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The Food

OMG! today I had to take a motion pill, I swear I was getting sea sick working on the computer.  Blech! Jeff just laughed at me.

I am hoping that Kim sends me some people pictures as I was a dork and didn't carry around my little point and shoot so didn't take tons of pictures.

So today I am going to show you food...ha!

Alaska Cruise 2011 084 copy
This was in Juneau at the Salmon Bake, if I told you that we have been waiting to go back to this place for 7 years I would not be lying. I think I told you how we did this excursion before but it was part of a Whale Watching, Mendinhall Glacier thing so by the time we got to the Salmon Bake we had 15 minutes to eat, so this time we were determined we would have lots of time to eat so we did it all by itself, I'll show you tomorrow our fun table and bus mates.

Look how funny this is...see any different?

This is Jeff in 2004, and I made him pose the same way...

Alaska Cruise 2011 083 copy
...this is Jeff in 2011...not much change eh? He's still a lefty, he still wears Mossy Oak hats, heck he has the same danged coat on. He does wear glasses now though.

028 copy
This is just some of the food that was served at the Share Night that Stampin' Up! had for us, Demonstrators could bring stuff to set out and share, stamping stuff, not food..ha!  I saw some cute things and I will show you another time.

026 copy
Chocolate anyone?  OMG! I should have taken a picture of the big spread of food they had out the next day.  I was just so bad this year, usually I take pictures of every meal.

013 copy
This was my 1 lb of crab legs at the Skagway Fish Co, and Jeff got a plate too and we shared fries, half way through I was like "lets order another bunch of legs", Jeff said no, and thank goodness we didn't by the time I was done I was full, but it was so darned good.

014 copy
Say "ahhhhhh"  I can still taste them...yum!

136 copy
Poutine!!!  I was so happy that the pub we stopped in served one of my favorite fast foods.  Growing up in Canada I always ate fries with brown gravy (they served it in the cafeteria in High School), about 10 years ago (I am guessing) I went home on a trip and at the McDonalds when I asked for fries, they asked if I wanted poutine, then my friend Amir had to explain what it was, it is fries with brown gravy and cheese curds in it.  OMG! It was love at first taste.  My BFF Tracy says I am a picky eater, but I think really I am just a "plain eater" I just love basic things, in fact half the time on the cruise this year I had a hard time deciding what to get on the dinner menu, lots of fancy stuff, and this was a different cruise line then we went on before, and well I hate to say it but the food was not as good as we have had in the past, I was wishing that my home town Deli cooks were in the kitchen, I missed their amazing soups.

138 copy
So even though this poutine was not made like I have had it, they used turkey gravy instead, it was close enough. You can see Deke in the background, my sweet friend Susie Wood's hubby, we were table mates and we are also Robin Merimann's GoDiva sisters.

That is all the food I took, if Kim sends me food pics I will share some more.

Well this old chick is off to bed.

I hope you had a great long weekend.  I know Jeff is headed back to work tomorrow, ready or not.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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The Places

I wanted to share a few of the places that we stopped at and some things I thought were kinda cool when we were there.

Alaska Cruise 2011 016 copy
This is Ketchikan, and I loved the Salmon Market sign...

Alaska Cruise 2011 017 copy
...right next to the big jewelry sign.  I swear every other store was jewelry.

Alaska Cruise 2011 023 copy
The statue on the pier.

Alaska Cruise 2011 037 copy
A whale tail off our balcony.

Alaska Cruise 2011 003 copy
And the splash, I didn't get any good shots of whales as we just watched off our balcony and it was really hit or miss, after a while I stopped trying to take pictures and just enjoyed watching the bits and pieces of them. We did see one come half way up and that might be the splash picture. We also saw one at lunch one day.

Alaska Cruise 2011 057 copy
Glaciers in the distance in Tracy Arm Fjord.

Alaska Cruise 2011 060 copy
It was a little nippy out so we were all bundled up and drinking hot cocoa.

Alaska Cruise 2011 064 copy
I loved this shot, two trees off in the distance, I have this as my wallpaper on my precious now, I am pretending I can see Edward and Bella on top of the trees.  Yeah I know, get a life.

Alaska Cruise 2011 071 copy
Iceburgs, look at that gorgeous blue color. The ship had to steer around all of them, and I guess they got closer to the glaciers then other times.

Alaska Cruise 2011 082 copy
In Juneau Alaska you might need a fur lined bikini...wonder if they were selling the body to put in it?

