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Ever After

DSCN0954 copy

Rhonda and I got together today to work on our Spring Fling event, it is always fun hanging out with her.  We are excited for the event that will be in March.

Well the girls sang tonight on American Idol and I took notes, but Jeff said "don't go into detail, no one wants to read that"...oh ok.  So this is all I will say.

I voted for Lacey, she is the one that tried out last year and they picked Megan over her. I also voted for Michelle, she sounded awesome, and I loved her nail polish, I also voted for Crystal, that chick is cool, she is so unique and want to see what she does the rest of the time.

A few things I have noticed,  Joe is this year's version of last year's Anoop.  Didi sings like last year's Megan. Lily is freaky cool and I loved the Beatles song she did. Siobhan is just freaky weird, and what was up with that flower in her messy hairdo?  Katelyn sounded horrible with her Beatles song and she looked terrible, she reminded me of a Madeline Kahn get-up in an old Western. Janell sounded horrible.  Paige, she sure can sing and she is beautiful but I did not care for her song.

I love the photo shoot pictures they are taking. Funny how Simon and Ellen are not sitting beside each other, too bad he was touching her leg too much during the auditions...ha!  I am excited to listen to the guys tomorrow.  I know that Simon says that this year a girl will win, but after tonight they did not seem too strong.

I made up this card tonight, and it is pretty quick, no coloring, just some paper piercing and some rocking and rolling to get the darker edges on the heart, pretty simple.

Ever After Taken with Teal front
Stamp Set: Ever After, Kind & Caring Thoughts

Paper: Taken With Teal, Whisper White, Sahara Sand, Sweet Pea DSP

Ink: Taken with Teal, Basic Black

Misc: White Satin, Paper piercer, mat pack, white gel pen, white jumbo grommet

I'm off to beddie bye, night night, thanks for stopping in!

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Bon Rabbetit!

Bon Rabbetit crop

So I was watching the Olympic Ice Dancing tonight, and it was so good.  I really enjoyed the American couple Davis and White.  He reminded me of Christopher Atkins in the Blue Lagoon with his curly blond hair, and she was beautiful like Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  I loved that they skated to Phantom of the Opera. It made me wonder what would happen if in the middle of your skating routine, the music skipped or something?

But OMG the Canadian couple Virtue and Moir from Ilderton Ontario, (which is half an hour from where I grew up) I was crying the whole time, and then they won the Gold. I think I have made a decision.  I think that when Jeff and I retire we are living half the year in Canada and half the year in Arizona, and we will live in Trilogy.  Although I think we have already talked about doing this already.  But I had no idea the population of Canada was not that high, well like California is bigger, no wonder Canadians are so nice, they are not overcrowded and people on top of people, you have fresh air and green grass.  Although where Jeff grew up in Illinois, it was so much like my home in Canada there was not much difference when we lived there.  I guess the older I get, I am getting a little melancholy. Snap out of it eh?

Oh my sister Jax and my niece Jade found this cool video of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skating...check them out...

OMG Here is another one, a montage one, I could watch them all day...I would love to see them do a Twilight dance, can you imagine Bella and Edward on ice?

Oh and what was up with the Russian Bungee cord skaters? The girl looked like she had a bad case of spider veins on her leg, I don't think they should have got third, and the whole hanging onto the cords for holds, that seems weird.  I need to look up on-line what their costume was for the short dance program, cause I guess they got into trouble for that.  I think they should have been penalized, and the bronze should have gone to the other American team...but since I have no clue what so ever how it is all scored, I could be talking out of place.

So as I was watching the Ice skating, I thought I'd whip up one of my famous off the wall kinda humor cards. Are you ready?

Bon Rabbetit full
Seems innocent enough, a kind little chef offering up the evening menu for Easter.

But it is always nice to have a choice when you go out to eat right?

Bon Rabbetit inside
...hmmm? Decisions, decisions. You decide and surprise me.

Recipe...errr maybe I should use a different word this time...


Stamp Set: Voila, Chocolate Bunny

Paper: Garden Green Textured, Bashful Blue DSP, Flock Together DSP, Whisper White, Close to Cocoa, Brushed Silver

Ink: Basic Black, Chocolate Chip, Sahara Sand

Misc: Bashful Blue Double-Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon, Paper Piercer, Watercolor Pencils, Sansodor, Stumps, the inside greeting I just did on the computer

Well this old gal is off to bed, Rhonda and I are getting together tomorrow to get our order put in for Spring Fling. I'll share those make n takes with you, after the event, so you will need to wait till March...what a tease eh?

