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...the bedroom!

Only cause Jeff won't share the ottoman in the living room, so this way I can put my feet up and type. I made sure to stomp out in a huff with Toby following me (cause he's my dog) and slam the bedroom door, Jeff loves drama...NOT! Too funny! Jeff is off tomorrow so he won't read this till the next day.Ha!

I have my desktop computer backing up...for the first time ever! Ouch! that was a kind little hand slap from Kathy's GuRuss! Ha! So anyway I have never backed up the computer before so it has like 70GB of stuff to back up so I think it will be going all night.  The thing I got to back it up is a Hitachi thing and it is 1 Tierbyte. I am supposed to somehow after it back ups to be able to plug my laptop into in and transfer the files I want onto it.  OK. I hope so.  The guy at the store said I could also use it to back up my laptop, so I am assuming I just unhook it and hook it into this? I don't know, I'll be calling to ask cause I wouldn't think that would be good to do that all the time.

I do have to get used to the keyboard on the laptop. Holy Moly the keys look big, and so my fingers are hitting the wrong places. Plus I think the shift and caps lock are in slightly different spot as I keep hitting the caps lock instead of the shift key.  It will all figure itself out.

I do like being able to use my computer other places though. I also got a cordless mouse and that makes using the laptop easier. (especially now since I have been kicked out of the bedroom -Jeff is getting up early and I am back in my studio-ha!)ok so luckily this saved cause my battery died...oops. I dont remember it warning me!

Today I had one of my downline Carri come and help me stuff envelopes.  I have my Stamp a Stack of Christmas cards so she got them all ready to go while I cut ribbon. It was nice visiting with her while we worked.  My internet and house phone were down for about 5 hours or so today. What a pain.

So since I don't have any pictures loaded onto the laptop I don't have anything to share with you. I will get you something tomorrow...promise!

I don't even have my little signature thing on here yet!

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di

Waffles Anyone?

DSCN3070 copy

Today was such a cold blustery day. It was even dark outside. I did finally turn the heat on the other day, cause I was freezing in bed, and I about froze my nose off getting out of the shower, so it was time.

The sun came out for a little bit as you can see in this picture as it reflects into the roosting box. Look at those beautiful eggs.

IMG_0914 copy
I finished cutting the ribbons for my class this coming weekend, well at least what I had in house, the rest get here tomorrow, so that meant I had time to open the laptop and check it out. I saw by the manual that I was to make back up DVD's for recovery discs, and of course I had none here.  So I made a trip to the store and picked some up.  So I did get that done, it took about an hour to do.  I added my virus program, and changed a couple settings, and then I said enough for now.  I need to install Office to it still. Then I need to figure out picture stuff and photoshop, I have it on this computer, can I put it on the laptop? I use it to drag my watermark on the cards, and to size things. So I definitely need it.

I wanted to show one of my favorite cards from Founder's Circle, I love the vintagey, grungy kinda look of this card. This card was made by Jenny Peterson. Thanks Jenny for the beautiful card!

DSCN3068 copy

Stamp Set: Bells & Boughs, Christmas Collage, Peaceful Season

Paper: Always Artichoke, Cherry Cobbler, Crumb Cake (almost sounds like a dinner eh?)

Ink: Soft Suede, Cherry Cobbler, Always Artichoke

Misc: Linen Thread, Scallop border punch, Metallic Silver Waffle paper, Deck the Halls Big Designer buttons, Decorative Label punch, 1 3/8" circle punch, rhinestone bling

So look what I found in my kitchen today?

IMG_0905 copy
It's Chef Gibbs back from his world tour, whipping up a scrumptious brunch of fried potatoes, and pork chops.

IMG_0916 copy
Here he lovingly uses an egg wash to bread his pork chops, and what eggs does he use? That's right folks home grown eggs! The girls were just a bit too late or they would have been the freshest eggs cooked, cause when I collected them later they were still warm!

I want to Welcome Kristen, the newest girl to my team. I am so excited to have her join my Di's Country INKers family.

If you have been thinking about joining Stampin' Up! I would love to talk to you about it.  The kit is half off right now, it's only $87.50, but you wanna hurry, that price ends on November 30. You can read more about it on my blog post here.

This old gal is gonna call it a night.  Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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In the House...

DSCN3062 copy

...but still in the box...ha! I ran out this morning to check on getting a laptop and printer.  I needed a wireless printer, and didn't want to mess with a router or something to use the printers I already have, so I wanted to start fresh.

Yesterday when Melissa and I were together we went to one office supply store and I found the printer I wanted and put it in the cart, we asked the sales girl if the printer would print on cardstock and she checked and said yes, so then she took us to the ink.  Then I said I was also looking to get a laptop so she took us over there.  They did not have a Dell which I kinda was leaning towards, they did have Toshiba though and I had heard they were good.  She said if I got the computer and the printer together that the printer would be $40.00 off, and I was like cool.  Then she was also talking about the extended warranty and said if I got the computer and printer it would be cheaper cause they go on the same warranty, again I thought cool.  Since at the time I was still undecided over the whole 15 or 17 inch and I knew the prices were still good for today I said I would wait on it all and decide later.  I also wanted to head on over to the other office supply that carries the Dell and see what kinda deals they had.  So they had a deal buy the computer and get $40.00 off an HP printer, well I wanted an Epson like the one I had picked at the other store.  So then the guy figured out about how much I would be spending for this and that and I was hmmm...I'm gonna sleep on it, again knowing the prices would be the same today.