005 copy
An interesting building in Skagway, funny what you can do with drift wood and sticky strip.

007 copy
Ya know if you're gonna murder a poor innocent creature, don't just mount the head, try not to be wasteful and use the whole thing. I didn't go around to see if the head was on the other side. It was kinda "dear" it was $250.00.

010 copy
If you can't pay your bar tab...out ya go. Head over heels.

012 copy
Jeff in Skagway, while we were waiting for the Skagway Fish Co to open, we wanted crab legs...bad!

015 copy
I think this was what they dug tunnels with for the railroad...or if you're really bunged up and need some help.

142 copy
Statue in Victoria - 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy

134 copy
I loved this, it was painted on a building in Victoria

132 copy
Parliament building in Victoria

127 copy
The Three Muskateers and an Oh Henry

125 copy

That should do it for today for pictures, I will share more tomorrow. I worked on thank you cards for my May on-line orders today, there is still a couple of days to get yours.  My store is open 24-7 for all your Stampin' Up! products.

Oh and I forgot to tell you, Jeff found my missing box of supplies.  I asked if he would drive up and down the road as a couple years ago we had a temp driver and he dropped my box at the wrong house, so Jeff went to that house and asked the girl and she said no, but then Jeff looked across the street at a vacant house and there sat a SU! box, he went over and it was mine. It sat there for 5 days!  Yeah when UPS calls me Tuesday you can bet I will be complaining, if the address does not match I don't think they should be leaving the box there. Luckily we did not have any rain while we were gone and everything was fine. Whew!

To pre-order your 2011-2012 Stampin' Up! catalog, please click here.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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The Loot

Boy did I sure miss fast internet. Holy Moly, I don't know how dial up people do it. I mean that is what we had years ago, and my Mum and Dad have that, but gosh using the ship's computer sure makes me realize how lucky I am for hi-speed.

I wanted to share some of the goodies we got from SU! as well as some of my goodies I picked up in Ketchikan. I think that is the only place I bought anything for me (that'll teach the old man to go on excursions without me...I get lonely and shop)

Each night we got a pillow gift, it was in a little bag with a tag, sometime it was a claim ticket so you didn't know what you were going to get till the next day, those ones were hard cause then you sat and wondered. I showed you the first one yesterday. The cute little purse. This was the next night.

Alaska Cruise 2011 001 copy
Inside were two vouchers for sun glasses, so the next day we went to pick ours out, they were Maui Jim glasses, we each got a pair. Cool eh? I have to have mine made into prescription cause I can't see otherwise. "Gee officer I am sorry I ran into the stop sign, but don't I look great in my new sunglasses?"

018 copy
Jeff's are the top ones, he does not need them into prescription just for using as a sunglass from time to time. Mine are the bottom, I feel like a hollywood star, they are big. I think we need to go to Cabela's to do it, but need to call, cause I might just need to have my perscription re-wrote.  This old gal wears trifocals.

The next night was a claim ticket and we spun the wheel the next day and won a new item from the new catalog.  Fun!

The next night was another favorite.

Alaska Cruise 2011 088 copy
I was so excited to have a warm blanket ( I was freezing in the cabin, I had the heat thing cranked all the way over and it was still cold), I totally forgot to take a picture before I ripped the tag off it.

Alaska Cruise 2011 087 copy
It is such soft plush on one side and then furry on the other side, and the fun rubber SU! on it.  I took many naps with it.  Plus I took one today with it and Toby was like "for me?" and he put it in his mouth, I think the fur makes him think toy, and I was like "No!" so I had to throw a sheet over me and my blanket to protect it as I napped...yeah a warm blanket and a sheet in AZ to nap. ha!

The next night we got our make n take supplies, I can't really show you was brand new stuff for most of fun!

Then we had another claim ticket, and that was a spin the next day for a brand new stamp set. You are going to love it!

019 copy
The last night was this beautiful silver zipper pull for the next trip.  I love how they do this, it encourages those that have not made the trip yet, and it also makes us that have earned it (thanks to all of YOU!) excited for next year!

021 copy
This is the SU! loot I brought home, not too shabby eh?  Thank goodness we took two suitcases each and packed light. As you can tell I took the picture very carefully so you can't really see anything, we can't show it yet.

Here are a couple goodies I picked up for little old me, gotta have a memento right?

