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December 2010

Sew Suite

Sew Suite bonus 005 copy

Wow, I woke up to a whole bunch of owl calendar orders and I kept getting more all day long, thanks so much I really appreciate it, I am glad to see them off to their new homes. Over half of them are gone, and I am down to just one or two of certain styles, so if you are interested, please let me know.

I hosted a swap recently with stamp sets from the upcoming mini catalog, and for the cards that got here by a certain day I would make a bonus card.

This is the card I did, I got the idea from Ilina Crouse and tweaked it a bit. Thanks Ilina!

Sew Suite bonus 002 copy
Stamp Set: Tiny Tags, Sew Suite

Paper: Daffodil Delight, Melon Mambo, Very Vanilla, Watercolor paper, Sweet Stitches DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Sahara Sand, Daffodil Delight, Wild Wasabi, Tempting Turquoise, Melon Mambo

Misc: Vanilla Seam binding, vintage trinkets, jewelry tag punch, framed tulips embossing folder, oval die

Sew Suite bonus 007 copy
I cut and popped out the tomato pin cushion thingie. 

So can you believe that tonight will be New Year's Eve? Holy Moly.  Are you doing anything? Going to any parties? Do you go to the movies? We stay home. Ha! Aren't we the social butterflies? Maybe I'll pop some popcorn and put in a movie.

Have an awesome Friday, and thanks for stopping in!

Talk to you next year!!

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Today's Post is For the Birds

I got all my magnetic owl calendars done today and will post them in my Etsy store. Each one gets cuter then the next, I have 5 different styles available.

Owl calendars 006 copy
Owl calendars 004 copy
Owl calendars 009 copy
Owl calendars 011 copy
Owl calendars 013 copy
Today was a rainy miserable day so it was a nice day to stay in.  I did have to go out and collect eggs and before it started raining I took my camera out to take a few pictures.  I didn't get any good ones of Gertie and Stella (I need to figure out how to not make the chicken wire the main focus).

Here is Alice getting herself ready to lay.

The girls 006 copy
Isn't she so cute?

The girls 015 copy
Then Clara stuck her head in and said "hurry it up already, I've got an egg on the way" So I let them have some peace.

It's supposed to freeze tonight which won't be good cause of all the rain today, hopefully the roads won't be bad when Jeff goes to work.

So I finished my Black Dagger Brotherhood book last night and found out it is not the last one, I am so glad, there was even a bit of the next book at the end, and I can hardly wait till it comes out.

Tonight I watched a repeat of Modern Family, it was the Halloween episode and it had me laughing just as hard this time as the last time.

Well I'm gonna sign off and hit the hay, have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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I'm a Stamper...

...not a painter.

So this is what Jeff and I did today.

Painting ceiling

While I covered the tables and everything with plastic drop cloths, and when I ran out of those, a white sheet, and also some plastic grocery sacsks...ha! Jeff put up blue tape all along the edges of the ceiling. I mean that is what its for right?  We were painting the ceiling a paint called Heavy Cream. Years ago it was white, and then when we painted the studio Certainly Celery we just did the ceiling too, but it sure made it darker in here, so with the new revamping I wanted to paint it lighter, so that is what we did today.  So after I did all the trim painting, and he did the rest, and we had to do two coats. After it dried, I started to remove the tape and found this...

Paint mess copy
What the heck? Are you kidding me?  I don't remember this happening on Divine Design while Candice is remodeling rooms. Jeff said "did you push the tape up against the wall before you started to paint?" and I am like "no, you didn't tell me to do that, you put the tape up and I figured that was that".

Christmas 2010 012 copy
So then I was trying to get a good job done around the ceiling fan with the brush and not having much luck and so then Jeff did it, and I watched him load the paint brush and slap slap slapped it on the inside of the paint can, and I am like "is that how you do that?" and he was like "haven't you ever painted before?" well apparently not that way, no wonder his was better cause he was really able to load that paint brush up, all day long I was dragging it on the side of the can...oh well, live and learn.

So then I was like I can not live with that horrible edge, so I got out my trusty artist paint brush (thanks BFF for telling me to do it, I know you were only joking, but it worked.)

Artist brush
So I went all along the edges with the Certainly Celery and fixed it.  There were a few places I could not reach but when the cabinets go in I will be able to get up close to the wall and finish it then.

So since I obviously got no stamping done today I thought I would share some Christmas pics with you.

Christmas 2010 004 copy
Here's Eric and his new game chair, it has speakers and woofers and maybe tweeters too. He can listen to his tv through it and also play his games, I sat in it today, and I could feel the woofers in my back.