Oh and a little tidbit of advice, don't try to close the lid to look at the cover or lift the computer to see how heavy it is, it sets this ungawdly high pitched squeal off and if you wear hearing aids like me, they also start squealing, then they have to come over and turn it off. So the guy was like yeah they are locked down against theft and I was like "well I understand, but it seems bad that I can not even lift and really look at the item I want to buy before I purchase it" I mean he was right there, I was not gonna take it. What a sad world we are in eh?

So the more I thought about it, and looking on line and stuff, I figured I would get the Toshiba, save the $40.00 on the printer, and group them together for the extended warranty.  So I went to the same chain but a different store that was closer to me.  So then I say about the $40.00 off the printer and the guy is like "that is for an HP printer" and I'm like "huh? that's not what the girl said yesterday".  Then when we get to the warranty's I was like "so I can warranty them together for cheaper right?" again the guy is like "nope they are separate warranties".  I'm like what the heck!?  So anyway, I got all I needed, plus an external hard drive back up thing, that was not on the price list from the other store, and I got a better deal then the second office supply with the Dell, so I am happy. BUT the little hum and haw-er in me is gonna call the other office supply store tomorrow and ask on the phone and see what they say, cause I am thinking, if the girl was right about this, shouldn't they have to credit me? Am I being an anal bum? Who knows? Check in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel...HA! POW! BOP!

Back to the blog title...yep it's all still in the boxes, I did take the computer out of the box, and that was it, I never took it out of the plastic or anything, it's back in the box.  I am still cutting paper for class and I know I want to dedicate a day in getting the whole thing set up so I gotta leave it be. Plus I need to back up this computer and want to do that. I am a little scared to be honest. My sister is the computer brain in the family and she is far away in the land of Canada and I do have my blog friend Kathy and her hubby GuRuss that have been the sweetest people with advice, but I like hand holding when it comes to this stuff.  Are you like that too?

So anyway, I wanted to share a beautiful vintage card with you that I got at Founder's Circle, this card was made by Mary Ellen Byler! I love it Mary Ellen...thanks!!

DSCN3060 copy
Stamp Set: French Foliage, Bells & Boughs

Paper: Always Artichoke, Crumb Cake, Very Vanilla

Ink: Crumb Cake, Always Artichoke, Early Espresso

Misc: Deck the Halls Fabric, Decorative Label punch, Perfect Setting die, Pearls, Victoria ribbon

DSCN3063 copy
I love all the details and she even sewed the fabric and the ribbon on the card. Just gorgeous!

Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you. When I got out to my truck to load all my computer stuff in the back, I was putting it in the back of the truck I have a Nitro SUV so I had lifted the back door thingie, and somehow I must have hit the button on my key so then I hear honk honk bleep bleep and I'm like oops someone's alarm is going off and I look around and then I'm like crap it's me! So then I am like what do I do? So I am pushing the buttons on the keys I close the back door, I go in the truck open the door, start it up the whole time honk honk bleep bleep, and finally I am like screw it! So I go back unload my stuff from the cart into my truck, like this is just a normal thing for me. Meanwhile I am announcing to the whole parking lot, look at me I'm a dork, but I'm a dork with a new lap top and printer.  So I get it all in the truck, I push the cart aside, and I get in and its still honk honk bleep bleep, the flashers are flashing, so I turn the key and think that will stop it, nope, so I am like thinking oh well, so I back up and start to drive around the parking lot, I figured I need to find a small corner in the lot where I could hide to call my hubby, but then the thing shut up. Geesh, what the heck, I really need to find out the magic words to make it stop in case I ever do that again, because "you piece of &^%$!! Shut the *&%!! up" is not them . So then I drove home and went no where else.

Ok enough blabbing from me today, have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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Don't you wish you could know what they were thinking? Know what they were saying when they bark or whine at you?  I know I sure do with Toby, I think we would have lovely conversations.

Have you seen this commercial? It makes us laugh when the dog is dreaming about his bone and tossing and turning in his bed.


Well the other day I gave Toby a cookie, they are these tasty pretzel shape graham cookie things I got from a home party I had.  I had given Toby one a couple days ago and he ran off with it and I figured he was going to eat it.  Then about 15 minutes later I had to go pee, so as I am sitting there, in he comes with that cookie and starts to eat it, and I am thinking where the heck was that this whole time? 

