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Today Jeff and I did some Christmas shopping, and we even did a little early shopping for ourselves, we got a "gift for the house". Do you do that?  I mean basically if you need something during the year you don't really wait till Christmas.  "Well that was my last pair of undies, and Christmas is not for 2 months, this is gonna be em-bare-ass-ing".  So we are like that, if we need something we usually get it right away, especially undies.

So the "gift for the house" is usually something for both of us and a special treat.  We have not really done this for a few years, but today we got a new TV for the great room, I guess that is what you call it.  Our house is kinda open, the kitchen is attached to the living room area, and the dining room is attached too. In our old house the living room was completely separate and Jeff didn't like that I was in the kitchen away from things, so when we had this house built we chose this floor plan, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't, especially when I don't do the dishes.

So anyway...we didn't get a super big one. Just a 32" flat screen.  It sure has a great picture compared to our old one.  The satellite people are coming Saturday to make sure it is hooked up right, as the surround sound does not work while watching tv, only when we watch a movie.

So Jeff was a good guy and moved things around.  The new TV in the living room, made that TV go into our master bedroom, that meant the master bedroom TV is now in my studio...ha! Which is great cause it is a 17" or something flat screen with the DVD on the side.  The TV I had in here before was older and when we got the satellite, I was not able to watch movies out here.  The TV from my studio is now going to go into the trailer for when we go camping.  When we camp, I stamp. Right now I have The First Knight on (oops correction...thanks Shelli, it is called The Knights Tale), Jeff had it on in the living room and then went to bed, and I wanted to finish watching it, it is such a great movie, the music is awesome. I love watching a movie over and over, cause after I have seen it enough I start paying attention to the background people and things like that.  I did notice at one point when the guys were teaching William to dance, Jeff got punched in the nose and the bloody kleenex was switching nostrils...ha!

OK, so anyway, I am so loving my Chocolate Bunny set, I see lots of mutilations happening this year...Ha!

I have seen this cartoon forever ago, and it was easy enough to make a card with it. I did the writing on the computer.

DSCN9919 copy
Stamp Set: Chocolate Bunny

Paper: Pretty in Pink, Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, Sweet Pea Designer Series Paper Stack

Ink: Chocolate Chip craft

Isn't it funny?

If anyone is interested, I might make up a few and put them in my Etsy store.

Well that is it for me tonight, I have only 2 more days of my 12 Days of Christmas so I have to get that email ready.

Have a great Friday and thanks for stopping in!

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