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Today I had such a great day. Lynsay Mahon, my Canadian friend and fellow Demonstrator came over so I could teach her how to color (shhh.....she really didn't need my help, she did very well on her own.) She even brought me a caramel machiato, yum!

I snagged these off her blog. She has a better camera.

Lynsay learning to color
Here she is learning how to use the blender pen, and the watercolor wonder crayons.  Here's a little tip for ya, one I shared at convention that seemed to get the most "are you kidding me?" response.

Diana acrylic block watercolor crayons
 Scribble your watercolor wonder crayon(s) on one of your acrylic blocks for Stampin' Up! clear mount stamps.  Then using your blender pen or your aqua painter get the color off the block and it makes coloring so much easier. You saw it here folks! Ha!

Lynsay and her finished card
Here she is with her finished card.  She turned the DSP over and so she used a different color ribbon and button then the original card.  Cute eh? The card aint bad either!

Afterwards I took her to The Deli, I mean come on, you knew that was coming eh? She loved it and the stinker even treated me. How sweet eh? Thanks for a fun day Lynsay, I can hardly wait to hang out more at Founders Circle.

Here is the card that I demoed at Convention.

DSCN1998 copy
 Stamp Set: Greeting Card Kids

Paper: Basic Black, Cajun Craze, Watercolor Paper, Wicked Fun Specialty DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon

Misc: Watercolor Wonder Crayons, Blender Pen, Satin ribbon, Neutral button

So after we got back from lunch, Bruce (Lynsay's hubby) and their two girls came to pick her up.  So later I cut some cardstock and sat down to color and work on something and when I laid my right arm on the table I was like "ouch" something felt weird, it was like my elbow hit the table before it should, so I bent my arm to look and it was huge, it looked like popeye or something, it did not hurt right then but it made me laugh cause of how odd it looked, I went in the house, and Jeff was like "Woo that don't look good, you better call the Doctor" and I was like "take a picture first", so here it is...

  ...freaky eh? So it got bigger then this and it did start to hurt and I got where I could not bend my arm cause it was stretching the skin, when I looked at it in the mirror it looked blueish like it might be blood inside, and it did feel like fluid in there. So I sent the picture to my good friend Sharon, she is a nurse, and the poor girl gets all my medical questions. So she was saying it might be bursitis and that I should have a doctor look at it, but I could probably wait till tomorrow.  Well I envisioned the circulation being cut off and having to go at midnite to the doc and it was my right hand which I stamp with, so I said I was going to go to urgent care. 

Jeff also told me to wait till as I drove to urgent care (those who know my freaky worry wart side...are saying of course you went to urgent care) I was talking to Sharon on the phone and she said it looked like what is called Popeye elbow. She said "do you want me to meet you somewhere?", so we met in the parking lot at a shopping mall and she checked it out, thank goodness it was not on my tushy, that might have been funny to see in a parking lot...ha!  Since I was almost at the urgent care, I hated to drive all the way home, only to have to drive back in the morning.  So Sharon said "want me to go with you?" and I said "yeah", so off we went....she is such a great great friend she stayed with me the whole time, and we seemed to be there for hours, they finally called me in. The doctor asked what I was doing when it happened and I said I was coloring and then it felt weird and poof it was big...he was like "you were coloring?" and I said "yeah, I get paid to color" so he checked it out and it is either bursitis, or the doc thinks I might have burst a blood vessel cause of the blueish color...and I probably could have waited till tomorrow.  He wrapped it, and told me to take some aleve, and ice it now and then. I asked him if I could use it, and he said yeah.  So I said I could color and he said yes you can totally color. The world is good!!

So what a wacky day eh? 

Well this old gal...I am old I mean my body is freaking out with old-ness.  I am headed to bed.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in!

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