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At Spring Fling MAMMa brought me the cutest little cake and cake box, and it was so cute I wanted to eat it right up.  I know that we have to eat a daily requirement of fiber but I don't think they mean paper fiber.

So after everyone that comes to class sees it sitting on my shelf they wanted me to do it as a class, so I said sure, I figured I would make a matching card (using the new set "Four Frames" - available to us Demonstrators now, and to everyone else next month) and we would be set. So today I changed up a few of the flower colors and whipped up the card and this is the class projects.

Birthday cake candle and card class
Isn't that cute? Wouldn't you love to get, or give that for a Birthday present?  The cake is a battery powered candle and you decorate it.

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Don't ya just want to eat it? Cupcake Wars Schmupcake this! Ha!!

Added since original post: a few people told me there was a tutorial on Splitcoast, I have not found it yet (my computer is being slow), when I do I will let you know what it is called... Ok, so it is called Tealight cake under resources by Anne Harada, and I found this from Julie Edmonds blog and I also see where I think MAMMa got her inspiration. Thanks Anne & Julie!! Thanks MAMMa - love you!

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I also a while ago was talking about hostess gifts and I used to give the stamped tiles, and I said I would show you one I did years ago.

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This is an old stamp set that I loved.  It is just a tumbled travertine tile (non-glazed) you stamp on it with stayzon, color with stampin pastels and then spray with a sealer.  I use it for my dirty spoon when I am cooking.  I would NOT put a hot pot on it just in case.  I look at this now and think boy my coloring has come a long way, cause I would have colored this way differently now.

OK American Idol fans, if you have not watched tonight's show...look away, and read no further.

Tonight the Idols sang songs from the year that they were born, and their parents talked too, and unfortunately half of them sang for the camera...yikes! 

First person up was:

Naimi (I think I have been calling her Daimi) - 1984 Tina Turner - wow her singing was all over the place tonight and I didn't really like it.  - maybe she will go home

Paul - 1984  Elton John - ok what I thought was fun quirkiness is now getting a little old.  I do still think he has a unique voice, but if I had to watch him in a whole concert, I think I would need to be on something.

Thia - 1995 - Vanessa Williams - she seemed so much more comfortable this week and older.  My BFF Tracy said she noticed she was smiling a lot more.  She seems to sing a lot of Disney-ish songs. Her slip was too short for her dress. 

I so love the way that J-Lo says her criticism cause she teaches and inspires and helps them as she does it.

James - 1989 - OMG! he could be my kid... Eric was born in 88. - Jon Bon Jovi.  Can I just say how much I love this guy.  He is a natural and the way he makes the audience part of the performance, I loved how he told Steven he would sing an Aeorsmith song in the finale.  You are darned tootin' he is the winner!!! I loved the whole doll comment his Mum was talking about.

Haley - 1990 - Whitney Houston - is this the only song from 1990 that she could find?  I didn't like her performance and she looks like she has been taking dance lessons from Paul. She had lipstick all over her face at the end and she was trying to look all sexy and had no idea. Ryan was the only one that finally said something. I mean give me a dang number I would have called 1-866-IDOLS - YOU GOT LIPSTICK ALL OVER YOUR FACE   - maybe she will go home

Stefano - 1989 - Simply Red - I didn't recognize that band name but I recognized the song and he was amazing.

Pia - 1988 - Whitney Houston - OMG the Grandpa story had me in tears.  She sounded awesome as usual, and she gets two extra points for the black nail polish

Scotty - 1993 - Travis Tritt - he put his own spin on it, and earlier in the night when James (love him) sang she said if she is singing along she is loving it, and with Scotty she was just sitting there, might be she didn't know the words. Scotty did great though, still wonder what he'll do come rock night.

Karen - 1989 - not sure who the singer was cause I was distracted by 10 feet of hair and earings the size of my toilet seat.  Did they have to dress the year too?  I didn't care for it. - maybe she will go home

Casey - 1991 Nirvana - ok I have heard this song before maybe in a movie, cause it is not the kind of music I listen too, but it was freakishly insanely captivating. Oh and his parents - way cool!

Lauren - 1994 - Melissa Etheridge (one of my fave singers) -  Lauren did a great job and she had the flu - geesh to look and sound that good with the flu. Oh and her Mum - could be her sister, she looks so young.

Jacob - 1987 - Heart - my poor heart is sad cause he ruined that song.  I wish he would have just sang it, he goes too over the top and just was not good.

I voted for (Jeff would only let me vote for three) James, Casey & Lauren

Oh and a comment, or two, on commercials during American Idol:

Can someone please explain to me the Subway commercial with the grown adults having little kids voices?  I don't understand it at all.

Oh and Ford (in case anyone out there is listening) get a new freaking commercial. The one you are showing is all faded and the only thing you changed since last year's Idol is the danged sales banner year. Geesh!

Well this old gal has to clean up and head to bed. We have our tax appointment tomorrow, I have my fingers crossed we at least break even. Please oh please!

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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