So I gave him another one the other day and then I watched him.  First he headed over to the couch and he jumped up and proceeded to pretend to dig in the couch like he would the ground, and I was like "hey that's enough of that, you'll dig a hole in the leather".  So I chased him down off the couch, then he walked around the living room and you could almost see the wheels turning in his head "where do I put it, the Mum human says I can't bury it in the couch, the boy human will be home soon and he eats everything!" so then he looks at his toy box (this is an old suit case, remember those hard ones with the mirror in the lid? I think it was for traveling with your toiletries- I keep his toys in it on the floor - Oh you should see him go nuts, when he looks in the mirror on the lid and catches my reflection it it, he thinks I'm in the other room...and will look around the corner ha!) ok back to this story.  So he gets his front two feet into the little suitcase and then starts digging in there.  Then he drops the cookie in there and climbs out.  Then he walks around about three minutes, then he is back into the suitcase and gets it out, then off he goes.  Well by this time I am calling my BFF Tracy to tell her how crazy Toby is, and she has never seen the commercial, so since I found it and posted it now she will and so will you if you have not seen it. (what did we ever do before YouTube?)

So then he came back out and I was like what the heck did he do with it. So I head to the bedroom cause that is where he went, and then he ran lickety split ahead of me and went into the closet and he must have hidden it in the laundry, cause out he comes with it.  Then he decided I better eat this dang thing before the human does (did I say I can eat a whole bag? yeah and well I do believe it says serves 8).  So crazy.  See wouldn't you love to know what they think?

Well I had a fun day today, shopping (OMG! it was nuts and I didn't head out till 9:30), met up with Melissa and we did some shopping, we went to the movie Due Date.  It was funny, not as funny as Hang Over, but pretty funny just the same. Then we headed over to Cantina Laredo, I had a coupon for free quacamole and we got dessert to share. We are cheap dates eh?  Then we did some more shopping.  We were looking at Christmas trees (didn't get one, but we got some cute ornaments), and then laptops and printers (didn't get one, but will head out again tomorrow). My sister says to get a 17", but that seems so big to travel with so I am thinking 15 or 16 inches.  I know there is probably not much difference...ha! I need a laptop for Leadership in January so I gotta get me one.  Plus at home I think I will be using a docking station with my laptop so will use my 24 inch screen.  But it seems like the 17 inchers have better processors and stuff, so will ask a few more questions tomorrow. They probably run when they see me coming. Staples said they could move what I want from this computer over to the laptop too, but would take a day or two...ugh! Don't think I can go without a computer for that long.

So I wanted to share a card with you that was a swap from Founder's Circle, this card was made by Andrea Walford. Thanks Andrea!!

DSCN3058 copy
Stamp Set: Seasonal Sentiments, Tags Til Christmas

Paper: Crumb Cake, Chocolate Chip, Real Red, Whisper White

Ink: Real Red, Chocolate Chip

Misc: Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder,Scallop trim border punch, rhinestone and dazzling diamonds

Well this old gal is gonna say nightie night and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks so much for stopping in! 

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Black Friday Madness

DSCN3057 copy

Right now as I type this (it's 10pm on Thursday night) I am unsure if I will be heading out early to brave the crowds and madness to get that great deal when there is only three items in the store at that price or some crazy thing like that (I heard that on the tv).  I say there will be specials later.  I do need a laptop and maybe I would get a great deal, but won't there be deals near Christmas too or later in the afternoon?  

Those of you that have signed up to receive my email newsletters (if you haven't, to sign up its in the left column and says "Sign up for my Email Newsletter and it has the little envelope beside it) have already received your email from me telling you the great deals I have today for Black Friday.  I figured I wanna spread a little cheer too, plus if you are like me and want to hang out leisurely in the morning drinking your coffee, why not take advantage of some online deals right?

I do know I am going to go to a movie with my girlfriend Melissa (hey honey I am not wearing my Eclipse shoes) in the afternoon.  We are just undecided if we want to shop a bit before or after. She is more on the ball then me she actually had the sales ads and was looking at them.

So I wanted to show a quick card that will be one of the ones the girls do at my Stamp a Stack of Christmas cards, and this one is actually the one that Colleen Magness did for her Founder's Circle swap, (I said one of the ones I posted earlier was hers...oops! well it was the same embossing folder and no one corrected me...ha!)  I used less bling then she did since there will be 70 cards made in this style. Thanks Colleen for the awesome card to case!

DSCN3056 copy
Stamp Set: Tags till Christmas

Paper: Always Artichoke, Crumb Cake, Real Red, Whisper White

Ink: Always Artichoke, Real Red, Whisper White craft

Misc: Northern Flurry embossing folder, Decorative label punch, rhinestone bling, White Taffeta ribbon, small oval punch

Tip: To get that Real Red Decorative Label punch layer behind the white punched out image, cut the punched out red label in half and then glue it under the white punched one, it gives the "look" of being layered but its really the same punch.

I am not sure I showed you this yet. It was hard to take a picture of, I really need to get higher back ground things.

Candle abra
I picked this up a couple weeks ago on one of my antique shopping trips, I just love the look of it, and I am not sure where I am going to hang it.  I want to put my battery operated candles in it so it will flicker and add ambience to my studio, it came with the real white candles.  But when Lauren and I were out last weekend I found a different one that I really really want to go get.  It was shabby chic and had like crystals hanging on it and I just keep thinking about it.  Not sure where I would hang either, but I just love them.

Well this old gal is gonna hit the hay just in case I end up getting up early after all.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are ready for a nice relaxing weekend.  Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in!

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