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Fork Bow - Re-visited

Fork bow diana 

About 2 years ago I posted how to make a cute bow using a fork that was taught to me by Geri, one of my customers from Tucson, and since then people have been asking for a PDF file on how to do it.  In fact Susanna, my Paper Craft Planet "boss" (hee!hee!) asked if I would do one up.  Well it took me a bit to figure it out, but I think I did it. 

Here is the original post on the fork bow.

Here is the PDF file for the fork bow. Download How to Tie a Fork Bow with Diana Gibbs I am crossing my fingers this works.

That was probably the quickest post to do...well other then making the PDF file I mean.

As I sit here posting, the wind is blowing so hard outside that I don't know what is gonna come flying by. Dorothy, Toto, Trigger, you name it.  That is the only drawback when we converted our garage into my studio. Our vehicles sit outside now, and I dread the day something comes flying by and smashes into one of them.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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