Prince of Persia
Shabby Chic...I like it


I wanna see this movie so bad and here is one of the reasons.

My sweet friend Barbara Lash (shown above with MAMMa) her son in law Alex Manugian is the voice of Spoons, he is shown here with Rango in this AP picture.

How cool is that? Here they are in the flesh.

See how they are dressed up, look how fun it was to film this movie. They like acted it out in character, I hope they add this to the DVD, wouldn't that be neat to see them acting out more then what they show on the YouTube?  

I love the end where Johnny Depp laughs, what a cutie.

 So it's kinda like I am Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Johnny Depp. Ha!

So how lucky am I? My BFF Tracy sent me some cards with my box of old milk bottles and stuff and so while I get our taxes done...ugh, every year I tell myself I am not waiting till tax time to get it ready, and yep again this year, doing it all now...blech! I will have these lovelies to share with you each day since I have no time to stamp.

015 copy
Beautiful card stamped by Tracy Altemose

016 copy
Here's a closer shot of it. Nice eh? Thanks Tracy, love you and miss you!

Well I am gonna sign off and get back to my papers.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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