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2010 Calendar Kits are Here!

Well they are not here yet...I am just taking orders! But I have mine done as a sample so you know what you are getting. Last year I did these calendars as a kit in the mail, and they were very popular.

DSCN9833 copy 

The calendar flips to each month, and is adorable with some fun new Designer Series Papers that are only available when you order the 2010 calendar kit. This makes a great gift, or a pretty calendar to sit on your desk at home or your office. I will be placing my supply order by the 7th, and will get the calendars in the mail as soon as I can after receiving supplies and preparing the kits.

Added:  Thank you so much for all the orders for the calendar kit, I will remove the paypal thingies because all the kits have been sold.  I will definitely look into putting together other kits during the year!  Thanks again!!

If you live in Arizona, the class is $27.00 per calendar, I only accept checks to pay for classes. For class times click here.

For the Calendar Kit in the mail here is more information:

Each kit is $37.00, and includes all calendar supplies (including coasters, cardstock, jumbo eyelets, rings, ribbons, calendars, 2010 numbers to go on front), instructions and priority mailing.

If you would like the "Note to Self"  Note to self 

stamp set (shown here), it is an additional $11.95 (I will pay your tax and shipping when ordered with the calendar kit) for a total of $48.95.  You can pay by check or paypal.  I can only take orders that are delivered in the United States.  Please ask any questions before placing your order. Please send me an email if you are sending a check.

You will need to supply your own snail, tombow multi-purpose glue, crop-o-dile, corner rounder, glue dots, gel pen etc. to put your calendar kit together at home.

I will have a limit of calendar kits available so please let me know by December 6. If my limit is met before then, I will not be taking any more orders.

Please note that the covers will vary in pattern, but will be Bashful Blue on the front and back cover, and Soft Suede on the inside of the front and back cover.

This kit is only available through me, Diana Gibbs and not Stampin' Up!

Due to the pre-ordering of materials, class fee and/or class kit costs are non-refundable.  Thanks for understanding.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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Eyelet Border Punch "Fence" Tutorial

One day I was working on a card and was not totally paying attention to how I was using my eyelet border punch, and I was in the wrong spot, so it left a strip of cardstock in between my punches, and I thought hey that looks cool.  So I set it aside to use it later, and today is your lucky day.  I even did a quick video to show you how easy it is too.

Depending on how far you space it out, it will look differently. As you can see in the video, I left more space then on the card.  What card you say? Well this one...doesn't it look kinda like a fence?

DSCN9828 copy
Stamp Set: Scenic Season, Christmas Greetings

Paper: Old Olive, Whisper White, Real Red, Bride DSP

Ink: Old Olive, Real Red

Misc: Eyelet border punch, white grosgrain ribbon

Does this card layout look familiar? Maybe this one? I am using up my card guts! ha!

Stampin' Up! has added new items to the clearance rack, so please don't miss those.  These items are only available while supplies last and must be purchased through my on-line store. Someone emailed me a few weeks ago looking for last year's Christmas paper, and I emailed back that it was not available anymore, and now they added it, and I can not find the email, so I am hoping you are reading my blog, and see you can get the paper now!

I am also working on my 2010 Calendar class, and will have kits available to order, make sure to sign up for my email newsletters so you don't miss out.

I have also added more cards to my Etsy store, so please check that out too.

Have a beautiful Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

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A Hummer of a Morning

When I got up this morning, I threw on my robe and went out to the kitchen, Jeff was coming in the back door with something in his hands.  He said "it's a hummingbird" ...well that is what I think he said, I didn't have my ears in...but anyway, he was holding a hummingbird, seems that two of them collided in mid-air.  So I told him I would take some pictures of it.

DSCN9773 copy
Look how pretty the pink/purple color is on it's throat, and head, and it would look different whatever angle you were at.

DSCN9784 copy
Here it looks more red.

He seemed so fat and poofy.  He flew off and that other hummingbird that he/she collided with came after him again, so he went to the ground, so I went back and picked him up.  He still seemed groggy, and dizzy from the collision.

I was pretending he came from PA, perhaps even my BFF Tracy's yard and he flew here and was so tired, and the other hummingbird is one that lives here year round and did not want to share his yard. 

DSCN9780 copy
He is so puffy, cause he has his winter coat on for that cold fly from PA.

I took some video, and it is so cool cause when he flutters his wings you can hear them, and they do hummmm....

Did you hear the humming?

So the other hummingbird kept hanging around, and Jeff said to take this little guy in the house.  So I took him into the house, and Jeff went out to get some sugar water from their feeder, and look at this...I was amazed, and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would ever feed a hummingbird.  He was licking and licking and his tongue was so quick, finding every drop off my finger.  I wished Tracy were here cause she loves hummingbirds more then I do. She would have definitely peed her pants!

