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Spring Fling Revealed...Finally

No Tax, No Shipping Extended to Sunday March 14 at Midnight!

Since I was gone all day Saturday, I have extended my No Tax and No Shipping one more day, since I was not home to answer questions.

No more sneak peeks, this is it! All of it! I won't even streeeetttchhhhhhhh it out to be a few days of postings, that's how much I love ya!

The first make n take the girls got to do was a cute Decor Elements block, that will hold a photo or memo, and then they could decide what they wanted on the side of the block, photos, calendars, anything.

DSCN0884 copy
DSCN1088 copy

They covered the decor block with DSP from the Welcome Neighbor pack.  They used the Daisie #2 die to add a flower to the top, they used a 1 3/8" circle punch to the make the leaves.  I found these binder clips like 6 months or so ago and they were Melon Mambo and they were on the clearance rack so I grabbed all they had and figured they would come in handy some day.  We had JUST enough...ha!

The next item that they made was a Top Note Desktop Drawer, this was inspired by  We modified a few dimensions but used her tutorial. Thanks Tammy!

DSCN1083 copy
DSCN1085 copy
DSCN1086 copy
This used the Welcome Neighbor DSP too, and Melon Mambo Cardstock.  Everyone got the Sweet Pea Felt flowers, the Pretty in Pink Epoxy brads for coming, so they used theirs to decorate the box.  It folds flat, and sits up like an easel on your desk.  You can store post it notes in the drawer, and use the little binder clips to attach it on top of the Top Note to leave your message...for example. " Honey, please take out the garbage,the bag is too heavy for me, but you are so very strong and muscular...and did I mention handsome "

We had seen some cute coffee wraps online but one that we fell in love with was a chocolate one by   Thanks for the inspiration CeeCee.  We went to Starbucks and got a coffee wrap, and cut it out of chocolate felt, I stitched up the edges, they glued it all together with felt glue, and isn't it the cutest thing? 

DSCN1138 copy
DSCN1139 copy
DSCN1140 copy
A couple little Pretty in Pink epoxy brads on the back seam, and it was done...sweet!

Then the girls got to go to lunch cause when they got back we would have some demonstrations. We had three girls demonstrating, Marlene, aka MAMMa, Elizabeth and Dana.  I am sure they were marvelous but I was demonstrating this little gem, so missed what they were doing.  One of the other things they received for coming was a Stampin' Up! acrylic block size B. I looked at these blocks one day, and they are beautiful like jewlery, and I was like I wonder if I stamped on it what it would look like...well feast your little eyes on this...

Acrylic block Diana
This is white stazon ink, on the Elements of Style stamp.  Then press your acrylic block down on the inked up stamp, press lightly and pull straight up, let dry and tie your ribbon around it.  The picture does not do it justice, it almost looks like it is etched into the block.  This is looking through to the back.  You can only do this with a design as the letter would be backwards if you looked through the glass and that is the way you want to do it. Neat eh? What a cute paper weight! I loved to watch the girls faces when they saw how easy it was.

Then the girls made this Butterfly Book of cards.  We were inspired by Thanks Cristena!   We created our own based on the size note cards we wanted to use.

DSCN1077 copy DSCN1078 copy
DSCN1079 copy
So originally the girls were going to get the Butterfly embosslit for coming, but then it is so popular that Stampin' Up! can not even keep it on the shelf, so it was backordered, so we had to come up with another item at that value.  Well I think it was fate and I loved that we had to do this. It meant re-doing this project at the last moment, as we had it finished in different colors etc. BUT it allowed the girls to get a bigger acrylic block and also a pack of Shades of Spring DSP, which made this project WAY CUTER!  You should have heard Rhonda and I squealing as we were figuring it out.

The last project we ran out of time on, we always get too excited while designing (but I think this time was the first time we ever did not even start a project), so this one the girls will complete at "HOME".

DSCN1099 copy

They got all the supplies to make it, and it really is easy to put together.  The girls got the On Board Heart book for coming as well.  It is covered with the DSP, we gave them their letters, and ribbon, and they will just add their flowers where they like.

I made the girls that Demonstrated a little thank you gift.  I picked up the jars at Cost Plus (you know they have Canada cookies and chocolates? Ohh-La-la! eh) I filled them with Jolly Rancher candies, and decorated them with some wide stitched chocolate grosgrain, that I puckered and then added a Sweet Pea Felt embellishment, fun and easy, and great for the sweet tooth!

DSCN1145 copy

So wanna see some of the girls stamping? I had good intentions of taking a picture of the room all set up with the bags on the tables, and well ummm everyone started to arrive and I never got it done.  I also had intentions to go from table to table and take pictures of everyone, again nope.  I guess I feel I should be working and not taking pictures. So I just got like a few photos to share...sorry about that.  Our next event is in September so I promise to be better. I didn't even give the girls a chance to pose for the camera cause I figured I would be back around...

DSCN1149 copy DSCN1150 copy
DSCN1151 copy
DSCN1152 copy
DSCN1153 copy
Here is Kim and April gluing their coffee wrap. 

Well hopefully these will inspire your own creations and make you think about coming to our next event. Make sure to sign up for my email newsletters so you don't miss out.

I think this might be a record of photos posted at one time.  I'm tired...well not from posting pictures but just from the day, I will sleep good tonight, and just realized it is almost 11:30...yikes!  I am gonna go to a movie and lunch tomorrow with MAMMa and my sistah from another Mother Jen, so if you email me your order (I have extended my sale since I was gone all day Saturday) I will holler at you after lunch ok?

Have an awesome Sunday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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