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Blushing Bride

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As the beautiful bride walked down the aisle to her handsome groom she couldn't help but blush as she wondered what their honeymoon might be like...huh? what? rewind!  Not that kind of Blushing Bride, I mean this year's new In Color...geesh!

I found this gorgeous card on the ever talented Renee Van Stralen's blog (you da bomb Renee!) and I knew it had to be one for class, as I look at it I realized oopsee I forgot to order the seam binding...oh well I 'll order it tomorrow with my pre-order from the new mini catalog, that has some awesome stuff.  That's just one of the perks of being a Demonstrator, the discount is great, and ordering a month earlier is even better.  If you want more information about becoming a Demonstrator, I would love to talk to you and have you join my team.

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Stamp Set: Easter Blossoms, On Your Birthday

Ink: Blushing Bride, Crumb Cake

Paper: Crumb Cake, Very Vanilla, Blushing Bride Pear Pizzazz, Newsprint DSP

Misc: Pinking Hearts punch, Curly Label punch, Pear Pizzazz Seam Binding


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item 122367 | $9.95

What a cool deal eh?

So yesterday I was mean and mentioned the 10/10/20 Grid Sheet Tracker Tip and well didn't tell the tip. Can I tell you I got a few emails asking what the heck it was? Ha! Well here it is.

First off a 10/10/20 class is 10 cards, 10 envelopes for $20.00.  The class usually has a theme, this month's is Birthday.

So when the girls come to class they get all their card supplies and envelopes in a cello bag.  Then they start with a bucket and make the cards all class long.  Scraps (if there is anything needed to be punched out or anything like that) are kept in the buckets along with inks, ribbons, etc.

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These are the buckets, I know they are ugly, I'd love to have something all pretty and cute but the truth is they get inked on and glue dotted on and now and then dropped on the floor from those excited girls at class. "What we are making a Renee Van Stralen card?! Oh my gosh, I love her!!" Crash!!! there goes a bucket as the poor class girl faints in you see that is why the buckets are plastic and not super beautiful.

So as usual I got off topic.  Inside the buckets are everything needed for each card. Inks, ribbons, etc. Each bucket is numbered from 1 - 10.

So when the girls sit at their spot they have their bucket and make the card, but gee how do you keep track of what you have done?

Well my darlin's I'm a little anal, maybe even a bit controlling some people this is what I tell the girls when they come to my 10/10/20 class for the first time.

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Ya'll see them numbers on the side? The ones from 1 - 10 - no not the ones along the bottom they go to 16, it aint a 16/16/20 class is it?...ha! Ok I don't say that, but anyway, so as you finish a bucket (cause you don't do them in order) that would be crazy as you get the  bucket done you...

016 copy
...mark the bucket number off of the grid sheet, that way you can tell what bucket you need. So at the end of the class, you can tell that you need bucket 2 and 5 so you know what bucket to go steal from someone...ha just kidding.  Cool eh?  Doesn't that make the little bit of the organizer in you just a little bit happier.  I know it does mine!

Gee what should I talk about next?  The weather? Gas prices? Ha! Yeah right! American Idol....stop reading if you TiVo or DVR or VCR or BETA or 8-tracked it.

I loved how they had the Idols singing together and Lauren & Scotty started out the night and they were so amazing together, I even shed a tear. They were both safe. Well yeah!

Then it was Jacob & Naimi, and they sang Solid and I love that song, unfortunately I didn't care for their version.  Naimi had her ear things not in so they swang around while she sang and danced, so not sure what was up with that.  She was the first bottom three person.

Then they did Pia, Thia, Diarea, oh wait no I mean Haley, I was on a rhyme thing there for a minute. I can't remember what they sang but it was something about tight jeans or something, and Pia was safe, and so was (what??) Haley?? are you kidding me?  Thia was bottom three.

Then they did James, Paul, Casey & Stefano, and well I love James he can sing the phone book and I loved watching Casey dance a little when he was playing his guitar.  Stefano looked like the piano should have been lower or they should have given him a chair. Paul was bottom three.

Then they had Fantasia singing in there somewhere something about corn fritters and fries (I loved her when she was on Idol that song where she sat down to sing it, gave me goose bumps it was so good) but this song?  Not sure, but she looks like she ate a few of the corn fritters while she was writing the song.  Love her, but tonight was odd for me.

Then Jamie Foxx and Sam I am sang and I wish they had of just shown the bird movie in the back ground, but one part I loved was when they showed the girls on the floor and it looked like a Kaliedascope, that was way cool.

One thing that makes ya go hmmmm????  They showed Chris Allen sitting in the audience. Gave him a quick howdee doo, but who sang at the beginning of this years American Idol? Adam Lambert..who LOST to Chris Allen, yeah that is something to think about isn't it?

Don't think too long, cause we are back with the bottom two going home....they saved Paul for another day. Thia and Naimi went home.

Whew, what a night, then I watched Greys' and my eyes are still all swollen and my head is throbbing from all the crying.  Even Jeff was like "what the heck is this show?" he didn't even know the characters and it was getting to him. He went to bed. I love my sensitive man.

Well speaking of bed, that is where I am headed.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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