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Lots of Bots doing the Melon Mambo

So I have a swap due tomorrow, and I jumped at the chance to use the new set Lots of Bots, I knew as soon as I saw it, it was mine. 

To be honest it is gonna take me some time to get used to these new colors. They are always easier to fall in love with when we also have the new Designer Series paper to go with them.  As Demonstrators, there are a few things we can pre-order to get us using new stuff to show our customers, I can hardly wait to place my first order on the 1st of July. It will be my Artisan Award order, I still pinch myself that it happened.  I can hardly wait for this Stampin' Up! year to see all that we have to do as winners. I am looking forward to meeting all the other girls at Convention. I already know my buddy old pal Cindy Lawrence, as she got picked too. The rest of the girls I don't know

So I used new In Colors as well as some new DSP.  I love the vacant look in the robot's eyes, unlike that weird robot they showed on the news the other day that can have emotions and stuff...freaky teaky!

Anyway, here is the swap card I did, I got the layout from Ilina, I just changed it a tad - she is a fellow INKredible Inker side line of mine, and one very talented girl.

DSCN8372 copy Stamp Set: Lots of Bots

Paper: Bermuda Bay, Basic Black, Melon Mambo, Watercolor Paper, Razzleberry Lemonade Designer Series paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Going Gray, Melon Mambo, Rich Razzleberry, Crushed Curry

Misc: Silver brads, white gel pen, clips assortment

I used my ink pads and a blender pen to color, I have more control using the blender pen when coloring smaller sizes then I do with the aqua painter.

When I was doing these today I had on Judge Judy, OMG I love this woman, she just tells it like it is, I think that she is a little mean to people, but I guess if they are there they deserve it.  I wouldn't want to be in her courtroom, I think I would cry...unless I was in the audience and then well maybe I would get kicked out cause I might laugh at loud at some of her sayings.  I remember one time she said "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!" I mean does she sit up at night coming up with these or what?

Well I am off to bed, I have another swap to do tomorrow, and my new catalogs are due to arrive, so I gotta get labels on them, and packaged up to run to the PO on Friday.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in!

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Simple is Good

Ya know, you don't always have to have ribbons, buttons, sparkle or even layers to make a nice card. This one is tres easy...I hope that means very easy...and it is just stamped and colored.  I did use my paper cutter and bone folder and scored along the edges just to add a little somethin' somethin'.

What do you think?

DSCN8369 copy Stamp Set: Easter Beauty, On Your Birthday

Paper: Whisper White

Ink: Basic Black Classic pad (I have found this bleeds less then Stazon with the sansodor-figuring it out by trial and error)

Misc: Watercolor Pencils, Sansodor, Stumps, Artmarker, white gel pen, bone folder, paper cutter

DSCN8370 copy Here you can see the lines better that I scored into the paper.

So I got my permanent crowns today, let's hope I don't have to go to the dentist now for a while.  I have a couple teeth on the bottom in the back on each side that were filled years ago that have cracked a bit and they want to crown them, and I am hoping these new crowns don't push and mess me up.  I swear if I was a horse, I would be made into glue already, I could actually be part of the SU! catalog in the form of 2 way glue or something...Am I a worry wart or what? MAMMa says "Don't waste a worry".  Don't ya love her? 

So when I was walking on the treadmill today I was thinking, what if the lizard was a girl? what if she had babies? are they born in eggs? would they be inside the treadmill? would I be squishing them as I walk? am I wacko?  Then I turned the TV up louder and shut my brain off.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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Trendy Trees

This is the 10th card from my 10/10/20 Birthday card class and I got the idea from Nancy Riley and you can check out her beautiful card here, I did not do the same layout, but basically this is where the idea came from for my card.  Since I had so many pieces to cut out for class, I simplified mine a little bit, but I still love it, and I will miss the Rockabilly paper.

DSCN8366 copy Stamp Set: Trendy Trees

Paper: Riding Hood Red, Whisper White, Kiwi Kiss, Rockabilly DSP

Ink: Riding Hood Red, Kiwi Kiss, Jetblack Stazon

Misc: Riding Hood Red Striped Ribbon

If you go over to check Nancy's card, tell her hi for me after you drool over all her masterpieces...maybe say hi first, your tongue might be all dried up from all the drooling, and she won't understand you.

