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Remember I showed you this framed "art" the other day?

DSCN2993 copy

Well now look at it...

DSCN2998 copy you like it? I Shabby Chic-ed up the frame.  

DSCN2999 copy
It was not that hard to do (granted I was only doing a picture frame). I don't know if I did it right, but it worked. I watched a few videos on YouTube. I had gone to Home Depot and showed the paint girl the cabinets I wanted to copy and then she picked these two as close colors.  I painted on Swiss Coffee which was the white color, I did a couple coats.  Then after it was dry I put on a Blanket Brown glaze, and I wiped it off (Jeff didn't want that old t-shirt anymore anyway).  I sprayed it with a acrylic sealer that oopsee I laid it on the side walk and left a mark. I think I am going to do that to my lateral cherry wood color file cabinet.

If my new cabinets came white, I would probably attempt to do this to them.  Since they are going to come natural wood and I don't have the equipment, or the time to paint them myself, I'm just gonna shabby chic my decorations instead. Jeff said tonight, "we can always paint them later." and I am thinking well gee I would think painting before they are hung would be easier...that's just me though.

I talked to the guy tonight and it looks like the cutting table wall won't be done till the first of January and the computer wall won't be done till the first of February.  That is a little longer then I was hoping, but hey it will get done and it will be here before you know it right? That'll give me time to paint the ceiling, and purge.

I have been busy making a variety of tags and bags to sell, so I will stamp something new for you tomorrow.  If you are interested in any of the tags and bags, or just tags let me know.  I will put them in my Etsy store unless you holler at me.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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