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Spring Loaded Card Tutorial

At Convention one of the neatest things I saw (and believe me there were dozens of things) but one that I had never seen before was a demonstrator named Marlayne Hardy from Ottawa, Ontario (must be she is Canadian and that is why I had a fun time watching her) She showed a card with a spiraly thing inside. I dont know what it is called but I am calling it Spring Loaded Card.

I hope it makes sense and I want to thank Marlayne for teaching us.

Now when I am showing the pictures they are all unstamped just to teach you, but when you make one for real you will want to decorate the inside first.

Spring Loaded Card 002 copyYou will need whisper white cardstock, folded like a card, a 1 3/8" circle punch (now of course if I had the new circle punch I would have used it) paper snips, and tombow multi purpose adhesive.

Spring Loaded Card 004 copy

Punch out three circles from whisper white paper.

Now I used this cause my base card was whisper white, if your base card was So Saffron then you would use that. You can also probably use cardstock vellum (I have not tried that though)



Spring Loaded Card 006 copy

Using your paper snips cut your circle punches in a spiral.

Spring Loaded Card 008 copy

So it looks like this.

Do it to all 3 of the circles.

Spring Loaded Card 009 copy

Now you have these.

Spring Loaded Card 011 copy

Now you are going to glue this to your card. Glue one of them using the bigger cut end like this.

And stick it on the center of the card.



Spring Loaded Card 012 copy

This one you will glue the pointy end to the card, and you want them to be on each side of the other one, so they will alternate.

Spring Loaded Card 013 copy

See how two have the big end end sticking up and 1 has the big end down.



Spring Loaded Card 014 copy

Now put glue on the ends of the spirals sticking up.

Spring Loaded Card 015 copy I apologize this is so dark.  After you put glue on the ends, you want to lay them down back flat so that they will fold in place when you close the card.

Then close your card, and they will glue to the upper part of the card.

Spring Loaded Card 016 copy

Hold this closed for a little bit while the glue sets up.

Spring Loaded Card 017 copy

See how when you open the card, they are stuck, and springy!

Spring Loaded Card 020 copy

Add a little glue where you want to add your 3-D item, I am using the Flight of the Butterfly set.

Spring Loaded Card 021 copy

Glue the little butterfly in place.



Spring Loaded Card 022 copy

See how as you close the card the little butterfly will lay flat.

Spring Loaded Card 024 copy

Now remember I said you would decorate the card first. So all this stamping was done before you start assembling the card.

I used the Inspired by Nature set for the grass, a little sponging and scallop circle punch sponged for clouds.

Spring Loaded Card 025 copy
This one shows the clouds a little better.

Turned out cute huh!

Marlayne is a genius!

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Hugs, Di