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So today was a whirlwind kinda day. Jeff had the day off so we went to breakfast and then I ran errands I had to return a couple things and I wanted to pick up a Christmas tree, not a huge one, just a nice size one to go in the corner of the living room.  We haven't put a tree for the last couple years, well last year we bought the live small one and then we planted it outside and it died.  I usually make December so crazy I never have time to decorate for the holidays, so this year I said I am gonna do it.  So today was the day for the tree.  

While I was putting it together Jeff brought in a box from my BFF Tracy. She did some antique shopping for me in PA, and her hubby made me something too, and the parcel came today. I will share those with you another day.  I did however want to show you the beautiful card she sent me.

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Sorry the color is off, my camera hates taking pictures of red, I need to get with Melissa and find out what to do about that.  Tracy also put a note in with it, that the directions to make the tree can be found here at Connie Babbert's blog.  It is so pretty eh?

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I love all the details, how she put the thin taffetta over top of the crochet trim ribbon makes it look so different.

Tracy and I always tease, she is the East Coast girl and she is more fancier I think then me, she likes fancier food then me too, I could live on french fries.  She has a beautiful house and has the flare for decorating, and when she sets a table you feel like a queen.  I'm like well I hope all the paper plates match...ha! Just kidding.  But when they say opposites attract that is one place that is the truth in that aspect.  

So anyway, I got the tree all up and I wanted to share some pictures with you if that is ok.

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Here it is in all its shiny glory, I love that it is a prelit tree, this had to be the fastest tree we have ever had to put together.  See the beautiful quilted stars on the wall by the tree? Those were made by Tracy's Mother in Law, and she has since passed away so they have a special place in my heart cause Tracy shared some of her Mother in Law with me.

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This little ornament was given to Eric when he was just a baby and we went home to Canada and he was baptized at the church I went to.  They actually did the story about baby Jesus for the congregation and they used Eric as the baby.  This was given to us by the lady that taught us at Young People's when I was growing up.

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This was our first ornament after we got married.

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This is my newest ornament cause it came in the box from Tracy, she said we needed a chicken ornament.  I love it, and I will hang her up after Christmas somewhere else so she stays out year round.

IMG_0931 copy
This is a new ornament this year, I loved the shiny-ness of it and it even jingles. I was with Melissa when I got this one, she got a different one for her tree.

IMG_0938 copy
This is another new one.  I picked these up on black Friday when the lines were crazy long.

IMG_0945 copy
Here's another new one.  I have a couple of each of them, and they are so pretty, and kinda heavy in fact, I had about a dozen altogether and I had them hanging on my fingers cause I didn't get a cart and I had to wait in line for about half hour or more, and I was shaking my head (inside I was shaking it, only I knew I was doing it) at these two women they had to be Mum and daughter, and they were disgusted at the ridiculous lines (I read their lips..ha!) and so they stood there and griped to each other for about 10 minutes (I don't know if they were hoping someone would let them cut in, but not with that attitude) then they went to the store girl that was manning the lines and said "are these the only check outs, is it true we will have to wait an hour?" and the girl said yes (even though that was wrong, it was not that long), so then she was like "well I don't want this, do you?" and she hands all her stuff to the worker lady.  I am like well I am about to lose a finger and you don't see me getting all huffy and boo-hooing!

IMG_0941 copy
This is just a neat shot, I was having fun with my bad girl camera. Gotta love that auto setting.

IMG_0952 copy
This is one of my favorite ornaments, Granny made Jeff and I a bunch of ornaments one year, she crocheted us a bunch of snowflakes and she knitted us stuff too.  Over the years I have given a few away to dear friends that I know will appreciate a little bit of love from Granny on their tree.

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This is Poppa's angel.  I got this Angel for the Christmas tree 13 years ago after Poppa died, I think of him every time I look at her, and she is the first thing to go on the tree.

IMG_0942 copy
This is Toby's view, or if you drink too much Christmas Egg Nog.

I want to Welcome back Deena, the newest girl to my team. I am so excited to have her back in my Di's Country INKers family.

So today starts my 12 Days of Christmas specials, those of you that get my email newsletter should be getting that in your email box anytime. If you aren't signed up, then make sure to go over to the left hand colomn and where it says Sign up for my Email Newsletters that is where you will do it. If you get my blog in a reader or your email, you will need to go to the actual blog to sign up.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

P.S. To my sister Jax, is this post not as boring as yesterday? ha! Love ya!

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