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...has a cold? Me! I hate being sick, although right now is a little bit of a scratchy throat, sneezing and a runny nose.  I have been taking tylenol cold and the zicam pills.  So hopefully it is a mild one.  Jeff had one while I was at Leadership and I am sure he gave me the germs when I got home.  I know it is important to share, but he really could have kept them, I would not have minded.

Those of you that know me, know I am kind of a germ freak.  I keep the gel sanitizer in my purse, and try to stay away from sneezing, boogery kids, wet hands, things like that.  Part of it is cause I am allergic to a lot of antibiotics, so when someone says "I have been on antibiotics", you can almost see me run from the room, holding my breath, carefully opening up the door with a kleenex as I leave!

When we were at MAMMa's, we were talking about this, and I think it was Dawn that asked if my house was really clean, and I was like no, I am the worst housekeeper.  I then explained to her, it is not MY germs I am scared of, it is everyone elses.

So tonight while I was cuttin' paper, someone knocked on my studio door and I opened it and looked through the crack and said "I'm ugly and sick" but luckily it was Jeff, and oddly he doesn't care. True love eh?

He said go get your I did. Now I wish I could remember who said they love looking at my critter pictures, cause I told her that there wouldn't be any for a while cause everything is in hibernation.  But look what is in the tree in the back yard.  It has been there probably a week or so, cause we have been finding white poop under the tree and figured it was from a pigeon.

Look at him or her.  I am so glad Jeff found him cause I think if I had of looked in the tree and saw those big eyes looking at me, I think I would have screamed.  But he just kept sitting there looking around.  He is about 8" tall, so not very big. I'm gonna call him Ferby.

Owl 1
Jeff says he probably roosts here during the day and then hunts at night. Look how he blends into the tree? Really freaky, and his eyes almost look green, but of course my stupid camera was taking horrible pictures.  What do you expect for a hundred bucks eh?

Added since original post: we are thinking, by googling and all that, that we think he is a Western or Eastern Screech Owl.

I took a bit of a video so you can see him moving around. You can hear the wind, we have been having some cold weather and a storm is headed in.

Well this sick old broad is gonna take a cold pill and go to bed a bit early tonight.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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