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I'm a Stamper...

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...not a crochet-er.

 Years ago Granny tried to teach me how to crochet.  She used to crochet the most amazing doilies and afghans.  I remember this one time she crocheted a picture of the Queen's head and it was made out of all these squares.  In fact I think I have it in my closet.  When you stand back the Queen's head pops right out.  Well she would lay it down on the floor to check it out as she went and the cat would go and sit on the face each time.  She would get mad and shoo the cat away. Too funny.

Granny made a lot of doilies, big and small, and she would sell them once in a while and just charge what the crochet cotton cost her, and this would drive Poppa bonkers, cause he would say "you sat there for days making that, you have to charge more!" but she was content in getting her cost.

When Granny tried to teach me, she would get on my case about how I was holding my fingers, I think I had my pinkie sticking up to hold the crochet cotton and she would say "put that finger down!" too funny, and such amazing memories of the fun times I have had with Granny.  I was very lucky to have her in my life as I grew up, and am so lucky to have her still. I can't wait to see her in September.

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Don't laugh, but here is my first and only pineapple that I ever crocheted.

Wanna see a much more prettier one?

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This is one of the new sets that will be available on July 1.  Isn't this card gorgeous?  I was so surprised to get it in the mail when I got back from cruise.  It came from the girls that work the Special Events at Stampin' Up! Now that would be a dream job, they get to go to such amazing places, and they are so much fun and you can tell they love their job.

The other day we got chinese food for supper. Boy I sure miss the chinese food from when I was growing up, I remember the big chicken balls, the egg rolls that had like those sprouts or something in them and the rice I just remember tasting better...oh well, you get what you pay for and I guess making chinese food almost like a fast food will do that.

So one of the chinese cookies had this inside:

"Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow."

Isn't that an amazing saying?

Well I am gonna sign off for now, and get back to working on some swap cards for convention.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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