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Founder's Circle 2010 Second Day

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Remember I ended yesterday's post with a little tease? Me tease you? Yes I did. Well I can't really show you what was in the Take Out box, but we are allowed to show the make n takes...well I only finished one while I was there, cause I'm a yapper and not a stamper when I am at events, I much rather finish them at home. We got a stamp set, a punch, ribbon and ink pads so we could do our make n takes.

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  So this shows you the cute stamp set we got and if you look at the card, you might just figure out what punch we got. You are totally going to want it.

So before I tell you about my second day at Founder's Circle let me tell you about today.  Remember I said that I had scheduled to have the gasket or molding put back on my Nitro above my front windshield the morning I got back? Well I got up and got ready for the day and about an hour after they were supposed to be here they called and said the van was having issues and they would have to reschedule.  So I made the appointment for this morning instead.

So the guy called and said he was on the way, and then he called a while later to get better directions. Even though I try to tell them directions before they are always like "I got a GPS" well ok then Sherlock have at it.  Then he got here and started to work on the truck, I told him if he needed anything I would be in my studio.  So a while later he knocks on the door and says he is all done, and could I sign the paper work. So I look at my truck...hmmm...nothing looks different

me: where's the molding?

guy: what molding?

me: you were supposed to put molding above the front windshield

guy: it's down inside you can't see it

me: what?

guy: it's down in the glass, you can't see it.

me: well the guy could see it was missing at the car wash

me (opening door and standing on the threshold so I can point to what I am talking about): there is supposed to be molding here, apparently it came loose and blew off

guy: I am not sure, I just replaced your windshield

me: you what?

guy: I put in a new windshield

me: but I didn't need a new windshield, I just needed my molding replaced and you were to pop out the window to add it and then pop my window back in

guy: oh my paperwork said new windshield

me: where's my sticker?

guy: what sticker?

me: my Stampin' Up! sticker from the front window?

so he leads me over to his van with all these windshields in it and pulls out my poor windshield that now has a big crack in it and I take my cling Stampin' Up! sticker logo thing off it.

me: well I hope my insurance is not gonna be charged for a new window when all I needed was molding

guy: I'll call my boss, but it did have a lot of chips in it

me in my head : no it didn't or the guy would have set it up for that in the first place, half of the "chips" I think were bug sh*t

so anyway he calls his boss and his boss is going to call me. So later the guy who originally set this all up calls me and he is livid that this happened, he said my molding is not even in yet, if anything they should have rescheduled. He is gonna get it all worked out with the insurance company and come and do the molding himself.  Ya know what Jeff said when I told him the story?  He said "I would have been out there the whole time they were working on my truck". Well I'm a girl and he's a guy and that is the difference in the two sexes isn't it? What I don't understand is how this guy could replace my windshield and not even say "hey your molding is missing?"

So let's get to the fun part...this post is going to be a mile long...sorry about that. Feel free to go get a coffee, cinnamon roll, and perhaps even put on a roast for supper, you are going to be here a while.

So my second day at Founder's Circle, I got up to go to breakfast with Tiffany and she was not quite ready, so I went downstairs and grabbed a milk and a muffin, and I could not see anywhere to sit so I went back to my room to eat it. (Later Tiffany was like, "no you sit with someone and get to know people, you don't eat in your room"..oops!)

So after breakfast we loaded up in the buses to go to Kanab, and this is where they make the stamps. They also separated the newbies in one bus and the oldies in another bus, that way it was easy to keep us straight.  Shelli went on the trip to Kanab with us and she asked us questions on the mic about our opinions on all sorts of stuff, I thought this was fun, and I totally know they listen. Shalae and Sara were taking notes. How do I know they listen? Cause over the years I have seen things happen that we have asked for, a couple that come to mind are on-line ordering, and Stampin' Up! taking credit cards. These things are now an every day thing, and I am thankful that Shelli and Stampin' Up! ask our opinions all the time.

IMG_0238 copy
 Here's Jan and I ready for the trip. Boy the older I get the more I look like my Mum.

IMG_0240 copy
Here's Joanna Banta and Mandy, they sat across the aisle from us. Such fun younguns.

IMG_0241 copy
Here is Shelli as she asks us questions, she is always dressed so cute.

While I was on the bus, I had girls sign my Founder's Circle Year book and I asked if they please would pass it back and have people sign it.  So ha! too funny, I told Tiffany that I did that, and she was like "no, you have to go up and introduce yourself" so next year if I earn the trip Tiffany really has to shoot me off a memo for all the rules before hand...ha!

