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Bisque Pottery Technique

Remember I showed this card last month? I got this as a swap card from my friend Robin Merriman, and I barely changed it, I used Cherry Cobbler cardstock instead of ribbon. I can't remember if she did the technique on the top or not, but it is basically her card. Love it, and love her...thanks again Robin!

DSCN2735 copy

A bunch of you asked if I could show how to get that look with the embossing folder.  I figured out it kinda looks like Bisque Pottery, so that is what I called it.

I made up a quick video today to show you how.  What? Another video? Yep, three in one week! Holy Moly, check the closets for the pod that I crawled out of, where's the real Diana?

Anyway, enjoy it!

Added since original post:  A few questions...

How do you wash off the embossing folder?  Since it is just classic ink I run it under the faucet in the sink and it comes right off, then you can dry it with a towel or let it air dry.

Why do you stick the embossing folder in folded edge first?  Hmmm...that is what someone told me a long time ago, but then I looked at some of my older folders and the arrow shows the other end going in, but I worry about air getting trapped and no where to go if you have the folded edge what I did was I sent an email to Sixxix they make the folders for SU!, and asked them, I will let you know what they say.  OK< so I heard back from Sixxix and they said it does not matter which way you run them through.

Here is a close up of what it looks like. Neat eh?

DSCN2737 copy
So wanna see the fancy schmancy way I take my videos? Don't laugh!

IMG_0817 copy
I put my camera on the tripod and make it go up so I can see through the camera, but not too far where you can't see what I am doing. Then I straddle the middle tri-pod leg, hoping I don't bang it as I tape. Since this is a family blog, I did not upload that picture. Ha!

IMG_0819 copy
This is what I see when I look through and then I also look around the camera too so I can see. So you think this is how Steven Spielberg got started? Lights! Camera! Action!

Oh and so there is no background noises, I turn off the ceiling fan and...

IMG_0830 copy
...take the phone off the hook. See how smart I am (after trial and error). I used to take it off the hook and I had to listen to the "screech!screech! if you would like to make a call" lady, so now I take it off the hook and unplug the headset, and I don't have to hear her anymore (if only it was that easy for all the danged political calls we have been getting!!)  I do, however, need to remember to hang it back up...oopsee, were you trying to call me? Cause I also put My Precious on silent...ha!

Added since post: 

Question: Where did you get the card display? Answer: I actually got it years ago on ebay, I don't remember from who or how much, but google card display and see what comes up. Ya gotta love that google.

So while I had my bad girl camera out today, I took a couple pictures of my Big Designer buttons, I got this beautiful greenish mason jar and put them inside, they look sooo cool!

IMG_0826 copy
I really need to take a photography class, cause I am still just using the camera on auto, and I know it can do much more. Eh Mel?

I did like this shot though.

IMG_0829 copy

If you want to order any Stampin' Up! product that I have shown on my blog, my online store is open 24-7.  Please check it out here!  Make sure to log in as a new customer each time even if you have ordered from me before (it prevents any cookie issues) Don't miss out on the chance to win the Hostess set "Peaceful Season" with every on-line order placed with me from October 1 - October 31 - (TODAY is the last day) you will earn one ticket, the winning ticket will be picked on November 1 and the winner will be notified.  Make sure to sign up for my email newsletter to find out more information for next month's Stamp Set of the Month, and other events and specials going on.

Well that's it for me for tonight!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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Letterpress With Versamark Tutorial

DSCN2885 copy

Wow, we had a good mail day today, I had to get some new battery candles to replace the ones that I sold to Carol...ha! She loved the ones I brought back from my BFF Tracy's in PA, so she bought them. So they came today, and also I had ordered on-line a couple bottles of wine from one of the winery's we went to on our Lehigh Valley tour in PA.  Jeff and my 26th Anniversary is on November 2 so I thought I would order a couple bottles cause I know I like it. 

Look how safely they were packed. Those plastic packing things were brilliant. I could have ordered another bottle for the same shipping cost, but I didn't know that till I placed the order.

Look at the funny label on the side of the box. Jeff made sure to point it out to me.

I also wanted to show you how to use the new Letterpress plates with a Versamark pad, so I whipped up a quick video.


