Fresh as a Daisy Color Challenge
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Daisies #2 Flower Tutorial

Dawn asked me a while ago if I would show how I make the Daisy flowers, and I am more then happy to show you how I do them, cause I love, love, love these flowers, I think we use them almost in every class..ha!

I stuck Toby in the house while I did the video and of course you can hear him, he would have been quieter if I had left him in the studio...ha!

Near the end when I am talking about the Latte buttons the sound is odd, sorry about that. And I don't know what is up with my Michelin man wrist, it looks weird, next time I am putting my bracelets on...ha!

Here ya go:

Here are a couple older posts showing the daisies used in different ways:

Frame from my artisan entries

Daisy canvas 

It is endless, cause we have so many different color papers, and buttons and just use your imagination.

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Make sure you check back tomorrow, I will show you the finished bird houses that Jeff and our neighbor Jim made as a friendly little competition, and let you decide which one you like best.  The ladies at class already voted but just for heck sake I am gonna let you tell me too. I won't tell you whose is whose for a day or so.

Well I am off to bed, Rhonda had a fun shoebox meeting tonight, we met at Keegans in Awhatukee, I met at MAMMa's and then she drove the rest of the way. We all ate first then we moved back against the back wall where the lighting was better and we stamped.  We have to do that again, it was so much fun, and Keegans has the best steak.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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