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So last year my BFF Tracy and I were looking at the new catalog together over the phone page by page, and it was fun but not as fun as it would be if we were together.  So this year we were so excited that we were getting the catalog at convention so we could finally look at it with each other, and ya know what?  We never did....we were so busy visiting, and goofing off that by the time we went to bed we looked at a few pages, and we were pooped!

So after I got home, my girlfriend Sharon and I were looking at if over the phone and we would pick out this stamp set or that one, and we would comment on them, like "this one is so pretty, look at the detail on that one" or"what were they thinking when they drew that?" one in particular we both laughed at was Holiday Lineup, they all have bags under their eyes, like they have had a hard time... so maybe the line-up is like in jail or something and that is why they have bags...under their eyes! 

But the reindeer looked a little more like Rudolph has a case of the gassiness!  And all his reindeer friends are not too pleased that he was in front of the sleigh!  See Santa needed to get toys delivered a little quicker this year cause he wanted to get back home to finish his Breaking Dawn book because he wants to know if.............well I am not gonna say anything and ruin surprises, he just wanted to get back, and he figured feeding old Rudolph some beans, hard boiled eggs, and brocolli would get them on their Merry Way just a little faster.

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer fed the horse beans and then the people were in the back of the cart being pulled around and the horse was farting up a storm and about making them sick...well just imagine this going on all night long all over the world...yep, those other Reindeer, Blitzen, and Dasher, Prancer, and my favorite "Vixen" cause he sounds like he would be fun to hang out with don't ya think?

So I thought I would make my card emphasize what we think the looks are all about. So I added some Kiwi Kiss behind them for the fart effect... and making it a little darker behind the guilty farter.

Once upon a time....ok not really, here ya go.

Gassy rudolph hummers 030 copy Recipe:

Stamp Sets: Holiday Lineup, Birthday Banter

Paper: Pacific Point, Muirfield (I think this is my favorite) - ya know we get new colors and think ugh, till we see the background papers, and then we say Groovy Guava, Cool Carribean....what are YOU talkin' about?  - ok back to the paper - Very Vanilla, Kiwi Kiss (which gives me goose bumps - the good kind-  cause the first time I ever ate a Kiwi was in a parking lot in Florida maybe (we used to be carnies - yeah there's a blog story) with my soon to be hubby (yet we were not even engaged then - we just knew we were meant to be together) and he told me all about this fruit and he cut it open with his Jack Jeff Knife, and I loved it. 

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Kiwi Kiss, More Mustard, Creamy Caramel, Close to Cocoa, Really Rust, Real Red, Baja Breeze, Going Gray, Pacific Point

Misc:  Kiwi Kiss Striped ribbon

Gassy rudolph hummers 032 copy

So, the guy to the right of Rudolph is saying "Oh man, I can't believe what you put us through, this smell is never coming off me man, the next time the old Dude wants you to eat all that crap, just fake it..."

See the bags under their eyes, and Rudolph looks all embarassed.

Now look at this one....


Gassy rudolph hummers 033 copy

See the reindeer the second in from the right, now that is Vixen, and well he snuck in and ate some of the food that Rudolph was eating and he has been secretly letting off silent little reindeer galloping farts all night long and he does not want anyone to know...but look how scared he looks like they are gonna figure it out.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little story behind my card.

We had a big storm last night and I shut everything down early, and then Typepad was not working right till now.

Here are also some Hummer pictures, I swear we have 15-20 of them now, in the last 2 weeks they just keep coming and coming, I tried to take pictures but this is the best I could do.

Gassy rudolph hummers 006 copy

Here are two drinking together.

Gassy rudolph hummers 010 copy

And the third one coming in, but then they flew away.

I wish my camera was better, but it sure is fun watching them, dive bombing each other.

I wonder if it is getting colder in places already and they are starting to come here for the winter.

Ok, a little side note, if you have a question for me, I have had several people ask me stuff, can you please either email me directly so I see the question, or at least put your email address in the comment part...I don't know how to find you otherwise.

Have a super weekend, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di