Gone With the Wind
Was it Worth It?


Yep, sorry, I hope you are not getting sick of this little guy, I promise to show you the completed card, my DSP should get here tomorrow.

So today I worked on some "stuff" and I also colored my little grillers, I still have a few more things to do on them though.

DSCN1521 copy
I decided to go with watercolor paper instead of the Whisper White, cause it is more blendable. I did still use my watercolor wonder crayons and a blender pen and you want to make sure it is a nice new one, the juicier the better.

Oh and a few of you have asked about the clouds I do.

DSCN1523 copy
See the clouds in the sky?

All that is is this...

DSCN1525 copy
...two Scallop circle punches...

DSCN1524 copy
...and I taped them together and I use them like a stencil. I lay it down and sponge over it and it leaves the shape.  Ellie (hey girlfriend) gave me the idea of putting them together, cause I used to use just one, but I saw at her house when she did my birthday card, she had a whole bunch put together.  I did two just cause the card is small.  But cool eh?

So Katie and Andrew are gone from American Idol, I had predicted Andrew, but I was hoping Mike would go, but really when the three of them were lined up, I did not really care which one.  I did shed a tear though when Ryan said that Lee sang the song that Chris Daugtery sang the night he got kicked off, and I remember that night, Jeff and I looked at each with our mouths hanging open cause we could not believe he had been kicked off, so I was crying a little (old sappy Di) when he pulled him away, but Ryan was being an arse and working on the drama. Whew, I don't want to see Lee go.  I will be buying his CD the day it comes out!

Oh and I love Adam, but I hated the lighting effects, I hope the audience could see him better then us folks at home cause half the time the swirly looking green gassy stuff was in front of him.  Ryan seemed surprised about the lights, and I wonder, don't they practice?  Don't they have to get approval to do what they do? I don't know. 

Well this old girl has to hit the hay, oops it is after midnight, I got to get up early and get my hotel for convention, I am all registered and got my flight, now I need to find a place to stay.

Have a great Thursday, maybe I'll see you at the Post office...ha! 

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