IMG_0244 copy
When we got to Kanab I could not get over how much it looked like the Riverton facility just a little smaller, and what was so cool, the employees came out and cheered to us and clapped for us and I get a little teary eyed right now thinking about it.  They put their heart and soul into every stamp set that is made, I was honored to be able to meet them, and applaud them back.

IMG_0247 copy
After we had gone through we had a question and answer time and one of the guys used to work at Riverton and then started here, and everyone was saying "don't you love the new building, it's so bright and nice" and he was like "yeah" but he had come from Riverton so he didn't understand till he had to go to the old Kanab building and then he understood. I guess it was pretty dark and lots of rooms here and there as Stampin' Up! just kept adding on as they needed it. How nice that they have such a great building to work in now.

IMG_0246 copy
Look at the fun signs they were holding up.

IMG_0248 copy
 How nice eh?

IMG_0251 copy
Here I am with the Welcome sign, look how cute the lobby is behind me, just like a living room.

IMG_0252 copy
I think I would love to work here, and I would be smiling all the time, and to look over the desk at the fireplace would be so cool...or hot if it is lit up.

IMG_0256 copy
We then headed up to the apartments above the facility, and Shelli was telling about it as well as another couple that work there, and I wish I took their picture, they had been married quite a while, and lost so much weight together, they were too cute. Anyway the apartment was gorgeous, and I love the chandeliers and all that.

IMG_0257 copy
Here's one of the bedrooms. Wouldn't you like to curl up in that bed?

IMG_0258 copy
Look at this cute bathroom, and I can see the beautiful Shelly May in the mirror.  One thing I noticed is there is no toilet seat lid.  We might need to do that at our house, it will give Eric one less thing to lift up and perhaps he won't forget this way.

IMG_0262 copy
Here's another bedroom, and I got in the picture to prove I was there. Look how cute the headboard is, it's a door.

IMG_0261 copy
I love all the stuff up on the shelves and things, at my house the dust would cover it in a week. Maybe we should move to Utah, it sure was beautiful.

IMG_0263 copy
Here is the family room, I love the toys in the corner, and all the pictures on the wall.

IMG_0264 copy
This is the skylight above the family room, very neat eh? I took this one thinking of my friend Melissa, this reminded me of something she would take a picture of...what you think Mel?

IMG_0265 copy
Here is another bedroom, and if I am not mistaken I think this one is Shelli's.

IMG_0270 copy
Here's the kitchen. Wouldn't you like to make cinnamon rolls and drink a cup of coffee here?

IMG_0271 copy
Here's more stuff up on top of the cupboards, I have stuff on top of my kitchen cupboards but it is spread all across, I need to group things in a cluster more, then maybe the dust and spiders won't be able to settle in.

IMG_0273 copy
Before we headed back downstairs Jan and I got our picture taken with Shalae (on the left) and Sara (on the right). It was fun to see them interact with each other, it really made me miss my little sisters Jacqui and Courtney.

We then went through the manufacturing part of the plant and we were not able to take pictures cause there was stuff in there that is secret, new stamp sets and stuff like that.  It was amazing to see how it is all done, and I actually got to put a stamp set together, cut it out and put blocks in a box and everything.  Oh and at one point when we went into the room where they make the metal die things who was sitting at the desk but Cherokee, I about flipped my lid.  I got a big old hug, and the girls were like "how do you know each other?" so I told them that at my very first convention 11 years ago Cherokee gave me my tote and signed me in, I gave him a butterfly pin I made and he gave it to his daughter.  I think it has been three years since I saw him at convention, as he would help here and there, he does not work at the conventions anymore. We chatted a bit, I asked how his daughter was and he asked about my family.  Since we were inside I could not get a picture of us together, but it was so nice to see him after all these years.  

IMG_0274 copy
 After we went through the plant we had a question and answer time, and we could use the bathrooms. I asked if I could take a picture of this. This is actually the men's washroom altered for the day...ha!

IMG_0276 copy
Before we got on the bus, I scooted out to the road and got my picture taken with the rock, I missed doing this at Riverton a couple years ago. Note to self: don't put your phone in your back pocket it makes yer arse all wacky crooked.

Are you getting tired yet? The day is only half over...ha!

Off to the Kanab City Park we go...get on the bus, ya don't want to have to walk...

