Happy Birthday Granny!
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Fries, I Miss You

DSCN1502 copy
Now, of course this gorgeous card does NOT say that, but it could. 

Today I got unbelievable mail, Holy Moly.  Then it made me realize, hey I didn't show you the birthday cards I got the other day, so here goes, lots of pictures to share with you.  No recipes cause these are cards I did not make.  Feast your eyes on all this goodness I was given, I have the best friends.

Birthday card teri closed
This is the cutest card from my girlfriend Teri, and pay attention to the ribbon on the side...give it a pull and...

Birthday card teri open
...ta!da! the message is hidden in there. Neat eh? Brilliant!

Birthday card ellie full
This card is from my dear friend Ellie, I love all the colors and the way she used sponges and layers. Too sweet!

DSCN1501 copy
This cute card is from my other dear friend Ruth, I love how she does the pinwheel with the squares and she is gonna teach me how...right Ruth?

DSCN1491 copy
Now this gorgeous card and my favorite US chocolate candy comes from my sweet friend, and fellow bunny mutilator Robin, she must not have gotten the memo that I need to lose 20 pounds by convention...ha! Love it!

DSCN1489 copy
Look at this little gem, this one is from my BFF Tracy, and she even gave me a B.F.F. charm. I love how she uses the punches so they look totally different. She also sent some UTZ cheese corn and some Lindt Truffles too. Dang those girls and their chocolate...

OK, I hope you are sitting down to see what else Tracy sent me...go on, take a seat.  Her cutie patootie buns of steel Jack of all Trades, hubby Steve made me this...

DSCN1463 copy
It is this beautiful house, and a fence that all folds up and a tree he whittled. Steve's Mum had this same house, fence and tree, and he used them as the pattern for MINE!!!

DSCN1464 copy
Here is another view of it, and you can almost see Laura and Mary doing their homework and baby Carrie sits in the high chair while Ma and Pa figure out how they are going to pay for a new school lunch bucket for Laura since she lost hers in the crick walking home from school.

DSCN1465 copy
Look at that chimney, he did all those stones piece by piece. Oh and I can hear Ma and Pa, they have figured out how Laura will earn a new pail, she is gonna have to split the wood and stack it out by this here chimney so they have wood for the winter.

DSCN1466 copy
Look at this tree, isn't that something, I can see Laura crying underneath it, as she begs "Pa, please don't make me stack wood on Saturday, Henry asked me to the dance, and since Nellie always teases me about being such a tomboy I want to show her I am too a girl, please Pa".

DSCN1476 copy
I really like this angle, cause it looks so far down.  And you know Pa let Laura go to the dance, cause he had a crystal ball and he could see that Laura was gonna write books when she was older, and he didn't want to come across as a mean old bear in them.

So are you like flabbergasted with all the beautiful stuff I showed today?  Thank you so much everyone for all my Birthday wishes and gifts, it truly means the world to me.

Have a gorgeous Tuesday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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