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For the Dogs

Since my post was so short I thought I would share with you this hilarious video that MAMMa just shared with me.  Jeff and I both laughed so hard.



This was the note that MAMMa had with the email:

Two dogs waiting patiently to get served in "restaurant", and in spite of waiting, never get anything to drink.

This video has had many positive comments - thanks to all of you. Some people though are worried for the dogs - were they forced and did they hurt themselves on the forks?

Firstly the dogs loved it - they are best friends and really like getting all the attention. We practised with the cutlery in advance, and both dogs very quickly figured it out. Besides the "waitress" kept on talking to them and encouraging them. They are very well behaved, and know when to sit still, take it slow and wait. This video was shot in one take, no cuts or editing - and both dogs had a wonderful time..The hand coordination was not preplanned - since everything was up to the dogs - but we both intuitively acted on the feeling of the dogs movement, plus we could hear from the "waitresses" comments, what the dogs were doing.

Enjoy and don´t be worried - both dogs loved it, and we love them..

Have yourself a great laugh and a great weekend too!



Another BFF Beauty

014 copy

I sure hope I didn't show this one yet.  I just got home from my workshop, so I am gonna be quick, as I gotta get up early for stamp club in the morning. I'm glad I still got a couple cards of Tracy's to show when I need to post something and not having time to do it myself.

I love this set, that old truck is so darn fun, and look how cute Tracy's card is and she didn't even color it.

013 copy
I think these were class cards that she sent me and the class must have been embossing folders, cause all the cards had one on them.  Just guessing.

Jeff has his horseshoe tournament tomorrow so he went to Costco and picked up buns, hotdogs, hamburger and about ten cans of manwhich. Hmmm...wonder what they will be eating...oh and these gigantic bags of chips.

OK, so I said it would be quick, and it's a quick one.

Have an awesome Saturday and thank you so much for stopping in.

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FLICKs for February

I hope I can see to type, I just finished watching American Idol...I'll talk about it more later.

004 copy

Today my niece Lauren came over and we went to lunch, we stopped off at the Pet store and I picked up a couple Easter toys for Toby and a couple containers of meal worms for the girls. Toby got one stuffie right away (the tail was chewed almost off in no time), and Lauren and I sat outside on lawn chairs while the girls ran around and I poured out the worms and Alice was a crazy chicken and tried to eat everybodys. In fact Clara would get one and Alice would run over and almost rip it out of her mouth. Crazy! I let them out later tonight and I don't know what was wrong with Gertie but she kept getting all up in Clara's face, like standing tall and making her neck all long and almost pecking at her, I told her I wouldn't have any of that. I'll have to google and see what that is about. They used to pick on her so maybe she is getting back.

OMG! and you should have seen Alice, I should have taped her, Lauren and I were laughing. Have you ever seen a chicken jump? It is so funny, she was jumping to get the leaves that are sprouting on the tree that overhangs the fence, that Jeff is going to trim so I stop catching my shirt on it..hint! hint!

I saw this adorable card by the talented Twila Mooneyham and I knew I wanted to do it for my FLICKs (First Level Incentive Card Kits) for February.  I tweaked it just a bit.  Thanks for the card idea Twila, you rock!!

002 copy
Stamp Set: Aviary, Smarty Pants

Paper: Old Olive, Marina Mist, Whisper White

Ink: Basic Black, Old Olive, Marina Mist, Poppy Parade,Daffodil Delight

Misc: 1" circle punch, Poppy Parade ribbon

Ok, so I watched Grey's Anatomy after American Idol and I can't wait till next week.  I sure hope they don't have a 2 hour American Idol and I miss it.

OK so speaking of American Idol, stop reading if you have NOT watched it.

It was a much more entertaining, and gut wrenching night then the night before.  To start off the Idols sang and then they opened up the doors and Stevie Wonder was wheeled out playing the piano and I thought Steven Tyler was gonna faint, I think he was as excited as everyone else was, then Stevie Wonder finished his song and started to talk to Steven Tyler and said something about it's what friends do, and they all started singing Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler, they had a cake and everything and Steven was totally shocked!