DSCN2890 copy
At this angle you can see how the Letterpress plate indents into the paper.

DSCN2884 copy
Stamp Set: Greeting Card Kids, Always

Paper: Pretty in Pink, Basic Black, Regal Rose, Watercolor Paper

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Daffodil Delight, Real Red, Pink Pirouette, Blushing Bride, Soft Suede, Baja Breeze, Sahara Sand, Versamark

Misc: Candy Cane Big Designer Buttons, Lots of Love Letterpress Plate

I love the Big buttons, and see how easy it is to "thread" them?  Just cut thin pieces of cardstock and use it.  I just used the watercolor paper.

DSCN2888 copy
So we got three eggs today, so that means either Clara and Alice are working over time or Stella is laying now too.  I think it is Stella, she seems to be laying down more when I check the boxes, plus she is the next biggest after the other two...she is also getting more tame.  Gertie is getting bigger but she is still the smallest.  So Jeff said there was a cat in our yard when he got home. All I can say is it better think twice about messing with my girls.

DSCN2881 copy
A few of you have asked about the frog I got.  I bid on them on ebay, and they are metal flower frogs, and they are pretty heavy.  If you want to use them for displaying cards you need to make sure the teeth allow you to do that.  See how you can see the teeth are in a straight line, leaving a straight line of space to put the card in. Some of them the teeth are not like this, and you will have to bend the card up to get it in. I hope that makes sense, I took the above picture so I hope that helps. I had no idea till Tracy told me that. Gotta love her!

Well I just put a coat of polish on my nails and am typing with two fingers, so I am gonna call it a night.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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I Got a Frog...

...not in my throat

...not on my back porch

...not sitting on my palm wanting a kiss to be turned into a prince

I got this kind of frog...

DSCN2873 copy
Well actually I got two of them.  I think they are really for flower arrangements but I see stampers using them to hold their cards up to take a picture, and when you are trying to take a picture of a card front this will make it so much easier. Usually I will try to prop it against something. So I am so happy I got me some frogs...ribbit! The picture shows how rusty they look, I need to clean them, will have to figure out how to do it without making them worse.

Added: sorry I should have said where I got them.  I actually won the bid on ebay, I just searched for metal flower frogs, and these looked nice and not all crooked, you have to make sure (thanks for my BFF Tracy for telling me) that the teeth have like straight spaces so you can put the card in, otherwise the card won't fit inside cause the teeth are in the way.

I wanted to share one of my favorite swap cards from Founder's Circle, well there were a lot of favorites, but I gotta show this one with Halloween almost here.

This awesome card was made by Deb Valder, she did such an amazing job.

DSCN2874 copy
Look at all the details, the spider web embossing folder, the chunky black glitter, the rhinestone bling and the amazing folded flower embellishment in the center.

DSCN2875 copy
Thanks Deb for all the work you did on your swap. I love it!

Did you see it? Well you probably didn't if you get my blog feed in your email box, or if you read it in a reader, you have to go to my blog to see it.  I played around with My Digital Studio and changed my blog header, and my signature too.  Too fun! Do you like it? It is not super fancy, I really like the plain, white, kinda clean look of my blog without too much craziness going on...well other then my life, but you know what I mean.

Well I will be sharing more of my Founder's swap cards over the next couple days or so.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in!

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Buttons are Everywhere!


Button Shares are Here!!!

I have been putting together some button shares for you.  This will allow you to get the buttons you want at a great price.

The buttons are gorgeous this year, and so shiny, and the Big Designer Buttons, oh my gosh they are Beautiful.

I have a few different versions of how you can get the buttons, please see below:

Big Designer Buttons Only Share
Big Button Deck the Halls
Big Button Candy Cane
You will get one of each of all these buttons (for a total of 24 buttons), the colors are: Cherry Cobbler, Very Vanilla, Always Artichoke, Crumb Cake, Garden Green, Baja Breeze, Blushing Bride, and Real Red - these buttons are beautiful and the largest ones are about the size of a quarter!!

The cost is $10.00 per set, and that includes priority shipping, they will be packaged in a ziplock bag and mailed in a priority box*
Designer & Bitty Buttons Only Share
Buttons Share no Big Tin

You will get one of each of all these buttons, mailed in the tin shown. The tin is a bonus and you are not being charged for it, it is just a cute and convenient way to mail them to you inside the priority box.  I will wrap them in tissue but if the little container get damaged in the mail, I am unable to replace it. I hope you understand.