Have an awesome Tuesday, I need to get a couple swaps done, and I am pulling out my retired stamps and accessories, I'll let you know what I am selling.  Gotta make room for the new "stuff", oh yeah baby!

Thanks for stopping in!

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Crocodile Dun-Di

Well it kinda looked like a crocodile, and maybe it means I need to vacuum more. I don't know, but today I was vacuuming, and I lifted the treadmill walking platform so I could vacuum under it and look what I found...

DSCN8357 copy ...a baby crocodile.

Ok, well he's not really a baby crocodile. But he did surprise me, I mean, I was not even going to lift the platform up, so I had one hand on it lifting it, and it is pretty heavy doing it with one hand, and the other hand had the vacuum, thank goodness I didn't lift a little and just vacuum under, as this might have been a sadder story.  So anyway, up the platform goes all the way and there he was curled up, and I was like oh I hope he is not dead. I quickly turned off the vacuum and bent down.

So when I went down to pick him up, he tried to get away, and then I quickly scooped him up, he just wiggled a bit, and tried to get away. He could not have been in the house long cause he was pretty healthy.  Eric keeps leaving the dang doors open.  Yesterday before class I come out to the studio, and the door is open. Thank God it was only a lizard that got in....(shivers). So I am thinking a day or two at the most he was in here. Poor thing.

DSCN8356 copyLuckily I didn't scare him enough to make him drop his tail off, cause he had a good lookin' tail. They will drop off their tail as a way to get away, so the critter chasing them will chase the tail as it flops and flips and they get away, then they grow a new one. Gee wouldn't that be nice to tail is old and droopy, I'm gonna drop it off and grow a nice toned firm one...oh and my belly and boobs too.

I took him outside to show Jeff, (Jeff is smoking a brisket) so he is sitting out manning the smoker, as it smokes next to my new screens - yeah let's not go there.

DSCN8358 copy So the lizard wanted to check out Jeff's tat, so he could know the proper spelling of my name when he sends me a thank you card for sparing his life from 1) the vacuum, 2) Toby 3) death by starvation.

DSCN8360 copy Jeff wanted me to put it on him like I had the gecko that time, I think if I had of handled him a bit more he would have been more apt to stay longer like the gecko did, but he was so happy to be free, he jumped down and is now happily crunching on bugs under the trees in the back yard.  Do you think he will remember me next week?

Well that was a quick post for today, I have class tonight, so I know it will be nice to not have to post when everyone is gone, I can clean up for the morning class, and go to bed early.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in mates!

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Shadow Boxing

Well today I had my first round of 10/10/20 Birthday card classes.  Such fun girls, such fun cards.

We also had sunscreens put on all our windows, so I will let you know if it makes a difference in our electric bill, I hope so.  I just know that now the house is so dark during the day.  Jeff says that is good for the summer time for the house to be dark.  I just wanna say nanner-nanner-boo-boo, to all the dang flies.  No more fly poop on my windows.  Well it will get on the outside frames but I wont see it looking out.  Please tell me that everywhere gets fly poop and not just my house.

Well I don't know what got me talking about nasty old poop, when I have the beautifulest shadow box to show you.  A little giftie from my BFF Tracy when she was here for that very short visit a few weeks ago. She got the little shadow boxes from a dollar store in PA, and they were plain wood and her tight tushed, popeye armed hubby Steve stained it for her...for me.

DSCN8331 copy Stamp Set: Spring Song

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, and watercolor crayons for coloring.

Misc: Riding Hood Red Taffeta, Lots of cutting out, and popping, which means lots of luv!!

DSCN8332 copy Here is a side view so you can see how beautiful it is from all angles.

So tonight we watched a movie called "The Happening", ok I am just sitting here now wondering, gee Di what could you have been doing instead? Cleaning the lint out of the dryer, giving Toby a bath, finishing the dishes, shaving my toes...I mean anything would have been more useful in spending my time...especially my toe hairs giving Toby a bath! It was a scratch your head kinda, what the heck movie, we borrowed it from friends, and now I can happily get it out of my house.

Well I am going to go to bed, and read, I changed my class schedules on Sunday's so that I have only one class and it is early evening, that way people can go to church, or sleep in if they want, and you know what? I sleep in tomorrow, and with my nice dark screens and the blinds closed...I just might!

Have a great Sunday, Happy Father's Day Dad, and to all you Dad's out there!!

Thanks for stopping in!

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