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Pucker Up - Fun with Ribbon!

One of the cutest things I saw on display at convention was my fellow Artisan award winner Angie's cupcake box thingie with the yo-yo ribbons, and what broke my heart was it was on the floor, ugh, there needed to be some tables by the displays for 3-d stuff to sit on as it was too heavy to hang on the boards, it was so beautiful.  If you go to Angie's blog you can scroll down to see it.  There is also a tutorial for making the yo-yo ribbons, and I tried them last night and so stinking cute they are.  I found (added since post, I knew I saw it somewhere, and when my feedblitz came in today...ta!da! here is where I saw it, on Lisa Johnson's blog)....that if you use the ribbon that has the threads on the side if you pull that thread you get the look too, that you get with the needle and thread.  So this is what I mean.

DSCN9030 copy Pull the threads on the side and the ribbon puckers.  This makes the whole thing pucker, if you pull both, if you just pull the one side it is more like gathering, that you can put on a card, or sew it into a circle and make the yo-yo like on Angie's cupcake box.

So after I played around then I was like what will I do with my puckered treasures?

So this is what I did.

I had these jars left over from one of our big events, and I had an unopened bag of peanut M&M's, and the color was perfect, it was like fate.  I did eat a couple to make sure they were still fresh, and YUM! they were!

DSCN9028 copy Cute eh? I puckered the Wide Stitched Chocolate grosgrain, and then the strings that were hanging out, I just tied them together to hold the chocolate ribbon around the bottle.

The Wide Stitched Rose Red grosgrain, I sewed after I puckered it into the flower.  I flattened down the large grommet, and hot glued it to the center of the flower.  Then I added the corduroy button. Then I hot glued the flower so that it covered where I had tied the chocolate ribbon to the bottle.

That way it looks nice all the way around.

Simple and cute.  I am definitely gonna be making more yo-yo's, they take a little practice getting them sewn right, but they are definitely worth it.

DSCN9027 copy I also got a new Decor Elements today and put it up on the wall above my desk.  I really want to paint the whole inside of the house nice, cause then I would put more up.  We have not re-painted the inside since we built our house...well other then my studio and the guest room...we need to get busy eh?  Like how I say we?  Ha!

Well I am signing off to get set up for my TLC class tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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