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So today Eric and I ran around doing a few errands, cause Jeff and I were going on a date tonight.  We went to see Batman at the IMAX theater. WOW now that is an experience, the whole theater shakes, and the screen is huge.  Shannon (Hey chickie) says we have to go see Twilight there when it comes out, but how crazy and busy will that be? Yikes.Halloween page for convention display copy

Speaking of Batman, look at Eric when he was little, he loved dressing up as Batman for Halloween, I can't believe he is going to be 20 in October, where has the time gone?

Excuse the scrapbook page, this was done a long long long time ago.

So anyway, I often think about what it would be like to have super powers, especially in the morning, and the alarm goes off WAY on the other side of the bed, and I wish I had Go-Go Gadget arms, or that Rubber Man from Fantastic 4. Cause I could stay on my side and then zip my arm would go over there and turn off the alarm. I mean how handy would that be?  I need to wake up Eric, there goes my head to his room to wake him up.  Or lets pretend, cause this never happens....right honey...ahem honey?.....Jeff forgets his cell phone, or locks his keys in his truck, zip off my hand goes to save the I think would I have stretch marks when they came back?  If not how far would I want them to reach? To PA for a BFF Tracy hug when I need one?  Truthfully, I probably would use the rubber arms most for getting the dang tide cup from behind the washer where I keep dropping it, or the laundry that falls behind the freezer cause when Eric opens the lid up to get his ice cream, he does not care that there happens to be clothes on the top.

What other powers would be cool?  Well I think Bionic ears would be cool, since mine are maybe just regular ears would be not too much to ask.

What about Bionic hands, just think how easy making swap cards would be with those!

So anyway, that's just a little visit into the mind of Diana... scary or a little like your own?

What super powers would you want, if you could have them?

Thanks for stopping in, have a great Sunday!

Hugs, Di (a.k.a. Rubber Woman)

Ride 'em Cowboy

Sometimes the worst part of writing my blog is coming up with a half decent title.  This one is not so good, but hey the card's cute! This is actually a card using two of the challenges from Splitcoast Stampers.  I combined them into one, killing two birds with one stone so to speak. 

Challenge sc191 and lsc183 003 copy Recipe:

Stamp Set: Cowboy Kid

Paper: Very Vanilla, Brocade Blue, Prestwick DSP, Night of Navy, Garden Green, Watercolor Paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Creamy Caramel, Garden Green, Riding Hood Red, Brocade Blue, Basic Gray, Going Gray, Blush Blossom, Whisper White

Misc: Photo corner punch, Paisley Cuttlebug folder, Big Shot

Such a cute stamp set and one I will always keep.

Have a great Saturday, we are going to go see the Batman movie at the Imax theater, Jeff and Eric saw the movie while I was at convention, so now it's my turn.  Oh and did you see where you can go to the Sing-a-long version of Mamma Mia....I'm there!!!!! 

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Pull My Finger Never Mind!!!

So last year my BFF Tracy and I were looking at the new catalog together over the phone page by page, and it was fun but not as fun as it would be if we were together.  So this year we were so excited that we were getting the catalog at convention so we could finally look at it with each other, and ya know what?  We never did....we were so busy visiting, and goofing off that by the time we went to bed we looked at a few pages, and we were pooped!

So after I got home, my girlfriend Sharon and I were looking at if over the phone and we would pick out this stamp set or that one, and we would comment on them, like "this one is so pretty, look at the detail on that one" or"what were they thinking when they drew that?" one in particular we both laughed at was Holiday Lineup, they all have bags under their eyes, like they have had a hard time... so maybe the line-up is like in jail or something and that is why they have bags...under their eyes! 

But the reindeer looked a little more like Rudolph has a case of the gassiness!  And all his reindeer friends are not too pleased that he was in front of the sleigh!  See Santa needed to get toys delivered a little quicker this year cause he wanted to get back home to finish his Breaking Dawn book because he wants to know if.............well I am not gonna say anything and ruin surprises, he just wanted to get back, and he figured feeding old Rudolph some beans, hard boiled eggs, and brocolli would get them on their Merry Way just a little faster.

