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When we moved to Queen Creek in 1998 there were not a lot of houses around us.  Queen Creek had a boom on people moving out here, so they had actually put like a freeze on titles or something, so people owned the land but they could not get their house built at that time.  It was crazy.  One of these neighbors was Jim and his wife Jo, and she had to drive out here twice each day to drop her son off at the bus stop and then come pick him up...what a pain eh?

Anyway, years later, Jim and Jeff are still great friends and you can hear them laughing together across the fence.  So Jeff had all last week off (love those furlough days...NOT) so the guys decided to have a little competition and they would each build a bird house and then the girls that came to my next class would vote on which one they liked best.

Who knew they would both build a barn...ha!

So although the girls already did their voting last weekend, and the red and blue ribbons have been handed out. I think it was a Pabst Blue Ribbon...ha! Just kidding.

I still wanted to share with you their masterpieces and give you a couple days to enter your vote, and then on Friday I'll tell you who won...and whose house was whose.

Bird house 1 - Flat Tire Farms

Flat tire farms This one was the bigger of the two.

Notice the bark roof, lots of places for birds to roost and to make a home.

It has plenty of parking if you have guests come to visit.

(Can you tell I am listening to HGTV and the home buyer kinda show? - Ha!)

Windmill and silo

Here is the windmill, and in the back the silo, with the ladder up the side.

Notice the water catching box behind the wind mill for the birds to get a nice fresh drink.


Just so you don't mistake the place for the Playboy Mansion, there is a nice sign telling you that this is Flat Tire Farms.

Tractor  Looks like business is good too, there is already a customer waiting to get "pumped up".

Please note: everything is cosmetic and does not actually work...ha!

Birdhouse 2 - Deer Antler Barn

Deer barn and wood pile

Here is a quaint little barn, it is about half the size of the other Birdhouse. I would say it is more of a starter home, for a new family.

Deer antlers

The owner of this Birdhouse is a hunter and likes to show off his trophies.

Wood pile and axe On those cold winter nights, no worries, there is lots of wood to burn to keep you warm.  All neatly stacked and at the ready.

Roof And as an added bonus, there has been a new roof installed recently, so you will stay nice and dry sitting around that fire.

Well there ya go....what do you think? Which one do you like best?  and why? Birdhouse 1 or Birdhouse 2?

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping in, and having fun with me today!

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