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Today's Post is For the Birds

I got all my magnetic owl calendars done today and will post them in my Etsy store. Each one gets cuter then the next, I have 5 different styles available.

Owl calendars 006 copy
Owl calendars 004 copy
Owl calendars 009 copy
Owl calendars 011 copy
Owl calendars 013 copy
Today was a rainy miserable day so it was a nice day to stay in.  I did have to go out and collect eggs and before it started raining I took my camera out to take a few pictures.  I didn't get any good ones of Gertie and Stella (I need to figure out how to not make the chicken wire the main focus).

Here is Alice getting herself ready to lay.

The girls 006 copy
Isn't she so cute?

The girls 015 copy
Then Clara stuck her head in and said "hurry it up already, I've got an egg on the way" So I let them have some peace.

It's supposed to freeze tonight which won't be good cause of all the rain today, hopefully the roads won't be bad when Jeff goes to work.

So I finished my Black Dagger Brotherhood book last night and found out it is not the last one, I am so glad, there was even a bit of the next book at the end, and I can hardly wait till it comes out.

Tonight I watched a repeat of Modern Family, it was the Halloween episode and it had me laughing just as hard this time as the last time.

Well I'm gonna sign off and hit the hay, have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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