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Joy at Christmas Easel Card

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So one of the cards I got in my Founder's Circle swap was an amazing Christmas card with a photo on it from Georgia Giguere. When Rachel booked her workshop she said a lot of her friends have kids now and they would like to make a picture card, and I thought hmmm...I know just the one.  So I pulled out Georgia's card (thank you so much for an outstanding card Georgia!), and if I didn't about fall over when I took it out of the plastic sleeve and realized, it was a gosh darned easel card.  Well I was gonna be the bees knees at Rachel's workshop now.

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So I got to cutting the paper and all that good stuff (finding a picture of the old man and I taken a few years ago) cause I had to re-do the card for the stamps I had. I think it was just the background on the Always Artichoke that I did different.  Isn't it the cutest card? All the girls loved it at the party.

DSCN2933 copy
Stamp Set: Perfect Punches, Heard from the Heart, Serene Snowflakes

Paper: Always Artichoke, Cherry Cobbler, Shimmery White, Deck the Halls DSP

Ink: Cherry Cobbler, Always Artichoke

Misc: Victoria Crochet Trim, Scallop Circle punch, Pearl, Top Note, Petals a Plenty Embossing Folder, Ribbon border punch

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of these cards.  I can make them so you can put a picture on them, and the DSP pattern would vary within the Deck the Hall packet. They would include an envelope.  Or I think I could also do them in a kit, where you get the supplies, but you would have to supply your own inks, stamps, and adhesives.  I would need to get all the costs figured out, as it would depend on how many you would need.  Of course supplies would be limited. 

So yesterday I totally forgot to show you these two items. What reminded me is Joyceh said I should make one of these, and I was like hey I already got one.  In fact I got this one off of Etsy and I put antibiotic gel in it. Neat eh?

DSCN2943 copy

I also forgot to show you this sign, I love it.  There was this one booth that I got about three things from, including this sign, and the girl's name is Julie and I totally think we would be friends, I loved her booth.

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While I was out yesterday I found a Pampered Chef round stone that my friend Sharon has been looking for, I guess they don't sell them anymore, so I called her and she was just around the corner with her hubby (oh the poor poor man - you know where this going). Anyway they came over to buy the stone and they looked around the store too.  I looked at this really cool black jewelry armoire cause I was thinking of all the stuff I could put in it.  Sharon was like just think about it and see.  So I did, I thought about it all the way home and at home and looking around my stamp room I looked across the room and saw the perfect place for it and it basically matched the shelf I would put it under. So I texted Sharon and asked if she had today off, and the fates were on our side, and she said yes.  Plus she really was wanting this refrigerator dish set.  So we made plans to go today.

I know I said I would give you a break on all my crazy antique talking, most of you are enjoying it.  I did have one "Unsubscribe" from my blog feed as "content no longer relevant" oh well...sorry!

So we went to the store that had the jewelry case and I had them get it ready for me, they had all sorts of stuff displayed on it.

DSCN2948 copy
So this picture is not the best but you can see it. All those are drawers some are thicker then others and then the sides fold out for necklaces, well one side holds all my lanyards from all my conventions, leaderships, cruises etc. And the other side holds my...brayers!

Then the drawers I have not fully decided.  The bottom two hold my scale for weighing packages and the sticky label printing things for packages.  They may not always stay there, but for now, it is perfect.  I want to vacuum out the drawers and febreeze it before I start really filling it. Not that it stinks but it could be refreshed.

Then onto the fun refrigerator dishes, Sharon found the ones she wanted, and they were so cute, a white color with turquoise colored design on them. So she took note of the price, then we walked further and she found them again, and it was priced for the whole set, not individually like the other place.  So then I grabbed two milk bottles I wanted and we headed to the register.  Sharon had not been to the other store yesterday so she was anxious to see it and I was anxious to show her.

Well low and behold we found two of the individual small dishes in the same color and design so Sharon snagged those, then later we found the whole set again. What is funny is as you are carrying stuff, the people that run the store come take it from you and hold it up front with your name on it.  So the gentlemen had already taken Sharon's individual dishes up front and then when she found the set, she told the man she would not need the individual ones now, and he said he would take them back to the booth.  

Well I have been looking for a butter dish. Sharon laughs at me cause I am such a germafobe, but I leave my butter out in a dish.  Not the whole pound of butter, but a stick or half a stick, and it's real butter not margarine or anything like that. It's gone within a few days and then I put a fresh one out. It is inside my cupboard in a custard dish with a plate upside down on it, nothing can get on it.  That way when you butter your bread it does not tear it apart. So I kept seeing butter dishes and not liking anything I saw, so then (after the man returned the glass containers) I thought "hey I should use those dishes, it was two of them, I could always have one clean and ready to replace when the one goes empty). So then I had to find the man and tell him well hmmm...now I wanted the dishes, he laughed and said we were driving him crazy. In a good way of course. My BFF Tracy says "you're a piece of work" but she says it in a loving tone. So I know she means it in a nice way.

Wanna see how cute they are? I think the ladies said they were from the 50's.

DSCN2949 copy
Couldn't you just eat butter right out of em? Ya'll, I bet Paula Deen is wanting a pair herself.

Wanna see how cute it is with butter in it? It looks whipped but really it is cause I moved it over into this dish from the other dish with a spoon and it just did that.

Well I will have to show the picture later, for some reason my phone does not want to send it to my computer. OK it finally showed up in my email box...like three times...ha!


Here it sits next to Granny's Spoon Jar. Don't ya just have a hankering for a piece of toast and jam?  I told Sharon when she comes over for toast I will ask her if she wants the fridge butter or the cupboard butter.


Let's see what else did we get today?

DSCN2945 copy
I got this fun tree for hanging ornaments on. I might be spray painting it. I stopped at the store and picked up some antique white spray paint.

DSCN2946 copy
I also found this, and it is pretty big, I will hang it on the wall and I might move my simply adorned to here as it may hold them a bit better...or I might clip card samples or pictures to it...you just never know. It also might end up being spray painted.

DSCN2947 copy
I also got this too, and I saw it the other day and it was fated to be mine, not sure where it will go, but again we will see...debating on painting it as well. I will get Jeff to take a good look at it. If it is truly an antique, I don't want to be painting it. I say "truly an antique" cause I had to laugh the other day.  I saw a metal flower frog, the ones with the loops instead of the spikes like mine.  It even had flower something or other written on the bottom of it, and it was labeled  "old fashioned drain stopper".

DSCN2950 copy
I also got some more milk jars and mason jars and the one mason jar had an old lid on it. Rustier then all heck and it has a removable glass center.

DSCN2951 copy
I won't use it, I replaced it with a regular zinc one, but I will keep it aside for a conversation piece. Just think how boring that day would be that this would be the conversation topic? Ha!

Well that is all for me, (sorry I went on and on....and on) and if my Precious (brat) will ever send the pictures over I will add them to my post, I know you are sitting on pins and needles...ha!

Have an awesome Saturday, and thanks for stopping in!

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