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An Award? Really?

We're Renovating!

I am totally re-doing my stamp studio! I am so excited!!  OK well actually I am just re-doing my cardstock drawers and my ink pad holders cause lookee here!

Stampin' Up! announced a new Color Renovation coming in July! As an Artisan Award winner I was asked, as well as the other girls, a while ago to make a few samples using a couple new colors.  We were asked not to tell anything and we also signed a confidentiality agreement, so it was so fun to see the excitement unfold yesterday and today.  I will see when I can post my samples I sent in on my blog for you to see, they are in the new Stampin' Success online for Demonstrators, but till they say I can, I'll just tell you they are beautiful. Here are a couple charts to check out. 

These are the new Color Collections coming in July!


Exciting eh?  I was able to play with Marina Mist and Cherry Cobbler, and they are beautiful. Click on the picture and it will get bigger.

These are the colors we will be saying bye to, so if you have some favorites, you will want to make sure to get refills, cardstocks and things of that nature.


I know for me personally when I first heard about a color change, I was a little scared, cause about 5 years ago or so we did one, and I was afraid people would be mad.  But once I saw the new colors, the old In Colors that are coming back, and the colors that are leaving, I am so excited.  Most of the colors leaving I hardly use, or never use at all. Plus it also makes our color palette a bit smaller, with 40 core colors, then we will have new In Colors as well.

So I hope you are as excited as I am, and I can hardly wait to introduce you to the new Color Collections at your workshops and classes starting in July. 

If you are so excited and can hardly wait to be part of this new Color Renovation, and you want to get your hands on these new colors earlier (as Demonstrators we will be able to order them before the new catalog comes out) I would love to have you join my Di's Country INKers.  

You can do it online and become a Demonstrator today!  Just go here, and use this code to sign in TOBY and you will become a Demonstrator today.  Even more exciting as a new Demonstrator you will get 2 FREE Workshop WOW DVD's, with approx. 250 minutes of stamping ideas, this is a value of $42.42 PLUS when you join my team, you will also get a FREE $29.95 item from ME. Oh and ask me how you can get the new colors for FREE! 

OK, well it wouldn't be a Tuesday night, now would it (said with a Simon Cowell accent) if I didn't give you my play by play of American Idol..oh and by the way all the Idols LOVE the new Color Renovation!

Here goes:

Aaron: He sang a safe song and it was a little pitchy, I wish he had of changed it up a bit.

Katie: She sounded pretty good, and she did change the song a bit.

Andrew: He sounded pretty good, and I liked how he changed the song, he reminds me of a Hispanic Roy Orbison, such a cutie, and he looks like everyone loves him when they showed the rest of the Idols talking about each other.

Mike: He sounded good, and I like how he changed the song, I liked it better near the end.

Crystal: OK so when the commercial was on Jeff and I were trying to guess what song she was going to sing,  Jeff said Come Together, and I thought that might be one Casey would do, and Jeff was right and Crystal totally kicked butt with it, even with the guy playing the big bong.

Tim: OK, are you sitting down? Nope wait a minute, ok Besty had to go get a chair.  I think Tim did an amazing job and this was his best performance yet, and I even liked his hair a little more tidier.  OK, you can stand up now.

Casey:  Goldielocks was awesome, and I loved the Cello playing in the background, I used to play the violin or fiddle in school, and I have my Poppa's and would love to take lessons again, but don't know if this old girl could remember how to read music. Casey almost brought a tear to my eye, and it looked like almost to himself, it was beautiful.

Siobhan: Well this was so slow and boring, I mean she sang beautifully, but I wish she had of rocked it out more in the middle, her outfit was interesting with the big flouncy skirt and it looked like boxer boots, but I love that she is who she is, and she is not changing for anyone, you go girl!

Lee:  I love this guy, he might be the dark horse that wins it all, now I am not sure what the bagpiper guy was doing, perhaps they had a bad case of rats in the studio and he was there to get rid of them, but so what, it was fun, and totally unexpected!

My thinkings: I think this was the first time I ever have seen them talk about each other before they sing, and I could be wrong, but I did like this as you get to see how they are becoming close friends. I also wonder how they choose the songs so no one sings the same one.  Oh and Ryan, how rude of you to say hi to the "Bones" actors and not even say "Hi" to Lacey sitting right there...very very rude...did I say rude?  Oh and what is up with that Earl guy?  Wasn't he in a Dixie Chicks song? There's your 15 minutes of fame buddy, now please exit stage left, and now the door people know what he looks like, he will probably be banned from now on...ha!

So tonight I voted for Crystal, Casey & Lee.  I think that maybe Andrew will go home.  I think Andrew, Siobhan and Katie will be the bottom 3.  Yeah I know I didnt say Tim, but really tonight he did good, so it would be complete irony, is that the right word, if he goes home after such a great performance.

So that is all from me folks.  Have a gorgeous Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

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