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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Faux Metal Tin Ceiling Tutorial

Well I am trying to upload my video to Youtube, and it is being a poop, so cross your fingers it happens. I am going to try to upload it directly to my blog, but I don't think I it has to be from Youtube or Vimeo.  So I will continue to see what is up...ok, so Vimeo says non-commercial only, and well I am not sure if that is me.  So I re-took the video cause I thought well maybe I took it on too good of a strength or something, cause when I watched it, it was so clear and I could really hear my voice. So when I re-took it of course, I messed up a few times, I laid my hand in the embossed stuff, and I was making too much noise, but it is what it is, as MAMMa says.

Right now it is uploading, so I will chatter on a bit, and then stick it in here, and call this post done.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the technique classes this weekend, and were amazed how easy the Faux Metal Tin Ceiling Technique really is. Don't ya love things that are easy? Here is the original card post.

I have added a few more months of classes on my website, so if you are in Arizona hopefully you can take a class or two.

I am gonna hit the hay, and talk with you tomorrow.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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What Were the Odds?

DSCN0937 copy

So it rained...I think quite a bit at first.  I was inside all nice and dry with my Technique Class, but when Eric came in to pull the door prize tickets, he was pretty soaked.  But it did clear up eventually.  Someone had brought tent thingies, so at least people could get out of the rain.

DSCN0932 copy
There were quite a few more people this time, since we made up an "official" flyer...ha! Debbie and Steve even came back so that she could come to one more class, and so that he could play in the game, since he missed the other one.  They live up by my BFF Tracy in Pennsylvania, and it was so nice to see them again before they head back home. It was Debbie's birthday too! I hope it was a good one honey!

So wanna see who won those awesome trophy's that Jeff and Jim made?

DSCN0933 copy
Well it's Darryl and his other brother Darryl.  Actually it's my sweetie Jeff and his little brother Tim. What are the odds that they even got to play together.  Every one draws a number and you get matched up this way, so it was pretty ironic that they were even partners.  But anyway, they each got the trophy, and were pretty proud of themselves.  They should be cause there are some great players that show up.  Oh and yeah in case you can't read Jeff's t-shirt...he got it from Tracy it says:

This is not a Beer Gut, it's a protective covering for my rock hard abs.   Yup! Nuff said.

So today at class, I got to meet another Canadian Demonstrator.  Ruth Earle and her hubby are here in Arizona for a while and she was able to take a class.

DSCN0929 copy
Isn't she cute? And she even brought me Smarties and some Canadian gum, she said next time "Ketchup Chips"...gotta love her eh?  I love meeting other Demonstrators, and if they are Canadian that is all the better, cause then I feel a little bit closer to home.

In fact, check this out...

This was pretty interesting.  I need to look up that one thing he said.  Does California have more people living in it then the whole Country of Canada?  Can that be right?

Well one of the reasons I love America, is my MAMMa, and look what she made me (and all the other peeps that went to her house before Leadership).

DSCN0936 copy
Isn't that cool? I might have to make one in an upcoming class. I updated my classes last night. 

Well I better get off here, I have my last Technique Class in the morning, then I gotta put some new batteries in my camera so I can tape my tute...ha!

Have a blessed Sunday, and thanks so much for stopping in.

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If you would like to place a Stampin' Up! order, my online store is open 24/7 ~ Thank You So Much!

Lattice Hope...

Flower for all season close

...for no rain. Jeff has a big Horseshoe tournament planned for tomorrow and they are calling for rain.  He says they will still probably play but that does not sound like fun to me.  I am teaching my Technique Lover's Class, that sounds more fun eh? They did rent a port-o-potty, so if it starts to pour, I guess they can see how many people can fit in it...ha! ewwww!!!

So since I have class tomorrow I was setting all up, and did a smaller card. This is a 4x4 and I got the idea from Yvonne Hagane, she does beautiful stuff.

I used the Lattice Die, and did some layering, and it was a pretty easy card to do actually.

Flower for all seasons side
Stamp Set: Flower for all Seasons, did you know you can get this set for free with a $50.00 order? Make sure to use item #120231 though

Paper: Whisper White, Sweet Pea DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Going Gray, Ballet Blue, Creamy Caramel, Really Rust, Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose

Misc: Paper Piercer, White gel pen, Scallop Circle #2, Lattice Bigz, Circles #2 Die, Dimensionals and Mini Glue Dots

Well I am gonna hit the hay, so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for class in the morning.  I will be teaching the Faux Metal Tin Ceiling, so I will tape myself later this weekend, so I can show you how it is done next week ok?

Have a nice Saturday, and thanks so much for stopping in.

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