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So I had my first round of Stamp a Stack of Christmas cards today, it was fun to see some new faces, and some faces I have not seen in a while.  I think the girls all loved the cards.  I have the class again tomorrow and Monday.  I will probably do another Christmas class before Christmas, not sure if it will be different cards or not...probably. But I am a woman and I love to change my mind...ask my hubby...the poor guy. Ha!

So while the girls were here today I was telling about an upcoming class I have and then I realized, wow it's coming up quick.  It will be not far after I get back from my BFF Tracy's in PA, so I was like yikes I need to get my class email out to let people know what is happening.

If you do not get my class email please sign up for it, especially if you are local to me, so you don't miss a class. You can sign up on the left where it says Sign Up for my Email newsletters there is a little box there, I tried to figure out how to put a link in here, and I can't.  I pretend to be computer saavy and I really am not.

So anywhere here is the frame that will be done in class, I tried to get a good picture of it but it looks better in real life.  I also chose to vintage it up by rubbing More Mustard ink on it, but that is totally up to you if you decide to do that.

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There will be two other projects done at class. You will get a half a pack of Love Letter DSP, the Chunky Frame and a pack of vintage brads.

The frame looks like this before it is decorated. You can paint it a different color, you can use Decor Elements, Decor Stencils on it, you can cover it with DSP like I did, it looks nice with nothing done to it too. It is 12x12 and 1 1/2" thick.  The frame window is approx, 4x4. It is smooth painted MDF wood. The thickness allows you to stand it, or you can hang it too.



It is item #117599 and is $19.95 if you can't attend class and you want to pick up a couple dozen...did I say that out loud?

If you want to place an order, my on-line store is open 24-7.  Here's the link.  If you do place an order in my on-line store, make sure to check out the clearance rack while you are there, as that changes all the time, and also make sure to log in as a new customer even if you have ordered from me before. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.  

Well this old girl is gonna head to bed. Wanna be bright eyed and bushy tailed for class tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in!


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