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Treat Cone

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I was looking around in blogville the other day and one of the blogs I love to go to is Kimberly Van Diepen, she is an amazing stamper.  She has the cutest video on how to make these fun little cones.  She did a bunch that are Halloween (I'll show you mine another day).  I wanted the girls to do one at class, and they are getting the Love Letter DSP, and look how cute it turned out.

Added: Oops, I'm a dork, here is a link to Kimberly's video.  Thanks Kimberly, you are amazing!

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It hangs like this, cool eh?

Make sure to check out Kimberly's video and try them yourself.

Today we had our annual neighborhood block party and before that Jeff had a horseshoe tournament here at our house.  So our niece Lauren and her boyfriend Josh came over, and while Josh was playing horseshoes, Lauren, and my other niece Charlie and I headed into town to get a Halloween tree for Lauren to hang her little cone ornaments on. We sat and made a bunch together.  I picked one up the other day when I went to town to get tule for the ornaments.  I'll show you them tomorrow, I gotta hit the hay, I got class in the morning, and it's almost midnight.

Have an awesome Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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