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So today I looked at my poor painted nails, chipped and knicked up and I thought I have not had a real manicure in years, not since I stopped having fake nails put on and I was like "I'm going for a manicure". So I called Selena and went in.  She did a great job.

What do you think?


She wanted me to try a gel polish that lasts two weeks and does not chip, has no dry time and all that but I was set on my black color and I didn't care for the gel colors offered.  Has anyone done this gel polish? Is it worth it?  Does it get on your cardstock? You know how you pick up a piece of paper and your nail polish will sometimes leave a mark, that is the only thing I hate about my nails being polished is that part, I have to be so careful.  Let me know if you have tried this new hybrid gel nail polish and if you like it, please.

So I was feeling all chipper-less and pretty with my nice polished nails thinking gee I need to go once a month to do it, and I can polish in between, but they look so much better cause she cut away the 5 years of cuticle and all that funky finger jam.

Then I was like well gee let's run into Kohls and see if I can't find a cute skirt and shirt or a dress. It was 102 today, skirts and dresses are a must. My BFF Tracy found some cute stuff the other day at her Kohls.  So I go in and look around, I grab this, and this, and oh this looks cute, oh and this might look cute with a skirt I have at home. So then I go into the dressing room.  I hate this room, with that freakin' circus mirror, you know the one that adds 10 pounds on your butt, tummy, thighs and at least 6 wrinkles on your face...yeah that one.  So anyway, I tried on about 10 things, and nothing fit right and it all looked like $hit! So I left it all on the rack and frumpingly left the store, oh and did I mention I knicked a nail while trying on all this crap?  Yep, well I deserved a knicked nail for letting myself get in this shape.

So I drove home after stopping at the grocery store ( I needed to pick up salads, yogurts and healthy food) I was talking to my BFF, gotta love her she puts up with my rants and my raves, and my (vulgarity - yep I'm a swearer) and my OCD (cause I kept fretting over my freakin' knicked nail), and so as I and my feeling sorry for myself stopped for the mail on the way home...OMG! What was in the mail box?  Could it really be here?  It was, maybe my life was not so bad after all.

My new Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand CD was here!  These are MY boys and I love them and they wanted me to feel better, and I was!!

Thanks to Kristy for this link...you can hear the title song of the album, get your dancing shoes on and give a big squeal for my boys...I'm a little partial to Craig Miner the banjo player....but they are all amazing musicians... Brand New Shoes make sure to click on the arrow thingie to start it.

So I put the music in while I started to put away the groceries, and then my toe started tapping and then my knee started wiggling, my hips started swaying and next thing you know me and my milk jug were dancing around the kitchen with Toby yapping behind me trying to bite my heels and it was like an Epiphany - I had it!  I was going to go on The Shupe Diet.

What the heck is The Shupe Diet?  Well I made it up of course, but here it is...

Shupe diet
 Every day for half an hour I am going to put in my Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand music and I am gonna dance around, I don't care if I look like a jenny ass, remember Goldie Hawn in House Sitter when she was dancing, looking like a chicken with its head cut off? I tried finding it on utube but couldn't, you should remember it if you saw the movie, if not, the movie is so good you should rent it.

Anyway, I am going to eat healthier and in moderation and dance for half an hour.  I mean doesn't that sound funner then the treadmill?  Wanna do it with me?  Excellent!

So tonight Jeff and I headed to Walmart, his least favorite place to go, and gosh me too, I kept getting shocked the whole time I was there (and not by people's bums falling out of their pants...have you seen those Walmart people pictures? Wowza!!) but I would touch the cart, zap!, I would touch Jeff zap! What the heck?  Anyway  I picked up a scale (after we found it, took us 10 minutes with the Walmart girl to find it...oh they are by the toilet seats in case you are wondering) cause I want an accurate reading and here I will announce it to you my blog friends.  With clothes on and at night it said 138.2  WOW!! Now that is not the highest I have ever weighed, but I was way younger when I weighed that much and it didn't look like it does now.  I don't have a muffin top, I have a double decker cake top with some spillage happening on the sides...ugh.  So anyway you might say that is not high, or you don't look it or whatever, but I am not happy with that weight on me and with my frame and height it is too much.  So tomorrow I will weigh myself after my first pee (oh my gawd what the heck is that Di chick talking about pee now...unsubscribe...ha!) anyway, and undressed and I will post that weight and that will be starting point, and then tomorrow will be the first day of The Shupe Diet.  I want to get down to 120 at least by convention. Wish me luck.

Oh my gosh I went on and on...are you still with me? Wanna see the card I whipped up tonight?  I love all these sets, and this is some brand new DSP and I love it too.  I might do this one for a swap for convention, in fact I might do some cards I post on my blog, and I hope no one would be offended if they got one of my cards and they had seen it already. 

Bee crown full
 Stamp Set: Favorite Thoughts, Artistic Etchings, Flores Suaves (this is in the Spanish catalog)

Paper: Cherry Cobbler, Basic Black, Daffodil Delight, Greenhouse Gala DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Baja Breeze, Daffodil Delight, Sahara Sand, Cherry Cobbler

Misc: Aqua Painter (I guess I should get better at mentioning what I use to color...sorry), and dimensionals.

Do you like it?  So cute I think.

Well my old eyes are burning, it is either tiredness or allergies, but they sting like a bugger so I think it is time to say nightie night.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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