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So Proud

Today is Memorial Day and in observance of this holiday I would like to say how very proud Jeff, Eric and I are of our two nephews, and Eric's cousins, Billy and Bobby.  They have been deployed and left last week. Bobby just graduated college, and Billy leaves a wife and a young son at home. We love you both very much.

Bobby and Billy 

We hope that they and all the other soldiers come home safe and sound really soon. Thank you all for what you sacrifice for our Country.

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Once Upon A Time

I felt like Snow White today, I sat outside on the back porch this morning with some pieces of bread.  We have these two doves that hang around and one was outside so I thought I would see if I could get it to eat bread.

So I sat down and threw some small pieces out.  Well the birds do fly-bys to see if it is safe, and they didn't even land on the ground.  But not 5 minutes later 2 rabbits showed up twitching their noses, so they must have smelled the bread.  I sat really still hoping that I wouldn't sneeze or fart something, and sure enough they came over and started eating the bread.  They were probably a couple yards away, and they looked identical.  A third one started coming and one of the two scared it off, and left the one to eat.  That was neat. I'm gonna go out earlier tomorrow and see if they will come back again.

Then later I went outside with Toby to go potty and a little bird flew down from his nest high up and then couldn't get back up, so Jeff got me a ladder and I put him back in.

DSCN1742 copy
Here's the stupid picture my camera took, isn't it nice that the background, and heck even my arm pit is in focus yet the little bird is blurry...whatever.  I need to save up for a better one, you get what you pay for eh?

DSCN1743 copy
Here's his little butt back up in the nest.

So a couple months ago Rhonda and I met for lunch and ran into Ross and we found these cute little book thingies with silver edged paper, and a hole in the front for a photo.

DSCN1746 copy

 This is what I did to mine, nothing fancy, but I love this stamp set, and the hole is not super big so I was kinda limited to what I could do.  I will probably change it out once in a while.

DSCN1745 copy

Today Jeff and I watched quite a few episodes of Leverage, it is very addictive, we will finish one and then say just one more.  It's like a potato chip, you can't eat just one...ha!

Have an awesome Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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Sweet Connie

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I got the sweetest parcel in the mail the other day.  Jeff brings in the mail on his way home from work. The mail boxes are up by the hard road and as he drives by he stops and get it.

He handed me the parcel and he said "what's this?", hmmm... it was not from Stampin' Up!, it didn't say Barnes and Noble, and I thought I think I know what it is...well not what it was, but who it was from.

Look at the sweetest things that Connie Sylvester made and sent me.  Thank you so much Connie, I love them all.

Connie Sylvester candies
 How cute is this?  I so want to eat the candies and my mouth waters every time I look at them.  But I will resist, and I hope you can tell but this is the ornament punch and the 5 petal punch and it is made into a strawberry, she even embossed it with the Perfect Polka Dot Impressions folder to give the strawberry some texture! So cute!

Connie Sylvester clipboard
FYI - this is dang cute.  A fun clipboard made out of a piece of chipboard and binder clip...brilliant! I know I will be writing down my wish list once I get my hands on the new catalog, and I am going to use my new clipboard to keep track. FYI - I want it all!

Connie Sylvester sunflower
How fun is this? It is a cute bag of seeds, and then Connie made a flower to go in it.  I think I am going to plant these and see what happens.

Connie Sylvester dirty thank you
I loved everything, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the card, this is gorgeous, I love the dirty vintagey chic look of it, and I am totally going to be copying this card.

Thank you so much Connie for all my goodies, I have the best blog friends ever!!!

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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My Favorite

New Items Added to my Etsy Store

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DSCN1710 copy 


I remember growing up going to get an ice cream cone and they would dip it in the chocolate, I love that, it was my favorite...we need to go get ice cream cones...oh honey. Hint! Hint!

I remember that I would be eating my ice cream cone and then as Poppa and Granny got done with theirs, they knew I liked the cone, they would stick what was left of their cone bottom in my ice cream to eat. I loved that, but as I have gotten older and germ-a-fobier  I think I would be freaking out if anyone did that now. I am sure there was spit on the cone...but hey I'm still here so I survived.

