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10/10/20 My Digital Studio Card Class Tips

I have had a bunch of questions about how I did my 10/10/20 MDS card class, so I thought I would just do a quick video to show you how I did it.


Boy watching the video I sure love the look of my french manicure....now I am hesitating letting them grow out, but it sure can be hard doing stuff with them, maybe I can see if the girl will make them not so thick. Boy such decisions as a girl eh?  Oh and speaking of decisions as a girl.  An OLD school friend who shall remain nameless (Amir) said that the photo of Jeff and I on cruise made me look older then Jeff. Well that didn't sit well with this old girl who is younger then hubby, so I am now wearing foundation, I also noticed it made my mustache more noticeable so today for the first time ever I had my upper lip waxed...I have had other areas waxed but this was the first for the lip, so now I have a big bump there, and I am hoping by morning it goes away. Jeff just laughed at me when he got home, he said "what happened to you?"

So back to the video, I hope it answered any questions about the class, this also was the FLICKs card the girls got for their sales in April.

While I was out waxing and buffing myself I stopped and picked up some external speakers for my laptop, that is one thing I have missed since I moved my PC in the house, I had an awesome sound system on it, so I picked these up and they will do, they sure can't compete, but at least now I can hear my laptop.  I have now become aquainted with Pandora and am really liking it.  Now I can cut paper to music again. I can't wait till James Durbin gets his CD out...come on, come on already!!

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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