The first three on stage were Lauren, Pia & Scotty and they were all safe.  Tonight they were going to be figuring out the Top 10 that will travel around and do concerts.

I must say there was lots o'cleavage tonight. I'm just sayin', that's all.

Then Sugarland performed...Yay! Country!! Now I am so glad that Jennifer Nettles is a singer and not a clothes designer, cause she is a little bit color blind, and she was a little late for the green pants, St Patrick's day was last week, but at least she wore her Easter belt.

They showed some fun times at the house where they were wrestling as James loves wrestling.

Then they did my boy James, and Paul - Ryan said they were not safe, and I almost was sick, and then the door opens up and Hulk Hogan stands there and I thought James was gonna faint.  So Hulk tells them they are safe and then he pounds Ryan in the face and he falls into the crown, and then he rips off his shirt.  Unforunately now anytime I say "keep your shirt on" this vision will come to me and I will shiver just a little bit as it was indeed creepy.  Jeff said this is his signature move the whole shirt thing, but I am like maybe he should retire that. Who wants to see a 100 year old fake tanned shaved chest...not I, not I.

Then they did Stefano, Thia & Jacob. Jacob was safe and Thia and Stefano went to the bottom three chairs, so I was right with Thia, not with Stefano.

Then they did Casey, Haley & Naimi, and I was saying see ya Hayley, bye bye Haley, and OMG! Casey was in the bottom three. But then I said to Jeff maybe he is in the bottom three of the top three, do they really say the bottom three of the voting? Could they be playing sneaky just to make sure we vote every week and to keep up the suspense? So they then said they would send back one and I thought Casey and nope it was Naimi, so then we had to wait while Jennifer Hudson sang. She looks amazing and  has lost so much weight, I do like her wiggly hair better than her straight hair though.

Then it came down to the bottom two and I was convinced and I am sure Stefano was too, that he was going home, and I will be darned Casey was going home and I was like crap, my prior theory of the bottom three of the top three had to be wrong.  Even the judges and the danged audience and the other Idols were like WTF? Yeah I said WTF? cause there is nothing wrong with saying Fudge. Ha!

Then Casey had to sing for his life and I knew the judges would save him, and I had tears in my eyes as he started to sing, and I think he got out like 5 words and then the judges were like "Stop! Stop!" They said they didn't need to hear him they knew he belonged on the show so they used their one time save on Casey and he was flabbergasted, and I thought he was going to pass out. Next week will be so good, but 2 will get voted off, I wonder what they will sing? I thought they used to tell us.

They decided at the end that there will be the Top 11 traveling, so that was cool. Heck what's one more person.

So what an amazing night eh? And I think my BFF Tracy needs to move to Arizona so we can watch together, OR she needs to tape it on her end and then watch it three hours later with me. Right?

Well I am headed for bed, gotta get up early finish cutting card stock, plus I have a workshop tomorrow night and am looking forward to meeting some new gals.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks so much for stopping in.

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Stone Slinger

003 copy

Thanks for the warning.

When I was driving to get my hair cut the other day, a gravel truck or maybe a cement truck, it had the extra wheels on the back and one of those shoot things hanging out. Anyway, on the top of the truck it had the words "Stone Slinger" like that was the truck's name, and I was like Whoa Nellie, don't get too close cause I don't want any stones slung in my direction. In fact I stayed way back from one of those trucks the other day. At the stop sign when I was behind him I could see all these rocks in the grooves of his tires, and I was just envisioning them flying out and hitting me. Not sure where the mudflaps were.

Voices, I have a voice that is not always great, when I get excited it gets higher and faster, just ask my BFF Tracy who on numerous occasions has told me to slowww down, she can't understand what I am saying. So anyway, she might cook great but I can not stand the sound of Rachael Ray's voice, nothing against the girl but I just can't, I turn the channel.  So I got an ad from where I buy my books and there is an audio book Rachael Ray reads Green Eggs and Ham...oh Lordy, don't think I'll be using my coupon on that one.