In this button share you will receive:
Designer Buttons in the Four Color Collections - you will get one of each design in the 6 colors for a total of 72 buttons and the
Bitty Buttons - you will get four of each in each of the four shapes for a total of 16 buttons.

Plus a surprise little goodie!

The cost is $17.00 per set, and that includes priority shipping*
Best Deal Button Share - save $4.50
Button Share all tin
You will get one of each of all the buttons (it is both Button Shares listed above put together) mailed in the tin shown.

Plus a surprise little goodie! Please note: only one goodie per order.

The cost is $22.50 and that includes priority shipping*

If you live in Arizona and want to pick yours up, just let me know so I can give you your cost, cause then you will not have a shipping charge.

The turn around for the packages will probably be a couple weeks at the most, as I will need to order them, get them in,  packaged, and off to the PO.  I will let you know if there are any slow downs with back orders or anything.

These button share packages are available from me only, and will only be available to be shipped within the United States.

*If you are interested in ordering a Button Share, email me with which one you want and I will email you the paypal link. If you have any questions, please let me know.  If you prefer to send a check you can do that too, just let me know you need my mailing address and I can email you that. My email address is  [email protected] or call me at 602-339-2776.

Supplies will be limited, and no longer available after November 5, 2010.
Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in!
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Fun Decorations

DSCN2867 copy

Today I had to run a few errands so I zipped on over to find a couple things I have been looking for.  One of them was a wire dress form for me to hang my simply adorned charms and baubles on.  I still need to fill some of them (obviously eh, as they hang there naked!), but I wanted to show how cute it looks. I really need to get a taller background for taking pictures.

DSCN2863 copy
I love it and I love the vintagey look of it.  It is too tall for my red shelf so instead it sits over on my corner table. I found this one at TJ Maxx, but I have seen them at Ross too (I love those discount stores).  Beside TJ Maxx is a craft store, and I also was looking for a glass display to store my cupcake that Selma made for all the Founder's Circle attendees.  It is not exactly what I was looking for, but it is still pretty cool.

DSCN2869 copy
This will keep the dust off of it, and kinda give it almost like a pedestal to sit on. In fact they had different ones on pedestals that I almost got and then I was not too sure if they were too tall for my shelf too, and then I was afraid they would get knocked over, so I went with this one.  Plus I can always put something different in it later and have some height to it.

DSCN2868 copy
What do you think? It is freaky looking through the glass eh? Kinda warped!

Today my girlfriend Sharon came over (hey sweetie), she had made the cinnamon rolls I had put on my blog before and they did not turn out, so I said come on over and I will show you how to do it. She is so fun, for one her bread maker made a smaller loaf so it would not work, so we used mine, also when she did them before she did not warm up the milk and that is a must, as we were making them, she would say "oh I didn't do that last time!" It was so much fun, I pretended to be Julia Child.

So while the dough was getting made in the breadmaker, we started tieing our material onto our wreath frame.  If you look in the catalog on page 190 it shows a ribbon wreath so we are doing one for Christmas with the Designer Fabric on the mini catalog called Deck the Halls. I will have it done in a few days...ha! It takes some time to tie them all on, plus I wanna decorate it up a bit.

IMG_0815 copy
So luckily Jeff got home so he could take our picture.  Smile!!

And Sharon's cinnamon rolls? The best ever!

So I watched Glee, it was soooo good, they did an amazing job right from the beginning with the red lips singing the theme at the beginning.  I almost peed when I saw Barry Bostwick who played Brad, and Meatloaf who played Eddie in the original movie having cameos during the show.  I would have loved to have seen more cameos, but the Glee cast was amazing playing the characters. Thanks to everyone for emailing me to tell me when it was on. Mwah!!!!

I almost got to stop watching Dancing with the Stars, I am only watching it for Jennifer Grey and she almost got kicked off tonight.  Ouch! But they survived to dance another week. When she gets kicked off I won't watch it anymore, I don't really know any of the other stars.

Well I am gonna sign off for tonight, and hit the hay.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

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