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December 2008

Sealed with a Kiss...

...well actually I sealed it with a couple strips of snail down the center (a little tip from Jeanne) and then I SEWED it!  So this is my first attempt, other then my play pieces, but this is my official sewed on card.

DSCN6654 copy Stamp Set: A Kiss for Chloe  - I got this adorable set from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps, Korin asked me to be the Guest Designer for them for the month of January, so watch for some fun stuff coming your way.

Paper: Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose, Raspberry Tart, Gina K Luxury cardstock

Ink: Memento Tuxedo, Copics

Misc: SEWING MACHINE!!!!!, Top Note die, pretties half back pearls, gel pen

I am still getting the touch down for the copics and you are probably sick of hearing me say that, I guess I just feel the need to apologize for when the colors are not exactly what my brain thinks it will look like. I get a chuckle when I see other blogs where the girls lay out the markers they use, I swear I have them all on the table by the time I am done.

DSCN6656 copy But I really had fun with the sewing, I practiced on some cardstock and I felt more comfortable doing the zig zag stitch the first time out. I figured it would not show how crooked I am this way. I did not feel comfortable zig zagging so it looked like I was actually sewing the papers together, so I just did it on the DSP. Eric watched me do it and he said "you are not very good at it" well there ya go! Guess I won't be making him a shirt. Jeff kept coming out to my studio today and he would say "have you started my shirt yet?" the next time he would say "I take a large" what a nut!

I want to thank all of you for emailing me or commenting to find out if I am walking and I won't lie, I am failing, Jeff is off work and I swear my whole routine is shot with him home, so keep asking and eventually the answer will be YES! Cause he goes back to work next week!  I have been behaving with my food so at least that hopefully will help. (as I listen to Oprah Winfrey and they are talking about food...)

Have a great Wednesday, OMG! it will be New Years Eve!!!

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Sew Be It!

Does that tell ya what I got today?  Jeff and I ran some errands and went to lunch and checked out Target.  Jeanne said she has a Shark and she got it there, so that is what I looked for but they did not have any today. They have some coming in but did not know when.  I looked at a Singer but it was $20.00 more.  So then I ended up going to Walmart later and I got me a Brother LX3125, and a bunch of do-dads to go with it, for under a $100.00 so I am a happy camper sewer! Hey did I say I was a sewer, that looks like a poop under ground container word...oh well who knows, maybe I spelled it wrong, but you know what I mean.

DSCN6647 copySo here is what it looks like, right outta the box in this picture.

Heck it's still got the tape on it, so nothing flew around or off in shipment.

So I have not sewn since Home Ec class in highschool and that was a longggg time ago, I mean I have my Great Granny's Singer treadle sewing machine(I think that is what is is called) and it works but I don't want to use it for my paper stuff, it is more for display, I had to unhook the belt years ago cause Eric would get in there and mess with the foot treadle when he was little, sitting on it rocking up and down, like he was at Disney land or something.

So I whipped up a couple bobbins lickety split.  I could do that all day. Felt like I was accomplishing something, made a white one and a vanilla one.

DSCN6650 copy Then I got to practicing on paper, Jeanne said to practice to get the tension and all that right, and well don't laugh....I can hear ya...ok who snorted?

I have to learn not to hold the paper, I was trying to keep it straight and actually not letting it move, so I can see some tiny stitches, ugh, aint my cards gonna look nice from now on! ha!  Down go the readers, and lots of unsubscribe notices...ha!  I'll get the hang of it.  Practice makes perfect right?

So Jeff has been practicing too on his Shop Smith, playing around with old mesquite tree wood he has cut down over the years, and look what he made me?

DSCN6648 copy My coffin...ha! only kidding!

It aint that big, but I should have put something beside it so you could get an idea how big it is.  The picture can be deceiving.

I am going to put brads, or something in it, I am not sure yet.

But it is all out of wood, no nails or anything, and it is so cute.

DSCN6649 copy Here it is with the lid off.

So when times get tough in the Gibbs' household and we need to make some extra cash, I will be selling bobbins, and Jeff will be making little boxes...ha! Perhaps my bobbins would fit in the box.

Hee! Hee!

Well I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday, I can not believe that this year is almost over...holy moly, time flies when your'e having fun!

Thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

No Fuss, No Muss!

Wanna make the easiest card ever?  Well I got a pack of Cotton Scraps Crafty Secrets from Hanna Stamps! They looked so cool on-line and I thought what the heck, I'm game.  So tonight Jeff and I watched a movie, one of his favorites "Independance Day" OMG! to have a President like that eh? Actually risking his life for the world.  I know its just a movie, but still.  So as the movie ended, I thought..well crapola, I did not stamp at all today, I did laundry and cleaned, and even made meatloaf for supper, so I thought tonight was the night to try out my Cotton Scraps, and by cracky this was easy peasy.

DSCN6644 copy Here is what the cotton looks like up close.

Neat eh? It looks almost canvas-y!

So I used my oval nestabilities to cut out the image (I was not sure if it would work, and it did), and then I peeled off the paper backing and glued it down to the scalloped basic black cardstock, for some reason I was thinking it was going to be sticky on the back and it was that I READ the packaging I see that it does say to add adhesive after you peel off the paper. (I wonder if I could just leave it on the paper and make the card...hmmm....I have 5 more images, and 3 greeting images to practice on) I have a sewing machine on my wish list so I can sew Jeff's ripped jeans...NOT!  so I can sew on my cards!  YES!!! I love seeing all the real sewing online.  Jeanne Streiff is amazing at it.  I would definitley need to practice, can you imagine getting a card all the way done and then messing it up by sewing it wrong....yikes!