Well wasn't that some random nonsense to talk about? Ha!

002 copy

What the heck did I ever do before puckering ribbon and hanging a tag on it with a vintage trinket? I guess I just tied ribbon on it plain. Ha!

001 copy
I love this Morning Cup set and these fun primary colors make it look "perk"y!

Stamp Set: Morning Cup

Paper: Play Date DSP, Whisper White, Real Red

Ink: Basic Black

Misc: Watercolor Pencils, Real Red Taffeta, Vintage Trinket, Jewelry Tag punch, Framed Tulips embossing folder

OK my faithful readers who love American Idol as much as me...don't read any further if you didn't see it, or you SLEPT THROUGH IT!!

Tonight was Motown, and with so many amazing songs to pick from I am not sure what half of them were thinking.

First off what was up with the green/blue eye shadow on J-Lo, maybe that is popular again cause believe me she would know more then me, but maybe some things should not come back.

I loved seeing Steven Tyler's daughter Liv in the audience, she has to be the most gorgeous girl.

First up was:

Casey - Marvin Gaye - his hair was all slicked back and he looked so dapper.  What a great way to get the night going, and then it was up and down (mostly down) all night.

Thia - Martha and the Vandellas - I did not care for it and I think she was messing up the words I do know that reading her lips she was not completing the words if that makes any sense at all. I think she might be in the bottom 3

Jacob- James Jameson I think they said? - I am glad that he controlled his voice, and he looked so cute tonight. Ryan was so weird tonight and he started out by letting all these people come up and hug Jacob...ok whatever.

Lauren - Supremes - She looked beautiful with her long dress, but I was afraid she was going to trip on it as she sang and mingled with the crowd. She totally popped the song!

Stefano - Lionel Richie - So while the commercial was on Jeff guessed he was going to sing Hello and he did.  But I didn't like it, he sang it too high, and I don't care if Randy didn't use the word pitchy, I think this was.  J-Lo made some awesome critiques of Stefano, I don't think he'll go home, but he needs to feel the song more. Another weird Ryan moment he brought out left over food that Stefano's Mum cooked for the house and was eating it. Later he had the swearing Hell's Kitchen cook guy try it and he was not impressed, and I was like the poor Mum and then it showed her and I was like gee Ryan they praised her up before and then they made her feel bad...perhaps next year, they get a new host, it sure has worked this year with new judges, I love the feel of the show this year.

Haley - Smokey Robinson - this was bad, although the back up singers did good.  Who was the girl that was on a few years ago that wore the short shorts and the heels that is who Haley reminds me of, and that will only get you so far.  I say she might be in the bottom 3 again this week. It would not bother me if she went home.

Scotty (Howdy Doodee) - Stevie Wonder - He's like a suave jitter bug on stage, he has these jerky movements, and it makes me laugh. This was the first time we saw him out of his country western box, and he did a great job turning the song into a Scotty song.  My hubby Jeff wants this on the record, he says Scotty might just win the whole thing.

Pia - Stevie Wonder - she moved her hands a lot, and sang another ballad, and although she has an amazing voice and is beautiful, it was boring.

Paul - Smokey Robinson - He gave it the Paul spin that he does every time, and he played his guitar and we lucked out that he did not dance, just a few foot taps.

Naimi - Martha & the Vandellas - She sounded awesome and she picked the perfect song for her, but don't get mad, but I could have done without the dancing at the end.  I know that is mean, cause that is her heritage, but it just seemed kinda weird to have it there at the end.  I don't know that is just my opinion.  The song was great without it. I say she might be in the bottom 3 or Paul, I am not sure between those two. I don't think she should go home yet though.

