Eclipse Again...

Eclipse of the...



Now I didn't quite look this good in my Eclipse outfit, but please check out the feet...yes my friends, I chickened out.

I was texting with Mandy who saw the Trilogy the night before and she said it was so crowded and there was some shoving, and I got to doing my worry warting. You know what that is right? Over guessing, and coming up with things that might happen.

What if someone pushes me and I fall off my 4 inch high platforms and twist my ankle.  Convention is like 3 weeks away, and I have to be on stage every day. So I wore them around the house this morning, I even practiced kinda running a bit, and shuffling quickly and I thought I can do this.  I wore my jeans cause I usually freeze in the theater.  I usually wear cowboy boots so all my jeans are boot cut and you could barely see the dang shoes anyway.  So as I was ready to lock the door to leave that little voice in my head...(that I have learned to listen to, when I don't I usually mess up.) ...said "maybe you shouldn't wear them.

So I came back in the house and put on my kinda high-ish flip flops.  I said see ya later to my Eclipse shoes and took off to MAMMa's house.  She opened the door and was like "where's your shoes?" Ha! Too funny.  She agreed I probably made the right choice.  So we packed our little folding chairs up and drove to the theater.

We had it all figured out, we would get in line first and decide if we needed to get our chairs later, we were getting there 2 hours early, there are chairs there for like eating outside, so we figured we would sit and stand in shifts.  As we walked up we were like "hey cool, no one is in line, we are first", then we saw Monica, and she was sitting off to the side and told us "they let everyone in a while ago".  Oh my gosh I thought, they have our seats!!!!  

So now I was thinking, well crap I could have wore my shoes, cause I didn't really need to race MAMMa or Monica.  So we turned our tickets in and the ticket lady said "100 thousand woman already went in", crap! So we went to our theater, and I was like "I hope we can get seats together"...and wait for it...




Yeah....NO ONE WAS IN THE THEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were laughing so loud.  So we picked our seats and then we texted the rest of the girls and were telling them hurry up, the crowd is so bad, everyone is shoving, I was glad I didn't wear my shoes, there was no popcorn left, only butter, we were lucky to get seats...all this stuff. We were having a riot.  So we finally told them the truth and then we sat there for 2 hours till the movie started.  And the movie was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I did however, open up my blog on My Precious and let my shoes from my post look at the theater, so they were kinda there.  Jeff and I are going to try to go later this week, so I will wear them then... I promise...and if anyone shoves me I got my man there to protect me.

So too funny, my friend Melissa, (hey chickee), she had to have her toe messed with by a Doc so she could not wear her Eclipse shoes, so I was saying in honor of her I did not wear mine, and we are going to take our shoes to lunch one day instead.  But really I will blame Mandy cause she got me all worried about the crowds and the shoving and would not answer my text....ha! Gotta love me Blondie.

So now that I have wrote a novel.  We went to lunch and I had to drop my swaps off at the mail and by the time I got home it was time to make supper.  So... I did not get anything stamped for you. I will tomorrow I promise.

Don't forget today is the day you can order out of the brand new catalog! Yay!!! It does not start till noon though. It's the best one yet! I also still have catalogs available too, you can get the Paypal link there.

Well have you been drooling over your new catalog? Do you have a huge wish list?  Are you so excited about all the new colors that you want them all? 

Well instead of doing a specific sale on a specific item I thought how be I offer a No Tax, No Shipping special so you can pick what you want.

This sale runs from July 1 - July 10 at midnight.  You need to order at least $70.00 to qualify for my special.

Just email me your order at and I will holler at you and get your total to you and all that.  You can pay with Mastercard, Visa or Discovercard. 

To see catalog online. It won't go live till noon Utah time, so if you don't see it right away, just hold on.

Hostess benefits count if your order totals at least $150.00.  So if you and your friends have some orders to put in you can group them together, (they will all ship to one address if you do it this way). I can only take orders that are shipped within the United States.

Please do not put the order in through my on-line store because since this special is through me only and not Stampin' Up! the computer system will charge you the tax and shipping. 

If you have any questions at all,  feel free to email or call me at 602-339-2776.

Some items are not available July 1, watercolor wonder crayons, punch caddies, stampin' pastels, and rub-ons.  They will be available as soon as possible.

I love doing these specials once in a while, it is my way of thanking you for all your support.  I made a big list of goals for this new Stampin' Up! year, and this helps me get a great start.

Thank YOU so much!!

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in!

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