IMG_0278 copy
Isn't this gorgeous? The green grass, the blue sky, breathtaking.  I walked in with Pam Morgan and I told her no wonder they live in Utah, I sure do miss the green. Stampin' Up! has re-done this park and have made it a safe place for children to play. Shelli explained that when her kids were younger it was not a safe place so they did not play there.  

IMG_0281 copy
Look how safe it is, the playground is covered in rubber that Stampin' Up! cuts up from leftover stamp set edges and stuff. It was so bouncy to walk on, these are my feet in the park...that Stampin' Up! helped to Founder's Circle.

IMG_0282 copy
I am pretending to sit on the slide but it was hot, hoT, HOT!!

IMG_0284 copy
Here's me throwing rubber up into the air, I couldn't believe you can see it in the picture, that is cause of my bad girl camera, she's a keeper (I even bought her new strap covers today).  I didn't want to lay in the rubber cause well I was afraid of pee, yeah you heard it here first folks I was! So I just sat and threw the rubber up. Later Tiffany made me do it again and she was tossing rubber all over me, and later when I undressed I had a piece in my bra...ha!

IMG_0286 copy
After the rubber fun we walked over to the covered eating area for lunch, and look at what our lunches were served in, these fun little totes with these cute little spoon/fork foldie things.

IMG_0288 copy
Here's me modeling with my new lunch bag, I love it!  The sandwich was a little spicy for this chick, but I ate my potato salad and then I went to get my dessert...

IMG_0289 copy
...creme brulee. You know you are at Founder's Circle when you are eating creme brulee in the park.  I gobbled it up with my spoon trying to make sure I didn't get my fork poking in my eye.

IMG_0296 copy
 We took our pictures up on some rocks, here is Tiffany and I.

IMG_0299 copy
This was the only rock climbing I did. Here right to left, Jan, Joanna, Mandy, Tiffany and myself. After we climbed down off the rocks, we took a few more pictures before we got on the bus.

IMG_0300 copy
 Here is my friend Dawn Rapsas and I...

IMG_0303 copy
  ...and my other friend Jacque Craig, they are so much fun, they came in early last year before Leadership and slept at MAMMa's, we went over there to stamp and we were all laughing so hard.

Then we headed to the bus and did some souvenier shopping, remind me to show you what I got there, I almost peed my pants when I saw it, so I just had to have it. I bet no one guesses what it is. I dare ya to even try.

IMG_0306 copy
On the bus ride home we played games, (I didn't win a game but we all got ribbon).  The bus ahead of us had air conditioning issues so we had to stop to help them on the side of the road near Colorado City, and that is actually in Arizona, and that seemed odd to me.  Since I am geographically challenged I just scratched my head and said "oh really?".

IMG_0309 copy
  When we got back we went to the gathering place and look, the wall came down and it was huge with these couches and chairs and tables to just hang out and do whatever you wanted.

IMG_0312 copy
We even hinted to Bonnie that we thought that if one of our pillow gifts was actually one of these pillows that that would be cool.

IMG_0329 copy
We all just hung out, some girls stamped, some worked on their computers, some just visited. Shelli and Shalae were actually helping Lucia Gammon put her swaps together. How fun is that.  I popped in and Tiffany took my picture.

We were on our own for supper so we had Iggy's deliver our food to the hotel, they got mixed up on where to take it so it was cold by the time we got it, but we ate it anyway.  Then it was time to go to bed, and see what goodie was on our pillow tonight, you hate to wait too long to go get it cause some girls go get it then come down showing it off, and then your fun is over.

IMG_0336 copy
So when I got to my room this is what I found, and they put it by flatsky the bear to guard it.

IMG_0339 copy
 It is the most beautiful paper and ribbon cupcake with a button as the cherry on top and Selma made them all. Bless her heart, she is such a dear I worked with her years ago (I can't remember for what now) and I love talking with her every year.  

IMG_0340 copy
What was inside? jelly? pudding? nope, it was a Simply Adorned necklace and charm.

IMG_0341 copy
Shelli and the girls made them. Here is the front, look how cute with the little button brad, and the black satin ribbon.

IMG_0342 copy
And here is the back, with one of my favorite sets. It also has a black bauble hanging on it too but you can't see it in the picture.

So after a busy busy day, I got my pajamas on, and climbed into bed with my book and settled in for the night.

I hope you are enjoying my trip as much as I am remembering about it.  I am totally going to make a My Digital Studio book about it.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

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