James (my boy) - Stevie Wonder - he makes me cry every time. I love this guy he is so talented, and I want it on the record that he will win the whole thing.  So Jeff kinda forgot about James, and when he was coming on then he was like "oh I want to change my mind" and I said "no I already wrote down what you said for the record" I used pencil and could have erased it, but heck what is the fun in that?

So who did I vote for?  James, Casey & Lauren - Jeff says I can only vote for three, I asked Jeff if he wanted me to vote for "his" Scotty and Jeff said "I don't vote". Well Scotty aint gonna win then is he honey? Ha!

So it will be interesting to see who the entertainment will be tomorrow night, I hope it is not rapper stuff.

I am gonna call it a night. Oh and I do kinda like having my book on My Precious, cause it goes pretty much everywhere I go so I can read ANYTIME I want, in fact I sat out for about half an hour while the girls ran around tonight, and I know with a real book I would forget to take it and I know I would be that way with a Kindle or Nook but with the phone I always have it, but I guess for trips and stuff a real reader would be better, I wonder if they would sinc up with my phone to know where I was in the book? Like if I got a real Nook could I have the book on my phone and the e-reader too? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? 

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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Happy Dance

006 copy

Happy Happy!!! Yesterday we got an email with our cabin assignment for the Stampin' Up! Alaskan cruise we are going on in May.  In 2004 we went on our first cruise ever and it was to Alaska so I am excited to be going back and I think it still has not sunk in that we will be going again, the year before we had just missed the trip to the Carribean so it is cool to be going again. I don't know if you remember me telling you how Jeff and I met, but he was headed to Alaska when we met in Canada, and then he never made it to Alaska (cause we fell in love and got married and moved to Arizona) until we earned the trip with Stampin' Up! and it was in our 20 year Anniversary year, cool eh?

We are just waiting on that actual mail that holds our paperwork, and it is always fun to see how our tickets will be packaged, what kind of folder they will be in cause that usually tells us what kind of bag we will get on board.  We have almost made it to next years Disney trip, I just have a bit more sales to go.

We are going to take Eric next year, we have never taken him before cause it is always just a Jeff and me get away time, plus most of them were cruises, and then there was Hawaii and you have to pay for that extra person, so we always were like well Hawaii would have been expensive, and we had never been and who wants to go there with a kid? Well we didn't, mean eh? Plus Eric likes to not miss work and hates his schedule messed up, and I don't think he would have done well on the long Hawaii flight. 

And the cruises, well what if he is sea sick, and all that, but with Disney Jeff is like we are definitley taking him, I know he will be 23 then but he really is still a kid.  We have not told him cause we are waiting till we earn it, then I'll have to surprise him somehow.

But today in the mail I did get this beautiful card. Karen sent her class check and it was tucked inside cause the card is like a folder. I love it!

007 copy
This is where the check was, or you could put a gift card or whatever.  I stuck my business card in there just so you could tell what I was talking about.

005 copy
Karen used the Two-Step Bird punch, and I love how she made them look like different birds, they almost look like love birds, and my picture does not do them justice how she shaded them. Thanks Karen, you did a beautiful job! See you at class!

Have you seen the new sitcom Traffic Light? I have seen it a few times and I think it is pretty funny, I need to see if I can watch all of them online, cause I think there has not been that many on yet.  The actors are great, I really love Kris Marshall as I loved him in Death at a Funeral, and the one guy Nelson Franklin reminds me of Vince Vaughn a little bit.

Well guess what I did?  I put the Nook App on My Precious and I downloaded a book, it is the third one in the series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, so we will see if I like reading a book on the phone or not.  I finished the second book today and the third one is not out in paperback yet, so I thought here goes nothing, I'm gonna Nook it! I'll let you know what I sure will make the stack of books by the bed dwindle if that is what happens from now on.  Although I still have a stack to read and not sure about not having an actual book to hold, like when I start to fall asleep the phone will hurt a lot more falling on my face then a real book, or what about reading in "the library" should you really have your phone in there??

So that being said, this old gal is gonna sign off for tonight and take My Precious to bed and read...ha!

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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