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Oh Canada

Well in a few hours anyway. We are still at sea on the way to Victoria, I am reading a few emails and using up the minutes I have paid for, they were too expensive to waste, maybe I should spell that mine has definitely grown since we got on board, I wonder if I need to claim it on my custom ticket? We need to pack as our luggage needs to be set out tonight before 11pm. We are only in Victoria for about 6 hours. I am hoping for some poutine, so cross your fingers. It is hard to believe we will be headed home tomorrow, about the middle of the trip it seems like it will never end and then poof! it is over. We get to spin a wheel every day and get a prize so today I spun and got another brand new stamp set...hmmm....which one do I use for my thank you card for $50.00 on-line orders while I am gone? Decisions...decisions! Well I best get back up to the cabin, I left Jeff packing. See you soon, and thanks to all of you for stopping in. Hugs, Di - on location the sea somewhere.


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Oh Canada Baby!

I am hoping we get to Victoria in time to find the little shop that had paintings in the window, not like the same painting would be there 7 years ago but maybe something similar or by the same artist...I don't even know the artist I just know I loved the painting and the shop was closed.

015 copy
Here's another 10/10/20 MDS card from class, with a little bit of bling, a little bitty button and a little bitty bit of bakers twine.  I love the faux staple.

013 copy
Here's the full card, just a little thing here and there make it so cute.

If you place a $50.00 order through my on-line store May 20-28 I will send you a thank you card made with the stamp set we will be getting on cruise.  Sound like fun?  Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in.


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The Motion of the Ocean

Is rocky today. We are at sea all day headed from Skagway to Victoria BC.  I did surf the channels on the tv last night to see American Idol and could not find it, so feel free to email me your thoughts and when I get back on the computer later I can at least read them.

Last night was the Demonstrator share at 11:30 with a dessert bar, and there were so many great ideas.

It was nice to be able to sleep in...if 7:30 is sleeping in....we had to set our clocks forward.

Today we have our make n takes, and I love the set we got, it is not the set I was thinking cause I was assuming it might match our luggage tags or something. 

Cross your fingers that when we get to Victoria I can find that little art gallery and also we can find us some poutine, I think Jeff might enjoy a Labbatts or something too.

Big hugs to all,

Di - on location somewhere in the rocky sea.


At Sea...

  012 copy

...hopefully not like the Titanic. I like the sea days cause it's like we are in our own little town.

So I am hoping I am not repeating the cards that I have already shown you. This is one of my favorites from the 10/10/20 MDS class.

011 copy
I love adding the little punched flowers and the pearls.

010 copy
Here's the full card, don't ya love it?


If you place a $50.00 order through my on-line store May 20-28 I will send you a thank you card made with the stamp set we will be getting on cruise.  Sound like fun?  Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.


Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Ding! Ding!


Imagine a big buzzer going off on an old game show...that is what it sounds like when someone has put their seapass id card up against something and demagnetized it.  I am sitting in the computer room while we are in port by the getting back on place so I can hear all the dings...and the occasional dong!!

Today we are in Skagway, so we did a bit of shopping, picked up a few more gifts. A special one that has something to do with a train...that is all I am saying. Jeff got a few things for himself he is very excited about, and he never does that. We also finally got crab legs, big, juicy, dripping in the melted butter. Yum! It was worth the walk in the cold. Tonight we made reservations at the special restaurant on board with Brad & Kim, and we are excited to try it out, Jeff says he is having surf & turf.  I am saying I am going on a diet when I get home, I have saved my biggest jeans for the flight home...ha!

It's about 2:30 so I have a bit more time, so I am going to check emails, and sign off, I am definitely wanting to at least use up all the precious minutes I paid for.

I do want to thank everyone for their $50.00 online order while I have been gone. I do believe we have make n takes tomorrow, so I will be able to see the stamp set I will be using to make your thank you card. I am so excited, I haven't stamped since we left home, I'm having a bit of withdrawal pains, I have been soothing them with plenty of food...gotta keep those hands busy right?

Well I'll check back with you tomorrow!

Have a super...ummm...Tuesday, had to think there for a minute...and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di   - on location in Skagway, Alaska