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer fed the horse beans and then the people were in the back of the cart being pulled around and the horse was farting up a storm and about making them sick...well just imagine this going on all night long all over the world...yep, those other Reindeer, Blitzen, and Dasher, Prancer, and my favorite "Vixen" cause he sounds like he would be fun to hang out with don't ya think?

So I thought I would make my card emphasize what we think the looks are all about. So I added some Kiwi Kiss behind them for the fart effect... and making it a little darker behind the guilty farter.

Once upon a time....ok not really, here ya go.

Gassy rudolph hummers 030 copy Recipe:

Stamp Sets: Holiday Lineup, Birthday Banter

Paper: Pacific Point, Muirfield (I think this is my favorite) - ya know we get new colors and think ugh, till we see the background papers, and then we say Groovy Guava, Cool Carribean....what are YOU talkin' about?  - ok back to the paper - Very Vanilla, Kiwi Kiss (which gives me goose bumps - the good kind-  cause the first time I ever ate a Kiwi was in a parking lot in Florida maybe (we used to be carnies - yeah there's a blog story) with my soon to be hubby (yet we were not even engaged then - we just knew we were meant to be together) and he told me all about this fruit and he cut it open with his Jack Jeff Knife, and I loved it. 

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Kiwi Kiss, More Mustard, Creamy Caramel, Close to Cocoa, Really Rust, Real Red, Baja Breeze, Going Gray, Pacific Point

Misc:  Kiwi Kiss Striped ribbon

Gassy rudolph hummers 032 copy

So, the guy to the right of Rudolph is saying "Oh man, I can't believe what you put us through, this smell is never coming off me man, the next time the old Dude wants you to eat all that crap, just fake it..."

See the bags under their eyes, and Rudolph looks all embarassed.

Now look at this one....


Gassy rudolph hummers 033 copy

See the reindeer the second in from the right, now that is Vixen, and well he snuck in and ate some of the food that Rudolph was eating and he has been secretly letting off silent little reindeer galloping farts all night long and he does not want anyone to know...but look how scared he looks like they are gonna figure it out.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little story behind my card.

We had a big storm last night and I shut everything down early, and then Typepad was not working right till now.

Here are also some Hummer pictures, I swear we have 15-20 of them now, in the last 2 weeks they just keep coming and coming, I tried to take pictures but this is the best I could do.

Gassy rudolph hummers 006 copy

Here are two drinking together.

Gassy rudolph hummers 010 copy

And the third one coming in, but then they flew away.

I wish my camera was better, but it sure is fun watching them, dive bombing each other.

I wonder if it is getting colder in places already and they are starting to come here for the winter.

Ok, a little side note, if you have a question for me, I have had several people ask me stuff, can you please either email me directly so I see the question, or at least put your email address in the comment part...I don't know how to find you otherwise.

Have a super weekend, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

I Love Your Blog (times) Three

So guess what? I was nominated 3 times for this fun award again.

Love_your_blog_award Who started these awards, I would like to know!  Cause they sure are an ego booster, so let me go back through my emails and tell you who nominated me:

Tabitha and

Regina and


- in no particular order.   I was probably supposed to do it right away, but I have been busy working on classes, challenges, swaps, laundry, only a little cooking, but seems I go-go-go, so I wanted to thank you girls for nominating me. I am supposed to nominate other bloggers, but I just did this last week or so I think, so am I bad if I don't? Will I be kicked out of blog-dome? Will the boogiebloggerman come and get me in the middle of the night? I hope not.

So if you want to check out any blogs that I frequent, please look to the right under Blogs To Drop In On as I have some links over there, check any of them out, and you won't be disappointed.  Big hugs to Tabitha, Regina and Beckie!

So I wanted to try out a Kristina Werner challenge and I love, love, love these colors, they remind me of Neapolitan ice-cream, I remember growing up outside of Lucan Ontario, and my sister Jacqui and I would bike over to play at Janet and Carol's house and the lady that lived with them to help their Dad out, cause their Mum had passed away,  would let us eat ice-cream, and I know Neapolitan was one but also just plain strawberry, and I remember it tasting so good, and its funny how things don't taste like they used to ya know.  Too many preservatives and fake stuff in them I guess...or maybe my taste buds are just gettin' old.

