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Quilt Card Tutorial

Well you asked for it, you got it...Toyota!  OK, not really a Toyota, but how about how to do the quilt card that I showed yesterday.

I had a workshop today, and it was so much fun, and the girls were so sweet, and I got to see some familiar faces, and some brand new faces too. They got to make this quilt card, and they really enjoyed it. I also wanted to say hi to all of them, I was surprised that many of them read my blog too. How fun is that?

So when I came home to check the old blog - should I call it blah-g, sometimes I sure do blah!blah!blah!....ok, so anyway a few of you wanted to know how I did it, so here goes.

Now remember I did not invent this, I learned how to do this from my friend Cindy, and she may have seen it somewhere else. I am not sure, I will totally give credit if someone tells me. So I looked on Cindy's blog and she said she seen it here on Bev's blog - so till someone says different, I am leaving it as so... 

DSCN7082 copy These are the supplies you will need: Bordering Blue Ink, Basic Black Ink, brads, flower fusion, Pink Pirouette and Whisper White cardstock, Cute and Curly stamp, black journaler, sponge, snail, 1 1/4" square punch, curly label punch, top note die, cuttlebug folder, big shot

DSCN7083 copy Step 1: You will need a piece of cardstock, I used Whisper White cut at 3 3/4" x 5", and you will need 12 squares punched out with the 1 1/4" punch.

Some of you wondered why I didn't use my paper cutter, and I was like doh! But the more I thought of it I was like no way would my squares all be the same, you miss the 1 1/4" mark on your cutter and the squares would not match, so by using the punch....the punch is what it is (MAMMa always says that - it is what it is...I love her), and they will all be the same.

DSCN7085 copy Step 2: Lay your "quilt" squares out in the pattern to your liking.

You want three rows of 4 squares.

DSCN7087 copy Step 3: Apply snail or whatever adhesive you prefer on your white card base, make sure to use enough so the squares do not lift off as you cut it out later. 

DSCN7088 copy Step 4: Lay your squares down on top of your adhesive, making sure to butt them up together and not leave any white spaces.

DSCN7089 copy Step 5: FInish covering the whole piece of cardstock, and you will have this.

DSCN7090 copy Step 6: Lay your "quilted" cardstock FACE DOWN on the top note die, make sure to catch the Top Note points of the die with your paper. 

TIP: I took a white gel pen and made a little circle mark by each tip of the top note die, it makes it a little easier to see...of course you can't see it very well in the picture.

DSCN7091 copy Step 7:  Put it in your Big Shot and run it through.

DSCN7092 copy Step 8: Presto Chango - look what you got.

Is that not the fastest quilt thing you have ever done? I don't quilt, but I think that is pretty fast.

DSCN7093 copy Step 9: Using a sponge, I sponged bordering blue along the edges, this just makes it stand out a bit once you adhere it to the Pink Pirouette cardstock.

DSCN7094 copy Step 10: Using a black journaler, add some stitch marks, I used good old x marks but you could do whatever you like. If you are really energetic, I wonder if you could really stitch it? Hmmm...I dont' know maybe the stitches would break in the next step...I guess you could try it, its only paper right? and a lot of snail...

Ok, so this pictures looks like I totally am missing a digit....it was that freak cuttlebug accident of 1982! Tragic, it made headlines...awww not really...I may not have all my brain cells, but I do have all me digits!

DSCN7096 copy Step 11:  There all stitched and adhered to the pink pirouette cardstock

DSCN7097 copy Step 12:  Put it inside your cuttlebug folder and run it through the Big Shot - I used the Paisley folder, but it is totally up to you which one you use.

DSCN7098 copy Step 13: Ummm I couldn't end on step 13, so here is a picture of the cuttlebug folder sandwiched in between the plates laying on tab 1 of the multi-purpose platform ready to go through the Big Shot.

DSCN7100 copy Step 14: Here is what it looks like close-up when you are done, neat eh?

Assemble and decorate the rest of the card, and here is the finished product...

DSCN7076 copy I just love this card, and I do believe the ladies from my workshop will be making many more of them...how about you?

OK so you know I can't finish off my blog without mentioning American Idol. So the 3 people that I voted on sailed on through, I was so very happy.  Jeff was like I voted for this one too, and I said did you call and he said no, and I said well then you really didn't vote did you?  Ha!

But at the end when they had Danny (my man!!!) and Tatiana up there, I was like if they pick Tatianna a.k.a. Sanjina over Danny, my Tuesdays and Wednesdays would open up, cause I would not watch it anymore...boy oh boy aren't they glad they choose right...and me too cause I love this commercial and they showed it tonight, Jeff had not seen it before.

 I would love to also work at a place that did commercials, some are hilarious and you wonder what they are thinking...or perhaps drinking when they are coming up with them.

Well I am hitting the hay, thanks so much for stopping in, I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial, and have a great Thursday!

Hugs, Di