Anyway after some quick paper cutting, some faux stitching and a little rub-on punched out, voila!

DSCN6645 copy  Cotton Scraps (Crafty Secrets)

Paper: Very Vanilla, Basic Black Textured, Riding Hood Red Textured, K& Company background paper

Misc: Nestabilities, Vanilla Tafetta, Word Window punch, A Perfect Day Rub-ons, Paper Piercer, White gel pen

I set the card on the rest of the pack so you can kinda see it.

I am so getting more of these.

Have a great Monday, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Walk the Plank...

...well how about walk the treadmill? That is my goal, you have heard me before, and this time I am sticking to it. I am not staying up late every night and then dragging my butt out of bed in the morning, even though I work better at night I think cause the house is quiet, no phone ringing, no one jabbering at me, unless it is the tv and that does not count as you don't have to talk back.

So as well as keeping my stamp room tidy for a 2009 goal, I am back to getting up early and getting on the treadmill BEFORE I enter my Bermuda Triangle of a Stamp Studio, cause I swear, and my family will swear too, mostly it sounds like this "oh for the %#& she did not do the #!@& dishes again, and if I have to wear the same blasted underwear for another day, I'll be %^#*!" that kinda swearing. I get in here and time just totally disappears.....So, and you have to get on me about this, I want someone at least every day, to email me and say "did you walk?" "did you get off your widening butt and use the treadmill today?" I  mean it.  I may scream at the computer, and stomp my feet and say " NO I did not, but here I go....I was only checking my email for the 100th time!!!" but you wont hear me yelling so it is ok.  So starting tonight, I am going to bed at a half decent time and I have already set the alarm to go off at 6:30, and if I need to set it earlier I will. I think getting up at 6:30 is a good early time...don't you?

So last night I did this cute card, I think I finished it at midnight...tsk! tsk!  This is another of the stamp sets I got from Pink Poison but they are changing their name to The Greeting Farm in January.  I kinda like the Pink Poison name but hey their stamps are cute no matter what they call the company.  As most of you know I love to sit and color so they are just SO MUCH FUN!  I used my Copics for this one and I must say I get a bit better each time I use them, maybe not better, but more comfortable is a better word...I do have to get all the colors figured out though. My little monkeys looked better before I got messing with them and then I could not get them back to their orignal color, so they ended up like this. Gosh I think they are monkeys...I love the one is eating pizza, what the heck is up with that? Maybe he just came from Peter Piper Pirate Pizza! Ha! Maybe he is the problem child that must have his hands kept busy, otherwise they are in his nose, picking his butt, reaching for stuff off the store shelves....uh!uh! I remember those days...

DSCN6640 copy Stamp Set: Best Mates (The Greeting Farm)

Paper: Pixie Pink, Basic Black, Pink Pirouette (Stampin' Up!), Rusty Pickle's Elizabeth Swan Background Paper (Hanna Stamps!), 80# Luxury Cardstock (Gina K Designs)

Ink: Memento Tuxedo (7 Kids College), Copics (Hanna Stamps!)

Misc: Paper Piercer, White gel pen (Stampin' Up!), Black Dewdrops (Hanna Stamps!)

All you girls that have been commenting for my blog candy keep it up, I am so enjoying reading your comments, and I totally want to see pics of your rooms and organization ideas when you get them done.  If you go to Paper Craft Planet, you can upload them and tag them   pcpstampingspaces   and I will add them to the album over there so you can inspire can do it!

Well I am getting off here for now, my new little Riley is all colored up and begging or maybe sweating (that is a little hint) to be made into a will have to wait to see it till the Hanna Stamps! sneak peek week starting Monday the 5th.

Have a fine Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di

Happy Birthday Jacqui!

It is my sister Jacqui's birthday today, I won't tell you how old she is, but she is younger then me! I am the oldest sister, and I will emphasize the OLD! Ha!  Happy Birthday Jax!  I love you!

So the day after Christmas I was lazy, I did clean my stamp room and make some cards, but I stayed in my jammies.  I figured that Patty, Bob and Emma were in their jammies all Christmas day while we were there, and I had no where to go today, and it was cold out so hey, no one would know, except now I told you, but you won't tell right...ha!

Eric went over and exchanged gifts with his girlfriend, and played some video games with Nina and her siblings.

So I whipped up another Pink Poison card, this one is from the same set Wonderland. I have some more Hanna Stamps! cards to do for the January releases, and also my Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps cards too, plus my 10/10/20 Thank you cards to design for class.

DSCN6635 copy Stamp Set: Wonderland 

Paper: Real Red, Basic Black, Watercolor paper, Jackpot DSP

Ink: Hybrid Noir, Really Rust, Creamy Caramel, Pink Pirouette, Going Gray, Baja Breeze, Blush Blossom, So Saffron, Regal Rose

Misc: Paper Piercer, Oval Punch, Word Window Punch, White gel pen, sparkly brads, nestabilities

Well my butt is off here for tonight, back to my stamping table.  Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di