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Bisque Pottery Technique

Remember I showed this card last month? I got this as a swap card from my friend Robin Merriman, and I barely changed it, I used Cherry Cobbler cardstock instead of ribbon. I can't remember if she did the technique on the top or not, but it is basically her card. Love it, and love her...thanks again Robin!

DSCN2735 copy

A bunch of you asked if I could show how to get that look with the embossing folder.  I figured out it kinda looks like Bisque Pottery, so that is what I called it.

I made up a quick video today to show you how.  What? Another video? Yep, three in one week! Holy Moly, check the closets for the pod that I crawled out of, where's the real Diana?

Anyway, enjoy it!

Added since original post:  A few questions...

How do you wash off the embossing folder?  Since it is just classic ink I run it under the faucet in the sink and it comes right off, then you can dry it with a towel or let it air dry.

Why do you stick the embossing folder in folded edge first?  Hmmm...that is what someone told me a long time ago, but then I looked at some of my older folders and the arrow shows the other end going in, but I worry about air getting trapped and no where to go if you have the folded edge last...so what I did was I sent an email to Sixxix they make the folders for SU!, and asked them, I will let you know what they say.  OK< so I heard back from Sixxix and they said it does not matter which way you run them through.

Here is a close up of what it looks like. Neat eh?

DSCN2737 copy
So wanna see the fancy schmancy way I take my videos? Don't laugh!

IMG_0817 copy
I put my camera on the tripod and make it go up so I can see through the camera, but not too far where you can't see what I am doing. Then I straddle the middle tri-pod leg, hoping I don't bang it as I tape. Since this is a family blog, I did not upload that picture. Ha!

IMG_0819 copy
This is what I see when I look through and then I also look around the camera too so I can see. So you think this is how Steven Spielberg got started? Lights! Camera! Action!

Oh and so there is no background noises, I turn off the ceiling fan and...

IMG_0830 copy
...take the phone off the hook. See how smart I am (after trial and error). I used to take it off the hook and I had to listen to the "screech!screech! if you would like to make a call" lady, so now I take it off the hook and unplug the headset, and I don't have to hear her anymore (if only it was that easy for all the danged political calls we have been getting!!)  I do, however, need to remember to hang it back up...oopsee, were you trying to call me? Cause I also put My Precious on silent...ha!

Added since post: 

Question: Where did you get the card display? Answer: I actually got it years ago on ebay, I don't remember from who or how much, but google card display and see what comes up. Ya gotta love that google.

So while I had my bad girl camera out today, I took a couple pictures of my Big Designer buttons, I got this beautiful greenish mason jar and put them inside, they look sooo cool!

IMG_0826 copy
I really need to take a photography class, cause I am still just using the camera on auto, and I know it can do much more. Eh Mel?

I did like this shot though.

IMG_0829 copy

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Well that's it for me for tonight!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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