A is at an angle? I hope that helps!

I mean I could mention male and female kinda lingo, but I prefer to keep this little tip "G" rated.


See how they are lined up? Now just push here where my thumb is or pull from part A so that part B slides into the grooves. Remember part A is NOT in the grooves right now, it is basically riding on top of the edge of the bottom pad.



Now it is in place, you can see part A on the right of the picture, now it would go into the grooves if you were going to be using the pad right away.



But if you are wanting to close it, just keep pulling the lid all the way out till it stops, so you can flip the pad and close it.



Ta! Da!

You did it. 

Now keep yourself together ok?

I will be picking the lucky person at noon (Arizona time) to see who won my first Blog candy, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di