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You Know How To Whistle Don't Ya?

Tulips closeup
You put your "tulips" together and blow! OK, well I know it is not the exact quote but it works.

I wanted to show you the last make n take from my Extra Large Bird Punch class.

The girls did a total of four projects, here are the links to the other ones:

My BFF Calendar

The Giraffe

The Chickadees

And then this one:

Tulip full
I'm gonna come back later and add the recipe.  I had to update my Firefox and ever since then it has been giving me problems, I have had to re-boot my computer about 6 times today and it gets hung up.

In fact, I had to use Internet Explorer to do this post as I got stuck half way through with Firefox.  If anyone has been having problems can you let me know what you did to fix it?  Thanks.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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