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Faux Metal Tin Ceiling Tutorial

Well I am trying to upload my video to Youtube, and it is being a poop, so cross your fingers it happens. I am going to try to upload it directly to my blog, but I don't think I can...no it has to be from Youtube or Vimeo.  So I will continue to see what is up...ok, so Vimeo says non-commercial only, and well I am not sure if that is me.  So I re-took the video cause I thought well maybe I took it on too good of a strength or something, cause when I watched it, it was so clear and I could really hear my voice. So when I re-took it of course, I messed up a few times, I laid my hand in the embossed stuff, and I was making too much noise, but it is what it is, as MAMMa says.

Right now it is uploading, so I will chatter on a bit, and then stick it in here, and call this post done.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the technique classes this weekend, and were amazed how easy the Faux Metal Tin Ceiling Technique really is. Don't ya love things that are easy? Here is the original card post.

I have added a few more months of classes on my website, so if you are in Arizona hopefully you can take a class or two.

I am gonna hit the hay, and talk with you tomorrow.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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