Just ignore my talking, like I said I didn't have my ears in and Jeff had never used my camera before and I was making sure it was taking the picture, cause it is easy to think you are video taping and you are not. He did pretty good.  How cool eh?  Look at that tongue! Too funny, you can see my robe, it says Holland America Line.  I demonstrated on one of the cruises, and Stampin' Up! gave me a monogrammed robe as a thank you, it was laying on my bed that night.

So after he ate, I held him a while longer, and then he flew off my hand in the house and went towards the light of the blind and sat there, and I thought he would get hurt, so I went and got him again, and took him out front so he was not by the one in the backyard.

DSCN9793 copy
Here he sits in the bush, he sat there a while, and then he got himself all flattened down, like you usually see them...not all puffy, and then he flew to another bush, and I went back in the house, when I came out later, he was gone. So I am gonna hope that he was all better, and will live a long life.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. 

Have a great Saturday,and thanks for stopping in!

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Button Holly

So the other day I put polish on my nails, a pink color.  I get it all done and after it is dry I notice dang little bumps all over my nails like bubbles.  Anyone that knows me knows I am a freak for perfection stuff, (you wouldn't know it by my messy house though...ha!) so I took it off and tried it again.  Same thing.  So yesterday, I bought a basecoat/topcoat thing and some speed dry stuff, I turned off all the fans, and took my time.  It happened again, by this time I am thinking it had to be the dang polish.  So I was outside with Jeff complaining about my nails, and he said "it is not your color, that looks like something my Grandma would have wore", so I was like off it went and I put on some OPI polish (the other was a cheaper polish). So now I have on Sapphire in the Snow, which is a dark purple.  After I put it on Jeff was like "now that's more like it"...and NO bubbles...the other polish is in the get what you pay for.

While I was at the store getting all the thanksgiving food the other day I also picked up the movie Star Trek and we watched it last night. OMG! I have not seen such a good movie in a long time...well not comparing it with New Moon cause that goes without saying.  But Star Trek was amazing, it was funny, action packed, suspenseful, and the people playing our old favorite parts were perfect. I was not a Star Trek fan...well let me take that back...Star Trek was not a show I usually watched, but when I did, I enjoyed it. So if you want to see a good movie, totally get it. I know I will watch it again and again, and it makes me want to see some of the old shows.

So how about another button card?  I think I am gonna start adding cards I have done for my blog into my Etsy store, that means there will be one available, cause I only do one for blog posting. Class cards are different as sometimes I get to make multiples of them.

DSCN9764 copy
Stamp Set: Christmas Greetings

Paper: Very Vanilla, Old Olive, Real Red, Christmas Jingle Simply Scrappin Kit

Ink: Basic Black

Misc: Playground Buttons, Very Vanilla Taffeta, Old Olive Taffeta

Fun eh?

I have another idea for a button card, but I might take a break for a bit on them.

Don't forget today to check out the Online Extravaganza, shop from home and you don't have to fight the crowds. Sale ends November 30.

Today when I took Toby out to go potty when he walked by this cactus thing (I think it is aloe vera plant) a hummingbird flew out of there and into the tree, so I kept watching, and after Toby went away from there he flew back and sat on some of the dead cactus things by the ground.  I have never seen a hummingbird sit so low to the ground.  So I went to get my camera, and he let me get right up to him to take his picture, I think there might be a nest in there or something.

DSCN9759 copy
Look at the pretty green color he has...or maybe it is a she.  There were a bunch flying around tonight while we sat outside.

Ok, well this girl is getting off the computer, today was a nice quiet lazy day, I cooked, ate, read, napped, read, napped, ate...but tomorrow it is back to work.

Have a great Black Friday...and if you are brave enough to get out there and shop...have fun!

Thanks for stopping in!

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Be Thankful

This is a short post today, cause I, you, we shouldn't be on the computer anyway right? Shouldn't we be mashing potatoes, cooking pies, squashing cranberries, stuffing the turkey's butt with bread that we broke into tiny little pieces?

I remember doing that at Thanksgiving and Christmas, (we always had turkey for both holidays - I don't think I had a ham till I moved to the states) the night before we would sit with Granny and break up the loaves of bread into tiny bits for the dressing.  Granny's pieces were so small and perfect, and we would try to get them small, and sometimes she would reach in the bowl and fix our too big pieces, I loved that time.  Now they say you shouldn't stuff the bird cause of contamination and all that, but man nothing beats dressing that cooks inside the turkey. It tastes so good.

But this old gal didn't get a turkey breast in time, so we are having ham, with stove top stuffing, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, pork and beans, rolls, pumpkin pie with cool whip.  So..........that being said....

...I gotta get my butt off here and get busy.

I'll be back tomorrow with my regular post.

Oh and what am I thankful for?  My family, my friends, and YOU!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping in!

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