015 copy
I went into this one store and it had fun silver jewelry, trinkets, pewter stuff etc. It was a wife and a hubby, and I walked around and they asked if I was looking for anything in particular, and I said no that usually it finds me.  So I went around to another jewelry case and this little guy looked up at me and I said "you are coming home with me". The lady brought him out and I said I would look around some more. I looked a pair of earings and thought I just wanted the gecko. The couple were so nice though, the husband said "she was looking at these earings can you do her a deal?" and I told them no, I was not looking for a discount, that it was too early to be doing that, our ship just got in. I said I was happy to get my little gecko.  He is pewter and the leaf is painted with ferrari paint.  It is two pieces so you can move him around. I am calling him "Little Huggy" cause that is what he looks like he wants to do.

Then I went in another store, and found this beautiful ring, I was actually looking at this gorgeous diamond ring, some day I want one for my right hand or to wear in place of my wedding band but still says married ya know? Anyway I am sure it was a great deal but $2K was too much for this old gal.  I told the guy that my hubby would kill me if I bought it and I said maybe we would come back together later cause he was on his excursion, I figured if he caught two big ones, he might be in a good mood. Then I walked by this other case and saw silver jewelry, beautiful stuff more up my alley, and tried this one on and it fit perfect and so I got it instead.  The guy said if I came back later and got the other ring, he would take this ring's cost off of the other one and buy it for me. Maybe another cruise, I will save up my pennies and know I am looking for a ring.

004 copy
Cool eh? I love it, and you can get different looks with the way you turn it. I had never heard of John Hardy but looked him up online, wow, I could see getting a few more pieces, he has beautiful stuff.

Well I think that is all for today, I have my stamp club tomorrow, and need to get ready for that.

Have an awesome Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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Home at Last

...and freaking a little.  I was expecting my class supplies while we were in Alaska, Eric and Mike stayed home the whole time we were gone (except while they went to work).  UPS said the box was delivered, but I am not sure where, cause it was not at my house.  Of course by the time I got home everything was closed and will be till Tuesday and the class is the weekend of the welcome back to reality Diana!

I will show a few quick pictures and then I got to unpack. Thanks for sticking around and checking in every day even though I didn't post much while we were gone.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 033 copy
Our door with our achievers magnet...this is always a thing I worry about. Do I leave it on the door and someone steals it, or do I take it off and then don't get my gifts? So I left it and no one took it and I got my gifts...I guess I wasted a worry eh MAMMa?

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 003 copy
Here's our cabin, where we called home for a week. We are looking forward to sleeping in our own bed tonight, I still have my sea legs so hope I don't fall out of bed.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 007 copy
Jeff and the Space Needle, I told him to move over otherwise it looked like it was growing out of his that I think about it, I should have taken the picture.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 023 copy
Our first pillow gift and I think it was my absolute favorite.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 025 copy
The cutest little wool like purse, and it was so handy, and I will use it a lot.

So Jeff always rolls his eyes at my weird photo is one...I'll have more other days.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 027 copy
Our fancy hair dryer...I guess this stops anyone from stealing it. Not that I would have.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 028 copy
It was made in Italy and it is elite...ok...if you say so.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 029 copy
I didn't know if I was to dry my hair or detail my car...since I didn't pack the car (brought almost everything else though) I opted to dry my hair.  After it ran for a while the hose got so blasted hot you had to hold the tip of the blower thing with the tips of your fingers.

I guess the ship is going into being overhauled soon...think they'll reuse these?

Oh here is another one...reminds me of the Zataran Rice commercials with the silouettes.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 045 copy
It's actually Shelli sitting demoing some cool new things and the cameraman Brian looks like he has a pointy goatee, but it is his microphone.


Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 032 copy
Here we are at our first breakfast I think. Oh my gosh I love the pastries, and am sure that they added 5 pounds to my butt.

That should do it for today, like I said I got to unpack, and it's been hours since we ate and napped...ha!

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...and home.

Today we come home, I hope I have been able to blog a bit while I was gone.  I am sure I am a zombie! I am sure that Eric will have missed us even if he said he didn't. I am sure Toby is going to pee all over us with excitement.  I am sure the girls are going to be glad we are home too, for their nightly run arounds.

I am sure that I am thankful for Stampin' Up! and the amazing trip we went on.

If you place a $50.00 order through my on-line store May 20-28 I will send you a thank you card made with the stamp set we will be getting on cruise.  Sound like fun?  Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.


Have a fantastic Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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