Anyway here is the color challenge #20 that was posted, and my card:





Kristina werner color challenge #20 002 copy

Stamp Set: Sock Monkey and Sock Monkey Accessories, All Holidays

Paper: Chocolate Chip, Pink Pirouette, Sweet Always DSP, Green Tea DSP, watercolor paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip, Pink Pirouette, Regal Rose, Certainly Celery, Baja Breeze

Misc: Gel pen, Tiny Bubble Cuttlebug folder, crafters tool kit for stitching, aqua painter

I wish there was a single egg in the set too, or I had a set with a single egg cause I would have liked to mount one beside the greeting, but it will have to do. Pearls, and buttons did not look right, so I left it as is...but that spot screams for something....I know it screams for Ice-Cream!!!!! The old good stuff!

I hope you like it, I have never done one of Kristina's challenges before.

Have a super Thursday, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Ride Baby Ride! plus a Bonus Tutorial

So at my Catalog Kick Off party this weekend we made a fun card as well as a Basket from the Baskets and Blooms Bigz XL Die, that is exclusive from Stampin' Up!  I had everyone putting the basket together the way I figured it out, which was a little different then how Shelli showed us at Convention cause it seemed easier....but little did I know till today when a Demonstrator named Heather Medford  (Hi Heather) told us that her hubby Steve (my Basket hero) explained that the little slit things were to face down not I was doing it.  So I quick got my camera out and took these pics cause this makes it make more sense.

You need 2 basket pieces, a base and some sticky stripBasket box tutorial 001 copy

Basket box tutorial 002 copy

Put sticky strip along the perforated edge on the side that you will want to be the front

Basket box tutorial 004 copy

Peel off one sticky strip and glue the baskets together putting the edge along the perforated line.

Basket box tutorial 005 copy

Turn the basket over and now add sticky strip along the bottom (this is the inside of the basket)

Basket box tutorial 006 copy

Fold the little slits up along the score line.



Basket box tutorial 007 copy

Start to roll the bottom of the basket along the sticky strip making sure the little slits are along the bottom of the basket and not the scored side.



Basket box tutorial 008 copy

Keep rolling it along till you come all the way around, making sure to press the edges into the sticky strip. Make sure that the side with the sticky strip is attached to the bottom before you bring the other side around to finish off the basket.



Basket box tutorial 009 copy

Peel off the sticky strip



Basket box tutorial 010 copy

Match up your end and your perforated mark and seal the edge of your basket together.

Basket box tutorial 014 copy

This shows you better what it looks like on the bottom.



Basket box tutorial 015 copy

If you glue your bottom of the basket with the score line along the bottom of the basket instead of the little slits, it looks like this on the bottom, and the finished basket is a little different shape, and to me much harder to put together.

Basket box tutorial 016 copy

This shows the difference in the finished baskets. The one on the left is how I showed you to do it here with the slits facing toward the bottom of the basket

The one on the right shows what it looks ike if you face the slits toward the top of the basket.

One big tip: Practice Makes Perfect, and if you mess up....It's Only Paper! - Keep Trying!



Let me tell ya, it's a good thing I am a card collector and not a card sender, cause this baby is huge and heavy...but very fun. I love doing scenes and this was a fun one too.  I immediately liked this Hanna set when I saw it because of all the Arizona accessories it had. I mean who would not want a set with a cactus, and a lizard in it?

Everything else is all Stampin' Up! except the Hanna set, the Dream Big image is SU!

Hannah stamps harley set 001 copy  Recipe:

Stamps: Hanna Route 66, It's All Good

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Garden Green, Going Gray, Baja Breeze, Brocade Blue, Night of Navy, Creamy Caramel, Really Rust, Close to Cocoa, Basic Gray, Summer Sun, So Saffron

Paper: Night of Navy, Whisper White, Garden Green, Watercolor paper, Prestwick DSP

Misc: Black Brads, White gel pen



I also think I need to go back to taking pictures with my lattice board with the sheet draped over it, cause the pictures lately don't seem to show off the color as much and almost look too yellow, what do you think?

Hannah stamps harley set 003 copy Does Hanna look a little jaundiced to you?

Well hope you have enjoyed the bike ride today, and the little basket bonus tutorial.

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di