Christmas 2010 005 copy
Here's Jeff and his new seat covers and steering wheel cover, it don't take much to make the man happy. Thank goodness, we can only have one high maintenance person in the family...who shall remain nameless.

Christmas 2010 009 copy
Look at this cute little bobble head beaver Eric got me.  Too funny when Eric and Mike (Eric's HAB helper) were out shopping, Mike called and named off all these animals and I had to pick the one I wanted.  So being I am Canadian, I picked the beaver.  I had no idea what I was getting I am just glad he was not at the pet store when he called.  I will show a picture of my desk lamp another day, but right now my desk is a mess from today's moving stuff around.

Christmas 2010 022 copy
I couldn't remember if I posted my little wire tree or not, I know I had taken pictures before of it, but was pretty sure I never shared it. This has MAMMa's snowman ornament on it, as well as a nice snowman one that my friend Kathy Bethune made a couple years back. The other little snowman I picked up on our trip to Illinois a couple years back. Would we have driven through the Adirondacks or something like that? If so, I got them there.

Christmas 2010 020 copy
When Melissa and I went shopping one day we picked up these 3 ornament balls that hold pictures, that I was supposed to decorate and still have not (that's why they aren't pictured here). I also picked this up and I loved how it displayed the little tag.  Now all this stuff will get put away till next year (well the wire tree will stay out...I love it, I will just put different stuff on it).  

So hopefully today's post was not too boring, I know that Jeff was ready for bed and complaining about his neck, painting the ceiling is a pain in the...well...neck, and I am looking forward to a nice nights sleep too.  I am almost done my Black Daggerhood book and want to get it done. I am not for sure if it is the last one or not, I need to google it. If it is I am sure gonna miss these characters.

Oops, my dryer just buzzed so I am gonna say nightie night!

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Happiness Shared...

Note card Happiness Shared 008 copy better then germs shared. 

Today I ran over to the Home Depot to pick up some plastic sheets to protect stuff when we paint the ceiling in my studio tomorrow.

It was a bit cool, so I wore my "I AM Canadian" thermal shirt, so when I walked in the man greeter said "I am what?" and I was like "Canadian", and he was like "oh did you move here?" and I was like I have lived here a long time", then he said "where did you buy a shirt like that here?" and I was like "I didn't, I bought it when I went home to Canada". So in my head I am thinking Sir, can you not see I am germy, I have a stuffed up nose, and my nostrils are all flaky and I have a freakin' cold sore on my lip, do you really want to keep talking to me? If I were him I would have run from me, blowing out my breath so I did not suck up any of my germs, and I would have gone to the bathroom and washed my hands and gargled with warm water. But nope, I tried to push my cart away to shop and he was saying behind me "can I help you find something?" so perhaps he wanted to get sick so that he could take some time off, I really don't know, I told him a couple of the things I was looking for and he sent me on my way to the screw section in the store.

I took down and put away the Christmas decorations today, I needed to dust and they had been up since the end of November so it was time. Now the house seems so big, so I didn't get my owls done. They are living right now in this beautiful heart pewter dish I got from Ellie. I love it!

Owls in heart dish
I also wanted to get away from Christmas stuff for now, although I may go back and share some of the Christmas cards we got this year.

I love having our note cards around. They are Whisper White and come in a 20 pack that includes the envelopes, they are the perfect size for a gift enclosure or a thank you note. They are 5"x 3 1/2", and they are easy to just stamp on, color and mail. No need to go crazy unless you want to.

I kept this card fairly simple, and I stamped the envelope to match.

Note card Happiness Shared 004 copy
Stamp Set: Happiness Shared

Paper: Whisper White

Ink: Jetblack Stazon

Misc: Watercolor Wonder crayons, Watercolor pencils, white gel pen

Well I better sign off for tonight, go take a cold pill and hit the hay, we got some tables to move around in the morning to start painting. For those of you that have asked, nothing has been done yet cabinet wise in the studio so I have not taken any pictures, as soon as they start going in I will, it won't be totally finished till February.

Have a super Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Obsession or Addiction?


Can you believe it? Yep, I'm making more. Somebody stop me! Quoting Jim Carrey from the Mask.

Today I spent the day in my jammies and made a bunch of these little guys.

I did a few different styles.

I'll finish them tomorrow.

Today I tried a new recipe, and it was really good.  It is a Pioneer Woman recipe called Ranch Style Chicken,  It was so yummy and we had it with our left over Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes from Christmas.

Well I am gonna sign off for today, not much happens in your jammies, punching owl after owl after owl...ha!

Have a great Monday enjoy the last week of the year. Also don't forget that the Holiday mini catalog is winding down as well.

To order anything Stampin' Up! my on-line store is open 24-7  Shop in your jammies!!

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