We used to go to one place and the ice cream cones were huge and they would have candy and gum and stuff in them, that was fun. I remember by the time you were done with your cone you had a freakin' wad of gum in your mouth...two treats in one!! I remember them being so inexpensive too, not that I paid cause I was a kid, but still I remember it being a great deal.

I remember our one bus driver, and the last day of school he stopped at the store on the corner and he bought the whole bus load of kids an ice cream drum stick, you would not see that now probably, for one, kids are horrible (it's true - have you seen some of the videos of the kids on buses), and two, the bus driver would probably be fired for leaving the bus while the kids were still on there.  Boy I remember growing up without the troubles of now a days.  I sure miss those times don't you?

Another thing I remember is I hated and still do, meringue, I love a lemon pie but the meringue on the top...yuck, so I would always slide it off onto Poppa's plate and he would eat it.

Memories are funny aren't they?  I mean one leads to another and another...oh and smells are a great memory maker, have you ever smelled a perfume or something and it totally takes you back to a special memory?  Or the worst is you can't remember what the smell reminds you of. Ha! One time Granny made this apple pie and I don't know if she set it on the window to cool or what, but when I ate it, I said "this pie tastes like Andy and Marion's manure smells". Oops, that comment did not go over well.

So this is my last card to share from my downline shoebox. (The one I did was a case of a card I have already shown on here, so I won't show mine again).

This card was by Sheri Smith, and I love the banner on top, which is just the sugar cone stamp in the set...brilliant!

Sheri smith swap

Such a cute card...thanks Sheri.

So I updated my Etsy store today, and I put a link on the top of my blog.  I also wanted to remind you to not forget about pre-ordering your new catalog, I also put a link up there too.  What else?  Oh don't forget about your chance to earn tickets for the Free Stamp Set of the Week.   It's the cute set Punched Posies which is a Level 2 Hostess set.

Jeff and I started watching the Second Season of Leverage tonight, we want to get it all watched so we are ready when season three starts so we can watch it on TV. Have you seen it? It is so good.  I love the long haired dude. I also got season 2 of TrueBlood, I saw most of them on TV, but want to re-watch them as well. 

Well my book is calling me, I might get it finished tonight.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in!

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It's a "Beautiful Day"


Here are my notes on the American Idol finale...please forgive my spelling on people's names...

~Was not sure what was happening with the Idols dressed like school kids, I was trying to think what Hogwart song might be coming up...nice to see it was fellow Arizonian Alice Cooper.  I was glad Siobhan wore undies as they had not too good of a crotch shot of her at the end of the song. Yowza!

~Surprised to see Chris Allen singing as the only time I have seen him lately has been during Idol and he is advertising a car.

~I loved seeing the Bee Gees Barry and Robin Gibb (no relation...ha! people always ask us if we are related and we are always saying...we are Gibbs, they are Gibb)

~I was glad Big Micheal did not pick up old Micheal and crush him after their duet.

~Could have done without the comedian singer guy and the other weirdos that came on stage. Even Ellen didn't look too impressed.

~Didnt care for Christina Aguillera -  I wish she had of done Genie in a Bottle.

~I loved Ricky Gervais, he is funny and I love his fangs.

~Aaron was holding his mike so weird with his fingers up and that is all I could concentrate on while he sang. Reminded me of in Choir, and when I would sing I would get to raising up my chin, and Mrs. Lingard would motion her hand to tell me to lower my head...ha!

~I loved Crystal and Morisette duet, that was awesome.

~My first tears of the night: Bret Micheals singing with Casey, this guy almost died not long ago, and here he was singing, it was amazing. Jeff and I were trying to guess who was coming to sing when they started songs, we did not do very good tonight.  I was thinking Guns and Roses...oops!

~Could have done without Pants on the Ground, but it was funnier then the comedy skit.

~The tribute to Simon was nice, Paula and her pink rose hemmed very short comment.

~Second tears of the night: Janet Jackson, she looked and sounded beautiful.

~This finale entertainment had to be the best one so far with last years Adam singing with Kiss a very close second.

~Third tears of the night: LEE WINS!  OMG!  I am so happy, or heppy!  That is what it sounded like he was saying...I love Lee.  I'm off to buy his CD tomorrow. Wonder how long I will have to wait in line?

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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