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Goodie Bag Winners & a Bag Challenge

I am slowly but surely getting back to my normal schedule (psst...Sharon tomorrow I'll be back to excersising...are you ready?)  I am determined to slim down and get rid of the muffin top before my BFF Tracy comes to visit it June. While I was home my Mum and Dad were saying maybe I was pre-menaposal and that was the cause of the extra floppage over the belt.

I picked the winners for my Goodie Bags from my 10 year Anniversary sale and here they are:

10 year Ann Goodie Bag Winners001



Congratulations! I will be sending out your goodie bags shortly. Thanks to everyone for placing orders for my Anniversary special, I really appreciate it.

I also had a question today from Janet. She wondered how I took the pictures of my cards. So I took a picture of my very frugal (almost free) set up.  What you need is 3 pieces of 12x12 white cardstock, 3 pieces of heavy 12x12 cardboard (I use the backing from the designer series paper - you know the heavy cardboard to keep the paper nice for shipping), and you need a goose neck lamp (at least that is what I use)

Glue the 12x12 white cardstock to the 12x12 cardboard (I did this cause the whisper white was nice and white, and it is too flimsy to be used alone).  Then tape two together like a book, and leave one separate.

DSCN7825 copy Now you have this. 

Then you are just going to place the two taped together on top of the bottom one to make like an open box-ish shape.

Then just place your card or whatever you are taking a picture of in front.

The hard part is getting the angle of the light right and I just play around with it.  That is the great thing about digital cameras, you can check it right away. Now sometimes it looks fine on the camera but when I upload it it looks yellow.  I dont know how to use my computer for fixing pics, when I was at Victopia Vicki was able to fix her photo with her computer...she is smarter then me I just re-take it till I like it.  I also take the picture with the close-up setting.

DSCN7827 copy Here is what it looks like "in use" I am sorry it is a little dark, but I think you get the idea.

I hope this helps, it works for me.  Some day I would love to be able to afford a professional photo cube thing but till then, this is good enough.




This week, the Paper Craft Planet is being sponsored by Kelleigh Ratzlaff from The Digi Chick!.  Kelleigh has generously offered a $20 gift card to her store for the best bag!   In addition, the winner will also get a $5 gift card to ANYTHING on the Digi Chick store!

These templates are AWESOME and so easy!  You just print the design on to your patterned paper, cut, score and glue!  Presto, you look like Martha Stewart in minutes - now I did have Martha on today, as I was flipping around, and it seems she likes to interupt her guests like Oprah does...and today Jeff said I was interupting him while he was talking, so perhaps I am headed to talk show stardom...ha! 

DSCN7839 copy Here is my fun bag using Fins Riley - and doesn't he look a little familiar? That's right, its Timber floating around in his inner tube on his honeymoon, he never learned to swim so he just pulled on an inner tube and now he is safe as can be.  Sophie sent me the picture, and it was too cute not to use it on the bag, perhaps the bag could hold some vaseline so that Sophie can get Timber out of the inner tube when he is done swimming. The designer paper I bought at Sheila's store while I was at home. The button is a Kiwi Kiss corduroy one from Stampin' Up! and I just threaded it with some black gingham, it kinda ties in the faux black stitching...I was NOT going to try to use my sewing machine for those angles, and I used the Daisies #2 die to make the flower.  The bag was super easy to make.  I just printed it out on the paper.  I traced the flap and glued on top of the real flap, so that it was a different color.  Riley is stamped with Tuxedo ink and colored with my copics. I added a few polka dots with my white gel pen onto his flippers...Timber is styling!! Oh baby!!

DSCN7841 copy I even added a little glaze pen on the mask so it is nice and shiney!


OK, so take the PCP 3-D challenge -- create a small gift bag, and upload it to Paper Craft Planet.  Use the tag 3d11.  You do NOT have to use one of Kelleigh's templates to win -- but they are so easy and fun, we know that you'll want one :)  We'll pull it into the album and pull a winner next Tuesday.  I can't wait to see what you make!

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Well I have to get off of here, I have to get up early tomorrow. I need to run my computer into the shop my fan is still noisy...I am hoping they can fix it and I can pick it back up tomorrow, or that it is just noisy cause the power source is stronger now.

Toby is sleeping on the back of my chair and he must be dreaming he is making little puppy cries, and it almost makes me cry when he does it.

Have a super Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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